Boo, Intel's faux 14th Gen isn't activity to bear the aiguille bargain gaming CPU we were teased with

Intel Core i9 13900K processor in a hand
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Aww, it was attractive so acceptable for a additional there; for the briefest moment it looked like Intel was activity to accomplish its Raptor Basin Refresh ambit of processors absolutely count. Sadly, it seems like, abreast from a almost accordant 200MHz alarm acceleration bang on the accessible 14th Gen chips, we're not activity to see the above re-spec of the new CPU calendar beforehand rumours had promised.

We appear a few weeks ago on the supposedly leaked amount counts of the new ambit of Intel processors which had been presented by a RedGamingTech video. It claimed the Raptor Basin Brace was activity to bear college amount counts, about beyond the absolute CPU stack. 

And those promised added cores weren't declared to be aloof the lower-rent Able cores either, with a alternative of 14th Gen chips absolutely accepting college Achievement amount counts, too.

The best agitative of which, as has been contempo Intel passim, was bottomward at the lower end of the stack. The proposed Amount i5 14400 was set for a bang up to 14 cores and 20 threads, and the Amount i5 14100 listed as actuality a authentic six-core, 12-thread chip. Both those low-end Amount i5 processors would accomplish for potentially outstanding gaming CPUs, and you'd accept to be accomplishing some austere abundance assignment to absolutely charge annihilation added high-spec.

Unfortunately, it's now attractive as admitting those antecedent rumours could be incorrect as another leaker has presented claimed 14th Gen amount counts and alarm speeds (via Videocardz) suggesting that it's added or beneath activity to be aback to the 13th Gen cachet quo back it comes to how abounding cores you can apprehend as you go bottomward through the range.

Up top, as was consistently suggested, is the 24-core, 32-thread Amount i9 14900, which evidently charcoal the same. These latest specs approve the angle of the Amount i7 chips accepting a scattering of added Able cores, now alms 20 cores and 28 threads, but beneath that the amount counts reportedly now abide the same.

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Obviously, these are rumours countering rumours, and as such it's adamantine to apperceive absolutely who has the accurate blueprint for the unannounced ambit of processors, but the latest capacity attending added realistic.

I would accept admired Intel to go adamantine on bumping up the amount counts of its accessible Amount i5 ambit of chips, but that's not badly sustainable. AMD fabricated a name for its Ryzen processors, on one duke by authoritative them able and reliable cardinal crunchers, but additionally by assault its rivals on amount calculation at altered appraisement levels. For Intel to appear aback and do the aforementioned has a assertive antagonistic symmetry, but at this point would alone set itself up for a fall.

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The Raptor Basin Refresh, or 14th Gen Amount processors, are as the name suggests aloof a balmy abuse of the existing 13th Gen chips, and almost alike deserve to be blue-blooded as a accomplished new 'generation' of processors. Accretion the amount counts, however, would be a way to accomplish this new bearing added absorbing while we delay for the big change, the Arrow Basin CPUs advancing in 2024

But accretion the amount counts of its absolute assemblage now would accomplish it actual adamantine to row aback for the abutting bearing and bead them aback bottomward again. It's aloof not a acceptable attending for a new bearing of chips you appetite to assume like the better and baddest to absolutely be activity in the adverse administration in agreement of amount specs. That's article Intel has dealt with afore back activity from 10 cores with the Core i9 10900K aback to the eight cores of its consecutive Core i9 11900K flagship. And it didn't go great.

So, while from a customer point of view, it's kinda black the RedGamingTech rumours appearing to be false, it's not a huge surprise.

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