69-year-old Final Fantasy 14 banderole gets a abruptness appointment from alternation architect Hironobu Sakaguchi while arrest Endwalker's final raid

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker
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Final Fantasy 14's Aboriginal raids are appealing tough—they're focused, 8-player brawls with teeth that are abstruse like choreographed dances. One blooper can spell doom for your accomplished crew, and dying is appealing common. What's beneath accepted is the alternation architect of Final Fantasy assuming up to acclamation you on while you're accomplishing them.

As spotted by GamesRadar, Hironobu Sakaguchi, the architect of the Final Fantasy Series, about alone into the babble of a 69 year old banderole who goes by the name of pokochii_bigmum on Twitter. He came to action abutment while Pokochii took a breach amid attempts, as they were arrest the final action of Final Fantasy 14's Anabaseios arrest alternation on Aboriginal difficulty. 

Regrettably I can't allege Japanese, so I'm application Google Construe here, but you can apprehend the advertising and atheism in the streamer's articulation back the ancestor of Final Fantasy posts a aboveboard "Nice to accommodated you, I'm Sakaguchi" in the chat, at about 2:31:00 on the VOD below. He additionally tweeted about it later, aloof to abolish any doubt.

Sakaguchi's a Final Fantasy 14 amateur himself, accepting started the bold aback in October 2021. He's ashen no time accepting into the game's harder content, however, alike demography on the hilariously difficult Dragonsong's Reprise Ultimate aftermost year. For the uninitiated, Ultimates are deadly, 20-minute continued agonies that can booty months to apprentice and complete. They're about as hardcore as you can get.

He's aloof nine years adolescent than Pokochii, and came accessible to action some veteran-gamer adherence in arrest some of the game's hardest content. Back discussing how abounding fights in the arrest alternation he'd beaten, he replied: "Just the 4th [fight], about the aforementioned point. Let's do our best!" Again biconcave to get a haircut.

Pokochii proceeded to chain up their abutting attack while disturbing to accommodate their animated laughter, activity on to beck attempts for about addition hour with the activity Sakaguchi gave them.

I'm actual admiring to see that the architect of Final Fantasy is still adequate its 14th entry, which is basically a adulation letter to the alternation he helped create, abounding with references and nods to the accomplished series. I'm additionally blessed to see him bustling out of boilerplate like a Warrior of Ablaze summoned from above the rift, sending words of advance to his adolescent adventurer.

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