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9 steps to help you maintain your privacy on Facebook
amine redouan 23 January 2023
  Many people tend to maintain a high level of privacy on social networking sites, especially Facebook. If you are one of these, we advise y...
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I started trying it in preparation for its launch.. a feature that WhatsApp users have been waiting for a long time
amine redouan 18 November 2022
  Websites interested in Internet affairs have announced the start of testing a new feature in “WhatsApp”, which users of the application ha...
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How to Make Money on Twitter: 10 NEW Strategies [2022]
amine redouan 29 October 2022
  Twitter is like a double-edged sword. You can either use it to argue with random strangers, or you can use it to get smarter, healthier, a...
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Carrying a washbasin .. Elon Musk enters Twitter headquarters for the first time
amine redouan 28 October 2022
  American billionaire Elon Musk topped the American platforms after appearing in Twitter's offices for the first time, in preparation f...
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YouTube launches a platform to document videos that provide health information
amine redouan 24 October 2022
  Video streaming site YouTube has started adding a tag to videos that provide reliable health information, in an effort to reduce the effec...
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Despite the decline in the gaming industry... Will Amazon buy the "FIFA" game?
amine redouan 02 September 2022
  Amazon is not expected to make a bid for Electronic Arts, and it canceled an earlier report that the internet giant would make a bid today...
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Zuckerberg admits, "Meta" glasses can secretly photograph people
amine redouan 01 September 2022
  Former comedian and current podcaster Joe Rogan challenged Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg if new Meta smart glasses are a potential privacy conc...
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