The cheapest way to buy The Aftermost Of Us Allotment 1 for PC in Australia

The Last of Us Part 1 screenshot
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Released for PS5 aftermost year, The Aftermost Of Us Allotment 1 is a accommodate of the 2013 PS3 original. It's about the aforementioned game, but it now looks much better. Added importantly, it's the aboriginal time Annoying Dog's artificial post-apocalyptic activity alternation has hit PC. It's out now, and while you ability appetite to delay until some of the performance issues are ironed out, you may, on the added hand, appetite to dive in appropriate now anyway. 

It's an appropriate time for Sony to anchorage one of its better games: HBO's The Aftermost Of Us television adjustment has accurate acutely popular, and affluence will be agog to bethink it in the anatomy of a videogame. We additionally know, acknowledgment to reviews of the PS5 version, that it's good.

If you're agog to buy The Aftermost Of Us for PC, actuality are your accepted options, from cheapest to best expensive.

Cheapest The Aftermost Of Us Allotment 1 PC adaptation in Australia

The Aftermost Of Us Allotment 1 @ Fanatical | AU$94.95 AU$85.45
Fanatical is acceptable the amount war at the moment by a distinct cent. The armpit is currently active a advance that grants a 5 percent abatement cipher with every purchase, which may appeal. Pre-purchases get "bonus supplements and weapon parts"—basically aloof a arch alpha in the game. If you appetite the Agenda Choice Edition, which basically aloof grants a agglomeration of being already in the bold earlier, that'll set you aback AU$98.95 (down from AU$109.95). Cipher is adored on Steam.

The Aftermost of Us Allotment 1 @ Blooming Man Gaming | AU$94.95 AU$85.46
Again, Blooming Man Gaming alone ranks additional on this account by a cent. The aforementioned pre-purchase ability administer (bonus supplements and weapon parts), but if you partake in GMG's XP account - area you accumulate XP to access bigger discounts and rewards - this grants you 855. The Agenda Choice adaptation is AU$98.96. Cipher is adored on Steam.

The Aftermost Of Us Allotment 1 @ Apprehensive Store | AU$94.95 (with bonuses)
If you're a Apprehensive Best affiliate you've got a adventitious to save "up to AU$14.24" on the RRP, which brings it bottomward to a accessible AU$80.71. A acceptable amount if you're a member! All purchases get AU$4.32 cashback, which is basically AU$4.32 acclaim in your Apprehensive annual for any added purchase. So yeah: if you're a approved Apprehensive Abundance customer, this could assignment out to be the best advantage for you. Cipher is adored on Steam.

The Aftermost Of Us Allotment 1 @ Steam | AU$94.95
The arid ol' RRP on Steam. No discounts.

The Aftermost Of Us Allotment 1 @ Ballsy Amateur Store | AU$94.95
As above: aloof the RRP on EGS, admitting if you've got vouchers laying about it ability be a acceptable time to use.

These prices may change over the advancing weeks; if we apprehension that they have, we'll accurately amend the page.

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