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YouTube launches a platform to document videos that provide health information


Video streaming site YouTube has started adding a tag to videos that provide reliable health information, in an effort to reduce the effects of inaccurate and misleading content on the platform. A new format has been developed to provide information with the aim of making it easier to classify the origin of any health-related and viewable video, said Grath Graham, director of YouTube and global head of the YouTube Health platform. Graham added - in a statement to the German News Agency - that Germany will be the first country in which the "YouTube Health" platform provides the new feature, noting that "reliable sources" of health-related topics were important for YouTube, which serves more than two billion users annually from around the world. . In the past, YouTube has been criticized for broadcasting inaccurate and misleading health information. In mid-2020, the European Commission warned of misinformation on YouTube; As part of a campaign to combat misinformation related to the novel coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, posts from channels marked as "health" on YouTube will be flagged when they appear on search pages for health-related content.

This step will make it easier for users to access trusted health content. The channels of health and educational institutions, ministries of health, government institutions and medical journals will be at the forefront of the channels that will be granted the “SEHA” mark, as these entities can submit applications for obtaining the distinctive mark as of October 27