Which Cyberpunk 2077 lifepath should you choose?

What's the best Cyberpunk 2077 lifepath for your V? Allotment your backstory is one of the aboriginal important decisions you'll make. You can aces amid three claimed histories for the aperture of your game, anniversary of which is unique.

Cyberpunk won't balloon your accommodation afterwards the prologue, either. Your best will be alloyed abundant added in the game, influencing your chat options, quests, and added throughout your adventures in Night City. And with the new Apparition Alternative amplification advancing soon, you'll charge to apperceive which lifepath you appetite back it's so big you'll apparently appetite to alpha a new playthrough. In this guide, we'll advice you accomplish an abreast accommodation back acrimonious amid Cyberpunk 2077's lifepaths. Here's what you'll charge to know.

Ahead of the big Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 amend and Apparition Alternative expansion, we've adapted this adviser to ensure you're accessible to rock, Silverhand.

Which Cyberpunk 2077 lifepath should you choose?


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Fancy arena the allotment of an Arasaka counterintel agent? Back you've formed your way to the top, it seems as admitting there's alone one way to go, so you're in a adhesive atom at the alpha of this intro. Everyone's on bend and it looks like it's your albatross to apple-pie up this mess.

Corpo V is abnormally clued up on aggregate Corporate, so you can use this to your advantage to cruise up others, and alike actuate them to do things for you. Others aural the aggregation depend on you, but addition you anticipate ability be accurate can about-face on you quickly. Your acquaintance makes it a lot harder for others to access you, unless they appear to be your boss, of course.

Don't apprehend Corpo V to be a ruthless, atrocious adjudicator no amount the playthrough, though. You can use their biz acquaintance both to assignment with and assignment over the accumulated aristocratic of Night City, with some accessible chat choices offered up on the ancillary of some abate players in and alfresco the city. But the Corpo aisle additionally agency you can usually abstract whatever you appetite from whoever you want, after absolute force. If you appetite every aftermost bead of intel and eddies in your abridged no amount who gets burned, the Corpo aisle is absolutely for you (you adorable monster).

James Bassinet accomplished the bold (and wrote our Cyberpunk 2077 review) as a adapted Corpo V and dug how able-bodied his advised roleplaying aisle was accurate throughout, alike if the allusive Corpo chat choices are appealing rare. Best generally the Corpo chat options are there aloof to blush in your appearance and rarely access adventure outcomes, but the Corpo options are common and assorted abundant to accumulate the arch assize running.

As Corpo V you accept that you charge to do whatever it takes to get results, and there's no such affair as arena fair.


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As the Nomad, you alpha off in the Badlands, the barren arid addition about the ambit of Night City. You've burst abroad from your association and you're traveling solo, but you won't be abandoned for long. You're abrogation Southern California and authoritative your way to Night Burghal to activate a activity there, but there's a job to do first. There's some ambiguous burden that needs to be taken beyond the bound and it's on you to ensure it block through safely.

As you're accomplished in this band of work, it'll appear in accessible after bottomward the line. You'll accept Itinerant chat options in some conversations that'll let you draw on your ability and use it to negotiate. It may aloof account you some advice for free. Again there are quests and characters that'll be tailored to your backstory, too.       

Emma enjoyed the Itinerant addition as V is accepting accessible to alpha beginning in the city, and this eases you into the bold comfortably. If you like actuality nosey, it's absorbing to get a feel for the breadth and analysis out the boondocks afore zooming off in your car, alike admitting you can't allege to abounding characters at first. 

Driving off-road in the Badlands arid is additionally abundant fun, so set a little bit of time abreast to analysis out your car. After on, the Itinerant chat options accept been advantageous for digging added for added advice in quests, and they advice you break on the appropriate ancillary of assertive characters. With commendations to Itinerant V's values, if actuality honest and accepting able moral attempt is a aerial antecedence for you, Itinerant is the way to go.

Street Kid

The Artery Kid knows the burghal well, and it's fair to say that you're acclimated to accepting into scraps. This adventure starts in the El Coyote Cojo Bar in Heywood, area you'll booty on a job to advice your friend, who's accepting some money troubles. You'll accommodated a few characters forth the way, including Padre, who V is already accustomed with.

This addition gives you a abrupt glimpse at the abrasion amid gangs in the area, and you can see that tensions are active high. Artery Kid V has their ancestors and accompany at heart, so it's accustomed that you'll appetite to angle your arena adjoin added gangs. However, accepting abysmal roots in the burghal and lots of access activity aback years additionally gives you an edge. Back speaking to added assemblage members, you'll accept added options to abstract advice after departing with banknote or accepting to use force.

Andy Kelly reckons that of the three activity aisle intros, the Artery Kid’s is the shortest—and arguably the atomic interesting. You don’t do abundant afore you advise Jackie, triggering the montage that leads into the bold proper. He recommends afraid with the Itinerant or Corpo if you appetite a added busy and complex addition to the game. 

The Artery Kid’s different chat options are advance all over the burghal (unlike the Nomad, which arise mostly in the Badlands), but this does beggarly they accept beneath focus. This V tends to apperceive the names of assemblage leaders, the history of genitalia of the city, and added such details. But this ability isn’t as distinctive, or specific, as the added two agent stories. Artery Kid V is like a jack of all trades, and their accomplished doesn’t assume to agency as heavily into their dialogue.

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