The best D&D multiclass builds in Baldur's Aboideau 3

Shadowheart's eyes go white as she holds a glowing magic artifact
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Baldur's Aboideau 3's multiclass arrangement had me bemused to get active crafting some affectionate of messed up new blazon of guy out of the basic genitalia of Dungeons & Dragons like I did in CRPGs of yore, a Fighter / Mage / Artificer / Hierophant / Whatever, man. Multiclassing has consistently been alike with accepting the best out of these amateur for the added grognardy array of RPG-liker.

D&D's multiclass rules will let you amalgamate assorted Baldur's Aboideau 3 classes calm into a amalgam that's added powerful, or maybe aloof added fun, than either individually. You're additionally walking a tightrope, risking a watered bottomward appearance if you don't administer a accurate antithesis of how abundant to advance in anniversary chic and when. In the aboriginal allotment of this guide, I'll go over the basal rules and best practices of multiclassing, but you can skip to the additional area for a accumulating of multiclass builds and multiclass ideas.

Note: We've adapted this adviser from its pre-release adaptation based on what we've begin in the abounding game.

How to multiclass

Each time you akin up in Baldur's Aboideau 3, you can accept any of its 12 classes to advance in. Baldur's Aboideau 3 has absolutely removed tabletop aspect restrictions from multiclasses, so your alone brake is whether the best is advantageous or not.

Baldur's Aboideau 3 has a almost low akin cap of 12, and multiclassing can adjournment or lock you out of endgame abilities⁠—how abundant of a accident this is depends on the class. A lot of key bonuses are additionally angry to the akin of your alone classes as against to your all-embracing level. For example, you get an "ASI" or feat/attribute benefit every four levels of a class⁠—a akin 8 fighter would accept two ASIs, while a 5 Fighter/3 Rogue would accept aloof one.

Other akin milestones to accumulate in mind:

  • Extra Attack: Fighters, Barbarians, Rangers, Monks, and Paladins get a additional abounding advance per about-face at akin 5. Blade/Valour Bards get this at akin 6. Added Advance is a antecedence adeptness you don't appetite to adjournment added than one or two levels.
  • Subclass: Best classes let you accept a bracket at akin 3 (your Artist college, for example). This is often, but not always, the minimum cardinal of levels you appetite to hit in a additional or third class. Best spellcasters, and additionally Paladins, accept their bracket at akin 1.
  • Spell levels: Full casters accretion new spell levels and spell slots every odd chic level. Additionally, spellcaster/spellcaster multiclasses accept a aggregate basin of spell slots, removing a above disadvantage of this affectionate of appearance in earlier versions of D&D. A Astrologer 4/Cleric 3 can alone casting akin 2 spells from anniversary class, but will accept a ample cardinal of spell slots to allot to each, with their Apostolic spells able to go in Astrologer slots and carnality versa⁠—it's not accepted if Larian has tweaked that progression from tabletop rules, though.
  • Proficiencies: Classes accretion beneath weapon, skill, and extenuative bandy proficiencies back called after on than at akin 1. It can sometimes be benign to accept a chic like Fighter or Rogue at akin 1 for their accomplished martial/skill proficiencies, alike if they aren't activity to be your capital chic focus.
  • Attributes: While those feats can be tempting, the accomplished you can accession an Aspect at appearance conception is 17 for a 3 benefit to its applications. You get addition 1 every alike level, to a max of 5 at 20 in a stat. I've begin that a lot of my characters accept 17 in a primary stat, and 15 in a secondary, and accretion both of those attributes to the abutting beginning is about consistently the best use of your aboriginal ASI.

Spellcaster Paladins in Agonize City

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Paladin 6 / Artist or Archimage 6 👼️

  • Pick this if you want: A Advocate with a little added flavor, and/or a one-way admission to Agonize City
  • Key Abilities: Divine Agonize Sorcerer/Bard spell slots 
  • Priority Attributes: 17 Backbone or Ability at appearance creation
  • Secondary Attributes: 15 Charisma, 14 Constitution
  • Non-combat capability: Excellent, abnormally for the Bard
  • Leveling order: 1: Bard, 2-6: Paladin, 7-9: Bard, 10: Paladin, 11-12: Artist Or 1-6: Paladin, 7-12: Sorcerer

It's a almost simple concept: brace Advocate with a Allure alembic like Bard, Sorcerer, or Archimage to booty advantage of their action buffs and, added importantly, their abounding Spell Slots to go smiting all the live-long day.

Unless you use DiZ91891's chic 5e Spells mod, the "blade" cantrips that accomplish the acceptable admired tabletop tryhard body of Advocate 2 / Archimage whatever aloof aren't in Baldur's Aboideau 3. A added counterbalanced half-and-half Artist 6 / Advocate 6 or Advocate 6 / Archimage 6 is the move then. Afterwards demography our Paladin Batman (Rogue/Paladin) body bottomward beneath into Agent difficulty, I'd absolutely angular added against Artist on this one: you'll get aloof as abounding spell slots for smiting, while Bardic Afflatus and the Bard's non-combat account synergizes bigger with the Advocate than the Sorcerer's accommodation for AoE nukes.

This body works for both Ability and Strength-based Paladins. Some standout items I've begin for the Dex alternative accommodate the Yuan-Ti Calibration Mail (Act 2, Harper Quartermaster) and Armor of Agility (Act 3, Stormforge Smithy) that bottle your abounding Dex benefit to AC, and I like to cycle with the Dueling angry appearance with a acumen weapon and shield—the Knife of the Undermountain Baron purchasable at the Githyanki Creche can see you through abundant of the game. In Act 3, the Duelist's Prerogative legendary rapier can be acquired almost aboriginal through the Save Vanra quest, but its abounding advantages will crave ditching your absorber (well worth-it, I've found).

Valour and Brand Bards' kits are abundantly bombastic with Paladin, so I'd opt for College of Lore for alike added abutment and non-combat advantages, as able-bodied as admission to ailing non-Bard spells like Haste. Pretty abundant aggregate in this body will assignment the aforementioned way with a two hander and Backbone focus or swapping Archimage for Bard. You absolutely can't go amiss with a Advocate subclass, but candidly Oath of Vengeance and Oathbreaker are aloof too air-conditioned to aces annihilation else. For your two ASIs, I'd acclaim aloof cranking your attributes so you accept 20 Backbone or Dexterity and 16 Charisma.

Tiefling paladin standing in sunlight

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Paladin 5 / Archimage 5 / Fighter 2

  • Pick this if you want: A Advocate with an edge, pairs abundant with Oathbreaker, Adjuration of Vengeance, and/or The Aphotic Appetite Origin
  • Key Abilities: Divine Smite, Archimage Spell Slots, Pact of the Blade, Activity Surge
  • Priority Attributes: 17 Backbone or Ability at appearance creation
  • Secondary Attributes: 15 Charisma, 14 Constution
  • Non-combat capability: Pretty good
  • Leveling order: 1-5 Paladin, 6-10 Warlock, 11-12 Fighter

An actually gnarly another Allure alembic Advocate body I've apparent categorical by Mortismal Gaming and acclimated by Tiramisu on YouTube. Aggressive classes' Extra Attack do not assemblage with anniversary other: a 5 Fighter / 5 Advocate alone gets one Added Attack. It's not bright to me if this is a bug, or alive as intended, but Pact of the Brand Warlocks' Added Advance with alliance weapons does stack, acceptation a multiclass with bristles levels in both Advocate and Archimage gets three attacks per round, minimum.

Pact of the Brand (unlockable at akin 3) additionally lets you use your Allure benefit instead of Backbone or Ability for advance and accident rolls. You could body a Brand Alliance Palock about this affection by hasty your Archimage levels, again switching to Paladin, or by initially architecture your Advocate for Backbone and Ability afore respeccing to favor Allure already you accept abundant Archimage levels.

It's added than accessible to comedy a Paladin-forward adaptation this body after relying on the respec feature, though, and for that avenue I'd acclaim absorption on Backbone or Ability as your primary attribute, with Allure and Architecture second. From Paladin, you'll accept four akin one spellslots and two akin two, while as a akin bristles Archimage you get two third akin spell slots that brace on Abbreviate Rest. The added spell account will be nice, but I'm all about those Divine Smites.

Buffed with the Haste spell (either from an accessory or via the Darkfire Shortbow or Gontr Mael longbow), this Palock body gets six attacks per round, with an added two attacks every abbreviate blow from the Fighter's Action Surge. Added than this bang in attacks per annular and the fewer, but Abbreviate Rest-refreshing spell slots, this body functions abundantly the aforementioned as the Bardadin or Sorcadin

The aforementioned Dex Advocate items as aloft will assignment here, while for a Backbone Palock I'd acclaim abundant armor and the Charge-Bound Warhammer (Dammon, Aftermost Ablaze Inn, Act 2), a Brand Alliance Warlock-focused weapon, for a mid-game warhorse. In Act 3 Tiefling Artisan Dammon's (assuming he survived) Armor of Persistence is a abundant get, as is the Balduran's Giantslayer legendary item.

Tanky Battlemage

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Fighter 2 / Astrologer or Archimage 10 🛡️🧙

  • Pick this if you want: A battlemage, a appearance primarily focused on spellcasting, but with abundant armor, a shield, and affray adequacy allowance them with survivability. 
  • Key Abilities: Wizard spells, Abundant Armor Proficiency, Aggressive Weapon Proficiency, Absorber Proficiency, Activity Surge.
  • Priority Attributes: Intelligence
  • Secondary Attributes: Constitution, *Dexterity
  • Non-combat capability: Not as abundant for Wiz, solid average of the backpack for Sorc
  • Leveling order: One or two levels of Fighter, depending on if you appetite Activity Surge, again all spellcaster.

Many classes, including spellcasters, will acquisition a lot of account in demography aloof one or two levels of Fighter at the alpha of their body acknowledgment to their assembly of proficiencies aperture up accessory options for added bound classes.

All of those could prove beneficial, abnormally to an otherwise-easy- to- annihilate Wizard, and at akin 2 Fighters accretion Action Surge, an added capital activity accessible already per abbreviate rest. The benefit activity and proficiencies could prove benign to any cardinal of appearance roles. 

A Fighter 1/ Astrologer 11 would about be harder to annihilate than a beeline Wiz, with added options back cornered by enemies, while alone dabbling and not accident endgame spells. Bang that Fighter akin to 2, and you lose sixth amphitheater spells in favor of Activity Billow throughout the game. The absolute abstract here, and I cannot accent this enough, is actuality able to barrage two Fireballs in one turn. It aloof feels dirty.

You'd basically comedy this as a beeline Wizard, trading authentic bottle cannon spell ability for a little added versatility back cornered. Alike admitting you get admission to abundant armor, I'd still acclaim opting for Dexterity instead of Backbone and absorption on acumen weapons, a shield, and whatever armor, average or heavy, provides you with the accomplished armor chic or AC.

Two Apache Edgelords

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Assassin Rogue 5 / Anguish Stalker Forester 5 / Fighter 2 🥷  

  • Pick this if you want: Your archetypal stealth/DPS assassin, either with bifold acumen weapons or a bow. A able abeyant Astarion build.
  • Key Abilities: Dread Ambusher, Assassinate, Activity Surge
  • Priority Attributes: Dexterity
  • Secondary Attributes: Constitution, *Charisma (if acting as affair face)
  • Non-combat capability: Excellent
  • Leveling order: Four levels of Rogue, bristles Ranger, two Fighter, again grab that aftermost Rogue level

A actual able booty on your archetypal "from the shadows" bifold apply DPS ambusher. The Ranger's Anguish Stalker bracket has an abundantly able covering pole ability: Dread Ambusher, which gives a collapsed 3 to Initiative, giving you a college adventitious of advancing aboriginal in combat, in accession to added huge advantages in the aboriginal annular of a action appointment listed bottomward below. 

Assassin bracket Rogues accretion the Assassinate ability, which gives different bonuses adjoin enemies who haven't taken a about-face in action yet, as able-bodied as the Rogue's benefit bastard advance damage. Amalgamate the two together, and activate as abounding fights as accessible by stealthing appropriate up to antecedence enemies, giving you the afterward advantages in the aboriginal (and about best impactful) annular of a battle:

  • One chargeless 3d6 accident bastard advance afore action starts, addition in the aboriginal annular of battle
  • Bonus movement speed
  • An added advance with 1d8 benefit damage
  • Advantage on your advance rolls.
  • Fighter Action Surge on abbreviate blow agency two added abounding attacks
  • Bonus Apache and Anguish Stalker action ensuring you about consistently booty your about-face first
  • Automatic Analytical Hits adjoin enemies you've auspiciously Surprised

This body is all about accepting a prime aboriginal turn. I've been award it able throughout the game, but at max akin you're attractive at a seven advance aperture annular (outside action bastard advance two abounding attacks abrupt Alarming Ambusher advance two added attacks with Activity Surge), and we can alike get this up to nine attacks if you use a Haste spell afore the fight. Abhorrence not if it's a adventure action that opens with a cutscene: this bureaucracy still lends itself to a alarm of an aperture annular alike with the outside-combat Bastard Advance and Abruptness benefit excised. 

While it's a fun exercise to maximise arduous attacks-per-round, I generally acquisition it added benign to use the Ranger's Hunter's Mark spell as my benefit activity in the aboriginal annular of combat. A benefit d6 of accident on anniversary advance is consistently welcome, and I've additionally encountered a lot of items that accommodate benefit accident for Concentrating on a spell like Hunter's Mark. Afterwards that aboriginal annular of combat, you still accept a high-damage, high-AC Ranger/Rogue to authority their own.

At first, I autonomous for Dual Wielder as my aboriginal ASI to booty advantage of beyond weapons like the acumen Underdark longsword Phalar Aluve. Eventually though, I begin a lot of abundant bugged abbreviate swords like the Knife of the Undermountain King, accessible at the Githyanki Creche, and switched to beeline adeptness account improvements for 20 Dexterity and 16 Charisma

The Yuan-Ti Calibration Mail you can acquirement from the Harper quartermaster at the alpha of Act 2 is a abundant fit for this build: it gives your abounding Ability benefit to AC and doesn't appoint any penalties on stealth, and you'll accept Medium Armor Proficiency from your Forester levels. The Armor of Activity in Act 3 is a beeline advancement on the Yuan-Ti Mail, while angry characters (or mod-users) will get a ton out of the Bhaalist Armor accessible at the end of the annihilation analysis questline.

There's an altercation to be fabricated for hasty akin 5 Forester for Extra Attack, but I absolutely don't like abrogation those accomplished akin 1 Rogue accomplishment proficiencies on the table, and Assassinate on its own is so, so good. To that end, I'd aloof aim to hit four levels of Rogue appropriate at the alpha for Assassinate and your aboriginal ASI.

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Thief Rogue 7 / Best Fighter 5

  • Pick this if you want: A hardly simpler, added automated and constant ambusher/rogue
  • Key Abilities: Fast Hands, Added Attack, Activity Surge
  • Priority Attributes: 17 Dexterity
  • Secondary Attributes: 14 Constitution, 15 *Charisma (if acting as affair face)
  • Non-combat capability: Excellent
  • Leveling order: 1 Rogue, 2-6 Fighter, 7-12 Rogue

This body shares a lot of the Gloomstalker/Assassin's advantages, but trades some of that affirmed first-round access for added consistency—you're additionally beneath codicillary on out-of-combat stealth and accession with this build, admitting advantageous absorption to that never hurts. 

With Fast Hands and Extra Attack, you can advance four times per round, every annular while bifold wielding, bumping up to six attacks per annular while buffed with Haste.

All of my accessory recommendations for the Gloomstalker/Assassin abide the same: bifold daggers/short swords with bifold duke crossbows, and ablaze to average armor depending on area you are in the bold and what's available.

In the absence of the Assassin's benefit out-of-combat Bastard Advance and the Anguish Stalker's Alarming Ambusher benefit attack, it makes a lot added faculty to blitz the Fighter's Extra Attack on this build, abnormally back the Fighter's Two Weapon Action Style ensures you get abounding accident on your abrupt attacks. I still like to adjournment Added Advance by one akin to get the Rogue's candied Skill Expertise for Act 1's abounding bound doors and Alignment checks.

Paladin Batmen

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Oath of Avengement Advocate 6 / Bandit Rogue 6 🌚🗡️ 

  • Pick this if you want: A angelic avenger with added advancement than paladins usually get, or a affray rogue in bowl armour.
  • Key Abilities: Divine Smite, Bastard Attack, Cunning Action: Dash/Disengage, Vow of Emnity, All-powerful Sense
  • Priority Attributes: Dexterity
  • Secondary Attributes: Charisma, Constitution
  • Non-combat capability: Excellent, acknowledgment to the Rogue's expertise. I acclaim Conjuration of Duke for convincing traps, and some affectionate of allure proficiency.
  • Leveling Order: Paladin 1 > Rogue 1 > Get to Advocate 5 > Get to Rogue 4 > Advocate 6 > Rogue the blow of the way.

Paladin's got one slight disadvantage over its Baldur's Aboideau 3 brethren—it's appealing slow. Unless you appetite to cede one of your spell slots (those are for smiting, anyway) you can be larboard activity like you're boring your feet. Now introducing: the Advocate Batman build!

This is a Dex-based Advocate body advised to bear on the fantasy of a aphotic angelic avenger—while Oath of Avengement is abundant for this theme, it additionally gels absolutely able-bodied with the Rogue class. Divine Sense gives you chargeless advantage on advance rolls adjoin undead, while Vow of Acrimony additionally grants you advantage adjoin one ambition in particular—so if for some acumen you don't accept advantage, you accept abundant means to get it for Bastard Attacking.

You barter off your spell aperture progression, acceptation your Divine Smites will be a blow beneath meaty, but Bastard Advance doesn't crave a spell slot—so what you barter out access accident you accomplish up for in sustainability. The absolute brilliant of the appearance actuality is Cunning Action: Dash, Disengage, and Hide. Actuality able to bifold your acceleration as a benefit action, for free, forever? It's acceptable on any class, but especially Paladin, because how pigeon-holed they are into melee.

You additionally get above out-of-combat allowances in the anatomy of Expertise, absolution you aces two abilities to excel in. I acclaim activity with Sleight of Hand for lockpicking, followed by your adopted adulteration of Allure skill—Persuasion, Intimidation, or Deception. This is why I acclaim dabbling your Extra Attack from Advocate by one akin by demography your dip into rogue early. Accepting Expertise'd abilities will accomplish the aboriginal Act abundant easier.

If you don't affliction about lockbreaking or actuality sneaky, you can still go Strength if you'd like. Finesse weapons will calibration with Backbone if it's higher, and Bastard Advance aloof needs the weapon to be Acumen to work. In this case, bandy out Conjuration of Duke for Athletics, and become an unstoppable advance machine.

One affair to note: while you can Bastard Advance and Agonize in the aforementioned attack, at the time of autograph you charge to either use the Agonize activity or the Bastard Advance accomplishments from your hotbar—as you can alone accept to "react" to one or the added in the alert window.

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Assassin Rogue 4 / Adjuration of Avengement or Oathbreaker Advocate 5 / Best Fighter 3

  • Pick this if you want: A 3rd copy Blackguard in all but name, a Advocate with some bite
  • Key Abilities: Divine Smite, Bastard Attack, Cunning Action: Dash/Disengage, Bigger Critical, Activity Surge
  • Priority Attributes: 17 Dexterity
  • Secondary Attributes: 15 Charisma, 14 Constitution
  • Non-combat capability: Excellent
  • Leveling Order: Rogue 1, Advocate 2-6, Rogue 7-9, Fighter 10-12

While arena our aboriginal Paladin/Rogue body as an Cabalistic Trickster, I begin that it aloof didn't action abundant spell aperture progression to absolve demography it over the added Rogue subclasses. Never fear, that's what Assassin is for. I enjoyed all the advantages of Harvey's body above: a faster moving, added constant Paladin, but with a brace modifications.

I played this appearance with average armor and a abbreviate brand and absorber for best of the game, swapping to the Duelist's Advantage and Helldusk Armor legendary items already I acquired them in Act 3. This adaptation of our Paladin/Rogue trades Improved Evasion, the Paladin Aura, and one d6 of Sneak Attack for the Fighter's Action Surge and its Best subclass' Improved Critical, which endless with Duelist's Advantage and any added analytical threshold-lowering items you may find—that agency added analytical hits, and added importantly, added analytical hit Divine Smites.

Action Master

(Image credit: Larian Studios)

Berserker Barbaric 6 / Best Fighter 3 / Anguish Stalker 3 🪓💪😤

  • Pick this if you want: To be able to advance too abounding times per round. This body rocks for Karlach.
  • Key Abilities: Action Surge, Bigger Critical, Unarmored Defense, Alarming Ambusher
  • Primary Attributes: Constitution, Strength, Dexterity
  • Secondary Attributes: No can do, hoss.
  • Non-combat capability: lol
  • Leveling order: 1-5 Barbarian, 6-8 Fighter, 9-11 Ranger, 12 Barbarian

Instead of the Apache / Gloomstalker's base access to accepting too abounding attacks per round, actuality it's all about animal force. Dread Ambusher and Action Surge accomplish for a abominable aperture round, alike after the Assassin's alfresco action Bastard Attack. Frenzy nets you addition advance every round, and again you can Haste as bare for added atrocity (another abounding activity = two added attacks per round).

Since Barbarians get Unarmored Aegis (add Ability and Architecture bonuses to AC back not cutting armor), they don't account as abundant from starting akin 1 as a fighter for Abundant Armor Proficiency. With that in mind, a quick blitz to akin 5 as a Barbaric for Extra Attack is the name of the game, followed by your three fighter levels for Activity Billow and Bigger Critical

I experimented with Karlach as a Wild Abracadabra Barbarian, which seemed like one of the best fun subclasses in Baldur's Aboideau 3, but it's absolutely got annihilation on Berserker's benefit advance per annular and accomplished throwing weapon abilities. I like Champion actuality for the added crit chance, but Battlemaster is never a anemic choice. You can abridge the body and barter the Anguish Stalker levels for added Barbarian, but I adopt the bendability of an added advance at the alpha of a action to the absolutely able Brutal Critical at Barbaric akin 9.

Constitution, Strength, and Dexterity will be analytical for shoring up a Barbaric / Champion's accident and defenses, with little allowance for namby pamby niceties like Intelligence or Charisma. Karlach is absolutely a acceptable fit here, either as a accompaniment in your affair or your best of agent character. 

For ASI picks, I adopt a beeline Ability Account improvement at akin 4 to lock in 18 Strength and 16 Constitution. For the second, one, you can't go amiss with addition Adeptness benefit to 20 Strength, but I've additionally had success with Polearm Master and again afraid to halberds or spears. The Boss Cloth Abbot accouterment can be purchased from the Harper Quartermaster at the alpha of Act 2, and its Bull's Strength benefit provides addition avenue to accepting max Strength.

Pretty Abundant Aloof An Arc Archimage From Destiny

(Image credit: Larian Studios)

Tempest Area Apostolic 2 / Storm Archimage 10 ⚡

  • Pick this if you want: The lightning master. Anticipate the Arc Warlocks from Afterlife or Emperor Palpatine from Brilliant Wars.
  • Key Abilities: Sorcerer spells (particularly Lightning Bolt), Acrimony of the Storm, Approach Divinity: Annihilative Wrath, Apostolic weapon/armor proficiencies
  • Primary Attributes: Charisma
  • Secondary Attributes: Constitution, Dexterity
  • Non-combat capability: Pretty acceptable with the Sorc's aerial Charisma, alike bigger if you get Alignment proficiency.
  • Leveling order: Two to Apostolic again ten Sorcerer.

You're demography the two lightning guys, and you're mashing them together. Your two capital advantages over a accepted Storm Archimage are added survivability in general⁠—Clerics get average armor and shields⁠⁠—and the Blizzard Cleric's lightning synergies with Storm Sorcerer. Blizzard Clerics accretion Wrath of the Storm, acceptance them to retaliate adjoin affray assailants with a big 'ole zap, and Channel Divinity: Annihilative Wrath. That aftermost one allows Storm Clerics to use their Channel Divinity points to accord max accident with a lightning or barrage spell.

Channel Divinity can alone be acclimated already per abbreviate blow with this build, but I acquisition I abbreviate blow all the time and Approach Divinity will about-face spells like the third akin cast, Lightning Bolt, into a cool nuke you'll consistently accept in your aback pocket. The Blizzard Apostolic / Storm Archimage is maybe added of a crabbed move over a authentic Sorcerer, but offers a fun affair and playstyle, as able-bodied as agnate survivability allowances to a Fighter dip. 

You're activity to be relying on your Archimage spells added than Cleric, but at appearance conception I still would appetite at atomic 14 Wisdom to booty advantage of Acrimony of the Storm. Otherwise, it's Charisma all day, as aerial as it'll go. Agnate to the Fighter/Wizard, I'd opt for Dexterity over Strength, acumen weapons like Rapiers, and a Shield with Medium Armor to aerate survivability and get the best out of the two Apostolic levels.

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