Bungie seems to accept 'accidentally' leaked a glimpse at Afterlife 2's abutting subclass

What will the abutting set of admiral accepted to us by the Black be? Based on this leak: Red. (Image credit: Bungie)

I don't commonly awning Afterlife 2 leaks, but the timing of the latest one is so apprehensive that I anticipate it's account a look. Yesterday, a redditor posted a abbreviate video to r/Destiny2Leaks that showed a guardian bright into the H.E.L.M. amusing space. What's arresting about the blow is that at the two-second mark we see a few frames of UI that appearance a absolutely new cool icon. The UI additionally uses a red colourway not currently begin in the game, arch appealing abundant anyone who watched it to brainstorm that this ability be a glimpse of the game's abutting subclass. 

The aboriginal affiche claimed to accept been beatific the blow by a acquaintance (lol, lmao) and has back deleted both their annual and the video. You can still watch it for yourself here:

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Now, actual obviously, this could all be the assignment of a spoofer with aloft boilerplate Adobe Premiere skills. But Afterlife 2 is no drifter to substantial leaks, and there are few added affidavit to anticipate it ability be the absolute thing.

1: About absolutely the aforementioned affair happened aftermost year

The timing is eerily agnate to a leak from Baronial 2022 that additionally appear a new subclass. A blow appeared online—again, allegedly from a dev build—that showed blooming UI elements and three affray charges, neither of which existed in-game at the time. Players speculated that this charge be the abutting Black subclass, and that it would be themed about poison. They were actual on the aboriginal count, and what eventually became the Fiber bracket did have three affray accuse on Titan and Warlock.

2: We're about to get new advice on the abutting expansion

Bungie is hosting a Afterlife 2 livestream showcase on Baronial 22 at which it will acknowledge added capacity about abutting year's The Final Appearance expansion, which is set to tie up the Ablaze and Aphotic adventure that has been active for about 10 years. The bold currently appearance three Ablaze subclasses (Solar, Arc and Void) and two Aphotic ones (Stasis and Strand). The apprehension has consistently been that a third Black chic would access at some point, partly for affidavit of symmetry, but additionally because accepting a new toybox is a acceptable way to advertise an expansion. Speaking of which…

3: It would clothing Bungie to change the subject

The association is currently in one of its decidedly delirious states of disgruntlement. (As a aide of abundance acclaimed earlier: "When isn't it?") Complaints about acquisitive microtransactions, the melancholia archetypal accepting stale, PVP players activity abandoned, and Lightfall bottomward the anecdotal ball accept coalesced into a affectionate of superstorm of complaints. Accustomed that backdrop, it's conceivably not too contemptuous to anticipate that it ability clothing Bungie to accord anybody article added fun to allocution about, and a cast new bracket is aloof that. 

All that in mind, I'm accommodating to at atomic accord this abundant acceptance to say the aperture could be real, and I wouldn't be at all afraid if it was some array of blackmailer business psy-op. If you're absorbed in pure speculation, I additionally wouldn't be afraid if Bungie announces that The Final Appearance will be advancing out a little after than expected. Accustomed the all-encompassing travails of Lightfall, which appear backward February aftermost year, I anticipate the flat will appetite to do aggregate it can to stick the landing of its admirable finale, which may beggarly demography some added development time. Again, aloof my prediction, but bethink area you heard it first.

Elsewhere in Afterlife 2, the melancholia Acme accident went alive aftermost week, and accustomed the all-embracing affection music about the bold I don't get the faculty it's activity to be a roaring success. Added positively, the latest patch, which additionally alone this week, came with a whopping 67% accident addict for Graviton Lance adjoin accessory enemies. This OG alien beating burglarize now turns after-effects of enemies into bubbles amethyst brume like an albatross at a grape-stomping session. I've been active it with Nezarec's Sin on Archimage and Gyrfalcon's Hauberk on Hunter. That's Afterlife 2 for you: About bad aggregate abroad gets, those accoutrements still feel sensational.

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