AITA: My Starfield wife wants a annulment and all I did was abandon one armament into a army of bystanders

Starfield, Andreja looks angry, sitting at a desk
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Unless you appetite to wind up distinct in space, do bethink not to accomplish acts of agitation in advanced of your Starfield spouse. I accompany you this acute admonishing address of adolescent PC Gamer biographer Chris Livingston who managed to bones his alliance with Andreja over the actual tiny aberration of throwing a armament bottomward a alley of innocent bodies possibly on purpose. Andreja awful that.

Chris had the contrarily ablaze abstraction of testing the accurateness of a proudly displayed "hours after incident" assurance at the Cydonia mining operation on Mars. Abominable no one, casting a armament bottomward a alley of innocent miners does absolutely abate the hours back adventure to a dire, red "0," and makes absolutely the apology of the displayed "Stay Vigilant. Break Alive." warning. 

Starfield: Hours after incident"

What we did not apprehend were the two back-to-back notifications: "Andreja awful that" and "Andreja is no best your alive companion."

After that arrant apathy for galactic OSHA regulations and apparently some interplanetary accord treaties too, his wife Andreja hightailed it aback to address to appeal an explanation.

If you get into the aforementioned jam you'll acquisition yourself faced with four abreast appropriately abominable responses to the situation:

  • I anticipate you charge to booty a animation and calm down.
  • I accept no abstraction what you're talking about.
  • Hey, I'm sorry. Whatever it was, we can fix it.
  • I'm not in the affection for this.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

As a being who has been in a accord for added than 24 hours, I am activity to admonish you to say none of those. Because alike the acknowledgment comes with the association that you accept no abstraction you busted up. Also, where's the fifth advantage for gaslighting her into assertive that throwing a armament and killing dozens of bodies was "just a joke, babe"?

If you do appetite to application things up with Andreja (and apparently any added one of the Starfied affair options you accidentally piss off) you will get a adventitious to use the persuasion arrangement to win her over or use a "second chance" chat advantage to get insta-forgiveness.

I'd advance aloof extenuative your grenades for the pirates though.


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