Best gaming chairs in 2023

When it comes to the best gaming chairs, the top antecedence should consistently be the aggregate of ergonomic benefits and solid body quality, with abundance and customization advancing in a abutting second. You're activity to be spending an abominable lot of time sitting on this thing; why not go for one that'll last?

While some of the best gaming chairs may appear with a college amount tag, bethink that it's a advantageous advance in your abiding well-being. Our bodies crave able care, and the Secretlab Titan Evo stands out as one of the best gaming chairs today, aggregate the best appearance from Secretlab's antecedent models.

Gaming chairs appear in assorted designs, from antagonism car seats to themed chairs accouterment to every gamer's preferences. The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody offers accomplished abutment after blatant gaming aesthetics for those gluttonous a added chaste yet beautiful option. However, it may be priced analogously to a high-end gaming PC.

We've abundantly activated abundant gaming chairs from acclaimed companies, ensuring that every armchair in this adviser has undergone accurate analysis and accepted its worth. While cheaper appointment chairs may assume tempting, advance in your ergonomics is a accommodation your anatomy will acknowledge you for in the continued run. Amusement yourself to article appropriate and accord your after the affliction it deserves.

The quick list

The best gaming chairs 2023

PC Gamer's got your aback Our accomplished aggregation dedicates abounding hours to every review, to absolutely get to the affection of what affairs best to you. Find out added about how we appraise amateur and hardware.

The best gaming armchair overall

The best gaming chair


Seat type: Racing back, levelled bench base
Recline: 165 degrees
Weight capacity: Up to 180kg (397lbs, XL admeasurement only)
Weight: 37.5kg (83lbs)
Warranty: 3-year

Reasons to buy

Magnetic beanbag and covers
Very comfortable
Everything we appetite in a gaming armchair feature-wise

Reasons to avoid

Pricier than earlier Secretlab chairs
3-year assurance isn't a bout for some appropriately chairs

The Secretlab Titan is the criterion by which we adjudicator all added gaming chairs. To acquire that role it ticked all the boxes you could ask of gaming furniture: it's comfy, supportive, and chiefly looks abundant too. None of that has afflicted with the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022, either, which is the latest armchair out of the Secretlab lot (ignore its anachronous name in 2023).

Rather than footstep old ground, let's get appropriate into the acceptable stuff. Secretlab is assuming the Titan Evo to a advanced audience, with three accessible sizes: small, regular, and added large. The account of this actuality you'll no best charge to attending to a altered archetypal of armchair to acquisition the appropriate fit—the Titan Evo should awning best bases.

Secretlab has added a accessory ambit to the bench abject that it says is to accumulate you in a advantageous sitting posture. It's affectionate of adamantine to say whether such a affable curvature is absolutely accomplishing abundant to accumulate me bound deeply in abode throughout the day, admitting the bench is affluence adequate all the aforementioned with affluence of cream padding.

User-friendly ergonomics accomplish the Titan Evo a abundant fit for continued nights gaming or eight hours borer abroad for work, and that comes bottomward to its superb congenital aback support. It's awful adjustable, which agency you can attach bottomward a abundant fit with ease. There's additionally article to be said for the 4D armrests and arch cushion, both of which are magnetic.

You apprehend that right, a alluring arch cushion. A simple band-aid to fiddly straps, the Titan Evo does abroad with all that with a brace of able magnets.

You can absolutely abuse the Titan Evo's lumbar abutment while you're still sat on it.

A big allotment of the Titan Evo's aerial akin of abundance is the adjustable lumbar support. It works by extending and abandoning an centralized abutment both in and out and up and down, through the use of the two dials on the side. So not alone are you not relying on an awkward pillow to prop up your back, you can absolutely abuse the Titan Evo's lumbar abutment while you're still sat on it. This makes it awfully accessible to get aloof right.

The armchair is additionally adipose immaculately. While there's still article to be said for the SoftWeave Additional bolt that Secretlab additionally offers (we activated the amalgam leatherette version), I accept to say I'm absolutely taken with the attending of the leatherette, and abnormally the ablaze red stitching.

I'll accept to get aback to you on absolute backbone back I've had best with the chair, conceivably back the Titan Evo 2024 comes out I can acquaint you if it absolutely stands the analysis of time. Still, I can agenda how decidedly aerial and air-conditioned the leatherette bolt feels over the advance of a day.

As an amalgamation of both of Secretlab's antecedent gaming armchair models, the Titan and Omega, the Secretlab Titan Evo feels the bigger of both in every regard. What anniversary armchair has done so well, the Titan Evo manages to according or better. It is hardly pricier than its predecessors at $449 ($499 for the XL model), but I feel that the upgrades it delivers are absolutely account the college amount tag.

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The best affordable gaming chair

The best affordable gaming chair


Seat type: Relaxed
Recline: 90–160 degrees
Weight capacity: 120kg (264lbs)
Weight: 18kg (40lbs)
Warranty: 2-years

Reasons to buy

Subtle aesthetic
Space to sit cantankerous legged
Good amount for both bolt and leatherette
Great recline
Genuinely comfy

Reasons to avoid

Rickety 2D armrests
Limited beanbag adjustability
Minor accumulation issues

As always, Bandit has waltzed into the gaming armchair amplitude with a aesthetic racer appearance armchair that's not activity to accept you remortgaging for the advantage of sitting in it. If you're blessed to accomplish a brace of sacrifices, this is absolutely a acceptable adversary for the best bargain gaming chair. Appropriate now the Bandit T3 Blitz befitting us activity on the ancillary of affordable gaming chairs, so I was assured abundant things from this new accession to the ecosystem. And I've not been disappointed.

In a lot of means the TC100 and T3 gaming chairs are awful comparable, not atomic in their simple colourway and 160 amount recline. But the capital affair to point out is the amount difference. At $70/£100 beneath than the T3 you apprehend some affectionate of accommodation from the TC100, but I accept yet to anticipate how Bandit has managed to bead the amount so abundant and for essentially more chair.

It's a little beneath with an 81cm backrest, but instead of alpine the TC100 Airy goes broad. It's got a added backrest, added beanbag in the seat, and gentler bolster (side cushion) angles for those beautiful, blubbery thighs… appropriately the "relaxed" nomenclature.

Gentler bolster angles for those beautiful, blubbery thighs… appropriately the "relaxed" nomenclature.

We chunky babes had no agitation sitting in it at the office, and I'm not consistently angry to ability the beanbag back I'm not the tallest damsel out there. I've never been a huge fan of Bandit beanbag attachment, though. The straps are actual short, and while slotting them through the two backrest holes ability complete practical, it agency you're bound back it comes to adjustability. Those blame 6'2" will charge to amend their options, but the beanbag and accompanying cushions are comfortable enough, and appear with the chair.

The above check with the TC100 Airy is the 2D armrests. It agency you alone account from up, down, in, and out adjustability, and compared to the T3 Blitz and added chairs with 4D armrests it's a little disappointing. But I accept the aggregation had to save money somewhere. The abbreviate ambit amid the armrests agency I can appropriately blow my elbows after any rotational help, though, and the abridgement of advanced and aback movement isn't too abundant of a botheration for me.

Putting it calm you'll be reminded of the low amount too. While aggregate did adjust well, and the abstracts are added than fit for purpose, I did accept a little agitation accepting some of the bolts in place. That was due to the marbles of balled up constructed actual about the holes, which had clearly been austere through. Abreast from that, it took me maybe 40 account to put together—even after instructions in the box it was about straightforward, but this is advancing from addition who puts calm chairs on about a account basis.

I acknowledge that both the leatherette and bolt versions of the TC100 Airy appear in at the aforementioned price, too, as generally you see bolt gaming chairs models activity for a little more. I can affirm that not alone is the bolt bendable as anything, it's additionally breathable and stops you from afraid to the apparent back cutting shorts in the acme of summer. Abreast from it actuality a nice change from testing leatherette options, I'm animated the TC100 Airy makes the soft-look affairs added attainable. 

Even at $320/£300 we were ardent with the T3 Rush, so the actuality the TC100 Airy comes in at the audibly added affordable amount of $250/£200, with alone a few baby compromises to allege of, gives me a lot of achievement for the approaching of bargain gaming chairs.

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The best appointment armchair for gaming

The best appointment armchair for gaming


Seat type: Task chair
Recline: 85–130 degrees
Weight capacity: 108kg (240lbs)
Weight: 29kg (64lbs)
Warranty: 12-year

Reasons to buy

Ridiculously athletic and able-bodied made
Comfortable and supportive
Highly adjustable
12-year warranty
Excellent controls

Reasons to avoid

Headrest is extra
Armrests aren't brilliant

We've been advising the NeueChair as the best office/task armchair for years, alike back afore I abutting as overlord of PC Gamer's accouterments coverage. As I'd not had the advantage of aggravating out the armchair for myself, however, I capital to accomplish abiding that it was a advocacy I could angle behind.

But I can't. Instead it's a advocacy I accept to sit on because it abiding is a comfortable chair. 

Coming from the aforementioned abiding as our admired gaming chairs—the Secretlab Titan Evo—it's no abruptness that the NeueChair is an outstanding seat. But it is actual abundant a assignment chair, not a gaming chair.

By that I beggarly it's advised to be acclimated while alive at a desk, not to lounge in while blame aback with a ambassador in-hand. It's not that it's afflictive in its absolutely reclined state, but alike with the alternative beanbag it's not a position that you're activity to appetite to be sat in for a continued booty gaming session.

It is actual abundant a assignment chair, not a gaming chair.

The alive position, however, is altogether admiring and I absolutely feel like my back is actuality looked afterwards by that cobweb abetment and adjustable lumbar support. The advanced bench feels good, admitting is absolutely not as giving as some squishier gaming chairs I've anchored my after in.

I apperceive it's attractive afterwards my anatomy because I can't absolutely get one leg beneath me to sit in my usually preferred—though posturally abysmal—relaxed alive position. I'm affected to sit in the actual manner, and I do absolutely feel bigger for it while I'm sat at my board during the alive day.

Though there is still a allotment of me that wants to lounge about of an evening, and the NeueChair isn't advised for that. It is an appointment chair, afterwards all. And one of the complete best, too.

That's accent by the acute Controlshift controls amid below anniversary armrest. The two levers acquiesce you lock or alleviate the recline, anywhere amid its 85 - 130° accessible angle, and to accession and lower the chair. The armrests themselves are a bit of a disappointment, however, accustomed that you can alone accession them on a ratchet apparatus and they don't absolutely go aerial abundant for my desk. They additionally don't move in or out to abutment your elbows. 

You additionally don't get that beanbag as standard, which adds a not-inconsiderable bulk to the amount of the armchair if you do appetite it. Because I anticipate it's added ill-fitted to the alive position than reclining, I don't absolutely anticipate it's a big absence not accepting the headrest.

The NeueChair is absolutely congenital to last, with a aflame abundant automated architecture that won't attending out of abode in the funkiest of offices. Home or otherwise. That's backed up by a ample 12-year warranty, which goes some way to offsetting some of our apropos over it's contrarily aerial price.

But it is the best adequate appointment armchair I've anytime sat in, and if you're activity to be at your board best of the day working, as able-bodied as into the night gaming, again it's aces advance to accumulate your back healthy. Though, remember, it's account accepting up and walking about every now and then.

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The best aerial end gaming chair

The best high-end gaming chair


Seat type: Task chair
Weight capacity: 136kg (300lbs)
Weight: 23kg (51lbs)
Warranty: 12-year

Reasons to buy

Stimulates claret and oxygen flow
Unrivaled aback support
12-year/24hr use warranty

Reasons to avoid

Jaw-droppingly big-ticket compared to most
No beanbag to allege of

Perhaps you've heard of the Herman Miller Embody. It active a top position in our best appointment chair assembly for a continued time, but that has appear to an end. Not for abridgement of abundance or acclaim, artlessly because the acclaimed armchair architect has partnered up with Logitech to actualize article custom-built to our gaming rumps.

For the best part, the Herman Miller x Logitech G Actualize absolutely isn't a complete abandonment from the Actualize of old. A tried, tested, and broadly accustomed design, the gaming Actualize comes in a new atramentous and dejected colorway, with apparent atramentous additionally accessible if you're activity for a added sober/edgelord look. There's additionally a baby Logitech G cast toggle on the rear, that doesn't serve any purpose that I apperceive of and a Logitech G logo beyond the high bandage of the backrest. 

I'm not abiding the Logitech collab is bringing a lot to the party, but the branding is conspicuously ablaze blow abutting to the antagonism appearance gaming chairs that we're acclimated to as PC gamers, and it feels chic as a result.

It's not so abundant the changes that accomplish the Actualize angle out as one of the best gaming chairs going. It's what's been kept the same. The approved and activated Actualize architecture is artlessly one of the best chairs for appointment assignment or gaming. It's abundantly adequate over abiding use, supports an alive and advantageous posture, and is calmly adapted to your frame.

The armchair was absolutely accumulated so there was no fussing with screws or throwaway tools.

Yet I wasn't abiding what to apprehend of the Actualize afore it arrived. I absolutely hadn't envisioned such a massive box axis up on my doorstep. Aboriginal impressions, then, absolutely focused on how I was activity to get said box up two flights of attenuated accomplish arch up to my apartment.

That massive box hides what is conceivably one of the Herman Miller's best features. Afterwards chief that I had to cut the armchair out of the box with a knife in my hallway, I apparent the armchair was absolutely accumulated so there was no fussing with screws or throwaway tools, which is article of a pet annoyance of mine. (I'm accession third-rate Allen keys from bargain flatpack appliance and I can't advice but feel there's got to be a bigger way.)

The best anon apparent affection of this chair: You can sit in it all day and not feel a moment of ache below your tush. You may about-face about your top bisected into all sorts of actually not ergonomic positions during the day but your basal bisected tends to break ashore in abode at a desk, so it's important to get that aloof right. Thankfully, the Actualize does.

The warranty, too, is a standout feature. At 12 years, including labor, and rated for 24-hour use over that time, it's a armchair that is affirmed to aftermost you over a decade, if not longer. So while the antecedent amount tag may assume steep, and that it is, the absoluteness is you're assertive to get your money's account in the continued run. And your aback will be beholden for it, too.

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The best gaming armchair for aback support

The best gaming armchair for aback support


Seat type: Racing seat
Recline: 90–135 degrees
Weight capacity: 150kg (330lbs)
Weight: 28kg (62lbs)
Warranty: 2-year

Reasons to buy

Great for lumbar support
Ideal for beyond frames
Has a close bench and back-rest

Reasons to avoid

A bit close for comfort
Armrests could be comfier

When affairs a gaming chair, it's accessible to balloon your health. Afterwards all, best are advertised as luxurious, absorptive thrones that allay your every anguish as you accident the applesauce out of your foes in Acme Legends. But that isn't true, and for some, it's important to aces a armchair that takes aback abutment seriously. 

With some of the aggregation accepting acclimated it circadian for about a year, we can thoroughly acclaim the Noblechairs Hero in uPVC leather. While not the best agitative of chairs, or the sportiest, it absolutely does a acceptable job of demography affliction of your back.

The Hero is accessible to assemble, except for the bit area you attach the aback to the seat, so accomplish abiding you accept a associate for that. It's close and supportive, and acutely sturdy. As a chat of warning: it is substantial, so if you adopt a softer armchair that isn't as acceptable for your lumbar, this maybe isn't for you.

The arduous attendance of the Hero gaming armchair is staggering.

Honestly, the arduous attendance of the Hero gaming armchair is staggering. The seat's cold-cure apprenticed cream agency it’s close yet comfortable. You don’t bore appropriate into it, which helps with posture, and it will abate over time, but it absolutely complements the artful (hard attending = brutal). But that abject abutment agency it’s still acceptable for continued gaming sessions—or alive from home in your agnostic temple. Either way, what it lacks in softness, it makes up for in support.

I adulation the pivoting armrests, so you can assault them out of the way back you appetite to use a gamepad, and they’re absolutely acme and amplitude adjustable too, which is abundant for us little people. Additionally accepting such a advanced armrest is great, but I acquisition myself aptitude on the bend a lot, not authoritative abounding use of them, and at the aforementioned time backbreaking my bend out. I’d alone adopt bedlam armrests, but at atomic they don’t get adhesive or glace back you’re attempting to angle on your admired abhorrence FPS franchise.

The armchair is acme adjustable (as should all chairs be), and the backrest has a ‘rake mechanism’ so you can acclimatize the bend with its handbrake lookin’ contraption, and a absolutely absolute ‘lock tilt’ apparatus so you can bedrock freely, or lock yourself about angular for a acceptable nap if all that hardcore gaming has annoyed you out. It additionally doesn’t bounce advanced and crushes you back unlocked, which is consistently nice.

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The best gaming armchair for a beyond frame

The best gaming armchair for a beyond frame


Seat type: Racing seat
Recline: 90–165 degrees
Weight capacity: 180kg (397lbs)
Weight: 34kg (75lbs)
Warranty: 6-year

Reasons to buy

Adjustable lumbar support
4D armrests
Large bench size

Reasons to avoid

Placement of the lumbar abutment knobs isn't ideal

The Absolutist 3 XL is a absurd armchair for anyone attractive for a little added jerk allowance than your accepted gaming seat. The Absolutist 3 comes in two sizes: ample and added large. The ample board gamers 4’11 to 6’2’’ (150-190cm) and the added ample is for gamers 5’11” to 6’9” (181-210cm). The one I accept the amusement of experiencing is an added large. 

The amplitude of the added ample is for average to XXXL, so whether you accept a gluteus maximus or a gluteus minimus this armchair will fit. 

The Absolutist 3 is absolutely into giving options. This armchair is accessible in two types of materials, exceptional PVC covering and linen fabric. The exceptional covering comes in seven altered colors, including orange, blush and blue. The linen bolt comes in two colors; carbon atramentous and ash gray. The armchair I've been testing is the exceptional PVC covering affected atramentous which resembles the Boscage 2. The Boscage 2 is apparent with orange accents. 

All of these things are cool, right? It’s abundant that the Absolutist 3 reclines to 165 degrees, it has two levers, one controls the tilt, the added controls the acme of the armchair adopting it about three inches. These things are all abundant for comfort.

The armrests are alluring and are fabricated of a PU cream that makes them accessible to angular on.

What I absolutely appetite to get into is the Absolutist 3's absolutely air-conditioned appearance that add to best abundance like the 4D armrests. Abundant like the Secretlab Titan Evo armchair we love, the armrests are alluring and are fabricated of a PU cream that makes them accessible to angular on. There are three buttons on the armrest, the one placed on the alfresco of the armrest controls the acme of it. The button on the central of the armchair abreast the tip of the armrest allows it to go advanced and astern and axis larboard to right. The aftermost one amid beneath the armrest moves it larboard to right. 

I adulation a 4D armrest, abnormally back the armchair reclines astern and tilts advanced because it allows me to acclimatize the armrest for the position I’m sitting in. Annihilation makes me added afraid than dangling elbows. It's like abrogation your bottom blind off the bed at night. 

You aloof apperceive article is activity to grab it. 

Continuing with the alluring affair is the close pillow, addition arch feature. This one is a bold changer, I can’t alike lie. I am afraid at this alluring close pillow. That agency no straps, no disturbing to blow it through the backrest. BAM! Bang that babyish on the armchair like you’re in a Angle Band bartering and it stays. Above it actuality a absolutely air-conditioned feature, its accessible if you are beneath than the 5’11” that’s recommended for this armchair because it’s calmly adjustable added up or bottomward on the chair. 

It actuality alluring doesn’t booty abroad from its comfort, either. The close pillow is fabricated with anamnesis cream and has cooling technology to advance comfort. 

Notice annihilation missing? Maybe a lumbar abutment pillow. That’s the air-conditioned thing! There is no lumbar abutment pillow, but there is lumbar support—it’s congenital into the chair. And controlled by two knobs placed on the larboard and appropriate abandon of the chair.

As far as accessibility goes, they’re not placed in the best positions. But the bulge on the larboard controls the lumbar abutment affective up and down. Which is, again, a abundant action depending on your height. The bulge on the appropriate ancillary of the armchair determines the compactness of the lumbar abutment and how abundant it protrudes out of the chair. Back I about-face the bulge against me I get added lumbar support. The lumbar abutment recedes into the armchair back I about-face it abroad from me. Neat.

Seriously, I can sit in this all day. Additional there’s a affection actuality appear in June, a alluring tray table console that snaps into the armrest. A carriageable board sounds dope, able-bodied a lot added blockhead than a gaming aerial chair, which it additionally looks like.

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How we analysis gaming chairs

AutoFull gaming chair

(Image credit: AutoFull)

Let's face it, we absorb a lot of time actuality at PC Gamer sitting on our butts. And that makes us absolute candidates for testing gaming chairs. We will address a cogent bulk of time to parking our posteriors in a array of gaming and appointment chairs back it comes to testing them out, because it's alone absolutely by application a armchair over an continued aeon that you get to apperceive area it supports you and area it ability be lacking.

So, we'll use anniversary of the gaming chairs we analysis as our capital alive bench for the time that we are testing a chair. That way we can get a feel for what it would be like to absolutely alive with a accurate allotment of gaming furniture, as we would if we'd purchased it ourselves.

It additionally agency that we can analysis the constancy of things like the altered levers and controls over time, too. We've had issues area some cheaper brands had artificial levers that aloof wouldn't last.

The abstract sitting acquaintance is the best important agency aback we analysis gaming chairs, but the absolute body acquaintance is important, too. We don't appetite to accept a armchair that tries to booty a chaw out of us aback we appear to install the aback rest, or has ailing machined spiral holes that don't band up. 

And amount is key to us as well. A armchair doesn't accept to be cheap, but so continued as it feels like it's account the money you're actuality accepted to pay again it has value.

Best gaming chairs FAQ

Are gaming chairs absolutely bad?

As gamers and appointment workers, we absorb a cogent block of anniversary day sitting on our money makers in advanced of screens. Accustomed that best of us don't plan to change that anytime soon, it alone makes faculty to do so in a abundant chair. So that's what I set out to find.

We capital to acquisition chairs that maximized comfort, support, and value. We batten with Melissa Afterman, MS CPE, a Chief Arch Ergonomist with VSI Accident Administration & Ergonomics, Inc., who specializes in workstation setups. 

"Absolutely, chairs are still okay," she told me. "Yes, we apperceive that sitting too continued is bad for you. The absoluteness is that continuing too continued is aloof as bad for you, so the acknowledgment is movement. Demography breaks, accepting up at atomic every hour and moving, or alteration your position from continuing to sitting every hour so that you're not continuing too continued either."

"If you're accounting and alive at the computer, you absolutely appetite added cocked abutment so that you can advance aloof aback aspect and let the armchair authority you up," she said. "But aback you about-face to a gaming mode, you may appetite to recline a little bit to relax your lower aback while still accepting acceptable abutment in that position. So a locking backrest and/or some astriction ascendancy is important."

Another affection to attending for, admitting it tends to be begin on added big-ticket models, is a bench pan slider. This enables you to accelerate the accession of your base assiduously or astern about to the backrest. 

Are gaming chairs absolutely account it?

The best gaming chairs will complete your PC setup, not aloof from an artful point of view, but because you will acceptable be spending hours sat in advanced of your machine, they will accord you the abutment bare to accumulate your back advantageous too.

Is a gaming armchair bigger than an appointment chair?

Nope! You can acquisition acceptable or bad examples of both, and accept us there are plenty. That said, some appointment chairs are abundant for gaming and carnality versa, and there are 'office chairs', like the Herman Miller Embody, that alloy the band amid both.

Really it's about award what's appropriate for you, and a lot of the time that's a gaming armchair because, let's be honest, you like the attending of it. That's a altogether acceptable acumen to accomplish that decision, aloof accomplish abiding you're not sacrificing abundance and ergonomics for appearance and flair.

A bargain appointment armchair can be a abundant aces if you appetite to save banknote and be comfy.

Are gaming chairs acceptable for your posture?

The best gaming chairs attending out for you and your back. Back it comes to armchair design, lumbar abutment is vital. The aboriginal affair you should attending for in a new gaming armchair is whether it has any congenital abutment to advice your anatomy advance an ideal posture. Some alike appear with lumbar abutment pillows that assignment to some extent. Multi-adjustable arm-rests, upholstery, and accepted appearance are additionally important; agenda these appearance aren't cheap.

That said, a gaming armchair can't do everything. The best gaming chairs animate acceptable posture, but the added bisected of the blueprint is on you to stick to it.

Does every gaming armchair fit every anatomy type?

Different armchair models board altered heights and weights, so accomplish abiding to analysis your fit. Attending at the amplitude and abyss of the seat, too. Some chairs affirmation that you should sit cross-legged, but that depends on your admeasurement and legs' length.

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