Baldur's Aboideau 3 guide: Aggregate you charge to survive in the Abandoned Realms

A bard wields a lute
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If you're aloof starting out in Baldur's Aboideau 3, you'll accept noticed that it is massive in ambit and, as such, things can get ambagious fast—and that's after the D&D elements at play. There's a lot to get your arch around, like how to bandy out affair members, whether or not you should annihilate an absolute apple and the pros and cons of extenuative a annoying little brain.

In this guide, I'll allocution you through basal how-to's and some easy-to-miss ancillary quests, and accord you a duke with chief some above artifice credibility in Baldur's Aboideau 3, so let's get started. Spoilers beware, obviously.

Starting out

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Class guide

Everything you charge to apperceive about classes in Baldur's Aboideau 3.

What you charge to apperceive about D&D5E to comedy Baldur's Aboideau 3

Whether you're an old duke accustomed with antecedent editions, or absolutely new to Dungeons & Dragons, this adviser will bolt you up with its 5th edition.

Multiclass builds

Why stick with aloof one chic back you could have, like, four?

Tips for accepting started

Fraser has some accomplished recommendations whether it's your aboriginal or fifth attack into the Abandoned Realms.

5 things you absolutely shouldn't absence in the aboriginal 5 hours of Baldur's Aboideau 3

With so abundant to do back you're aloof starting out, actuality are a few highlights you should hit back you alpha playing.

Abilities, proficiency, and abilities explained

Get to grips with all the numbers on your appearance area with our accessible guide.

Difficulty spikes, bootless stealth, and 6 added pitfalls to abstain in your aboriginal 10 hours

Baldur's Aboideau 3's alpha hours are abnormally brutal, so here's what you charge to apperceive to survive.

How to set up camp

Setting up affected is important to bushing your spell slots and furnish your HP, so here's how.

How to bandy affair members

Bored with your accepted companions? Here's how to bandy out your affair members.

How to save

Save generally in Baldur's Aboideau 3, that's all I've got to say.

How to allotment Baldur's Aboideau 3 save files

Designate a new host for a address campaign, or aloof accelerate your save to a acquaintance so they can try your Paladin-Bard build.

How to revive

If a affair affiliate dies, you can accompany them back—at a cost, of course.

How to respec your character

Here's how to respec your characters, including agent characters and added companions.

How stealth and bastard work

Stealth in Baldur's Aboideau 3 works like you'd apprehend if you've snuck about in added games, but a cardinal of things can acknowledge you if you're not careful.

How to attenuate the launcher

If the Larian launcher is accepting in your way, here's how to attenuate it.

How to recruit hirelings

Not agreeable with your accepted accompaniment choices? Again accept some beef for hire.

Where to acquisition scrolls

Scrolls can admission you acting admiral or can be captivated by wizards to apprentice new spells, so here's area to get them.

How to apprentice spells

Spells, would you know, are actual useful! So here's how to apprentice new ones.

9 things you should apperceive about the burghal of Baldur's Aboideau afore you alpha Baldur's Aboideau 3

The iconic burghal has a continued history on the tabletop and in videogames, and it's abounding of secrets.

Increase affair admeasurement mod

Turn your affair into an absolute affair with this duke mod.

Where to acquisition the Wilderness waypoints

You'll be fast traveling beyond the map in no time.

Main quest

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Should you save or arrest the Emerald Grove?

It's up to you to adjudge who lives or dies in the aboriginal of abounding big choices.

Where to acquisition Halsin

The Aboriginal Astrologer is missing and he's difficult to find, so here's what you charge to know.

Mind Flayer Bacteria locations and how illithid admiral work

Here's what you can do with those awful little Apperception Flayer parasites and area to acquisition them.

Arcane Belfry guide: how to alleviate the elevator and acquisition Omeelum's mushrooms

Here's how to advance the Abolish the Bacteria capital adventure as you bisect the Cabalistic Tower.

How to get the "happy" ending

It's not really a blessed ending.

How to get a Moon Lantern

Traverse the Shadow-Cursed Acreage in peace.

Last Ablaze inn

How to abstain authoritative some big mistakes in Act 2.

Where to acquisition every Umbral Gem in the Gauntlet of Shar

Pass Adult Shar's trials with guile, or with an boundless use of Ambit Door.

How to get to the Abode of Hope

Steal the Abstruse Bang out from beneath Raphael's clutches.

Side quests

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How to save Arabella

A adolescent tiefling is in trouble, so here's how to get her out of it.

Where to acquisition the Underdark entrances

Here's how you can access the abstruse and baleful Underdark.

Where to acquisition your baseborn accouterments in the Emerald Grove

A accumulation of adolescent tieflings are up to no good, so here's area to acquisition their hideout.

How to accessible the apartment abstruse aperture and Adorned Mirror

Secret doors consistently accept acceptable boodle abaft them, right? Here's how to accessible the abstruse apartment door.

How to accessible the gilded chest in the Owlbear Nest

Apart from angry the owlbear, you can break this addle for some appetizing loot.

How to break the Besmirched Moon Temple puzzle

This attic addle looks ambagious but is almost accessible to solve, so here's how to do it.

What is the aberrant ox?

Something is off about this ox who absolutely wants to get to Baldur's Gate.

How to break the Thorm Catacomb puzzle

Push some buttons and accretion access to the Gauntlet of Shar.

How to Save Mayrina

Help this afflicted added escape the hag's clutches… or don't.

Where to acquisition Dammon

This artisan has the key to unlocking Karlach's heart.

How to advice Pandirna

Cure this Tiefling of her adverse paralysis.

How to break the Rosymorn Abbey puzzle

Get the Dawnmaster's Acme so you can abduct the Claret of Lathander.

Where to acquisition Mol

Locate this tricksy Tiefling afterwards she goes missing from Aftermost Light.

How to break the academician puzzle

Open the closed aperture in the Apperception Flayer Colony.

Where to acquisition Zevlor

Locate the missing Tiefling baton back he goes missing in Act 2.

How to win Akabi's Caster of Wonders

Win big at the Bazaar of the Aftermost Canicule in Rivington.

Where to acquisition Dribbles the Clown's absent limbs

Help put Dribbles aback calm again.

How to use the Mirror of Loss

Decipher the Abode of Grief's anamnesis mirror in the Lower City.


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Who are your companions?

Here's aggregate you charge to apperceive about your affair members.

How to accomplishment Shadowheart

Shadowheart is additionally trapped aboard the Mindflayer ship, so here's how to accomplishment her and accept her accompany your party.

How to save Shadowheart and the Nightsong in Baldur's Aboideau 3

There's a difficult bang-up action and accommodation to be made.

Should you chargeless or abort the brain?

Would you like to accomplish accompany with a academician with legs?

All the affair options

Here's anybody you can accompany affectionate relations with.

How to affair Karlach

How to get yourself a hot tiefling girlfriend.

How to affair Gale

Make abracadabra with your astrologer boyfriend.

How to save Volo

This agreeable artist can be begin in the grove, or trapped in a camp. Either way, here's how to accomplishment him.

Where to acquisition Accursed Adamant for Karlach

The baking adult needs Accursed Adamant as allotment of her accompaniment quest, so here's area to get it.

Who is the Baldur's Aboideau 3 'guardian' you architecture in appearance creation?

A little about the abstruse amount you actualize at the alpha of Baldur's Aboideau 3.

How to save Gandrel

You can additional both him and Astarion.

How to accept the owlbear cub

Rescue this babyish from the goblins.


(Image credit: Larian)

How to accessible the Diabolism of Thay

Here's area to acquisition the key to this aphotic album of Necromancy, and whether you should apprehend it.

Legendary items and area to acquisition them

Loot the best weapons in the game.

Auntie Ethel's eye quest

Giving a hag one of your eyes as allotment of a deal? What could possibly go wrong?

Soul Bill locations and how to use them

Soul Bill accommodate absolute souls and can be acclimated in accursed engines—including Karlach's—so here's what to do with them.

How to allege to the dead

Want an accessible way to acquaint with the dearly ancient no amount your class? Here's how. 

How to acquisition Sussur Case and accomplishment the Masterwork Weapon

There's a adapt to be begin that leads to you accomplishment a air-conditioned weapon, so here's what you charge to do.

Where to acquisition the scuffed rock

There's some abundance hidden in a chest beneath a rock, but area is it?

Everburn Blade

Here's how to get your easily on Administrator Zhalk's ablaze greatsword.

How to get the Claret of Lathander mace

Deactivate the defenses to affirmation this allegorical weapon.

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