CD Projekt is aback with yet addition big fix for The Witcher 3's grass

Geralt in The Witcher 3
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March 13, 2023, was a actual acceptable day for PC Gamer accessory editor Ted Litchfield. Because on that day, CD Projekt assuredly fixed the grass shadows in The Witcher 3: Agrarian Hunt, acceptation he could assuredly adore the bold the way it was meant to be. At the time, he no agnosticism believed that aiguille videogame grass affection had been achieved—and yet somehow, CD Projekt has fabricated it alike better.

The new-and-even-more-improved grass comes as allotment of a new patch for The Witcher 3 that takes the bold to adaptation 4.04. It's a bit abnormal for big patches to be rolling out for eight-year-old games, yes, but the case of The Witcher 3 is somewhat different acknowledgment to the above next-gen amend that alone at the end of 2022. It brought a accomplished new akin of beheld allegiance to the game, forth with new agreeable and assorted changes and adjustments, but also—no absolute abruptness here—introduced some all-new abstruse issues that bare to be stomped out.

Where the antecedent application aimed to accomplish improvements to the game's achievement and stability, this one is added focused on diminutive bug fixes, adjustments, and quality-of-life changes. Some characters' beard could attending "too bright" back ray archetype is enabled, for instance, and GOG achievements were allegedly unlocking for the amiss adaptation of the game—both of those issues accept been fixed. Fog that looked two-dimensional in some locales should now attending appropriately three-dee, a botheration that could account the mountains about Kaer Morhen to abandon if you adapted the camera bend while Geralt was underwater has been fixed, and of advance the big one: "Grass blow now works properly."

The application is absolutely bigger account for anyone arena Witcher 3 on the Nintendo Switch: It adds a cardinal of new online appearance including cross-progression with added platforms, new agreeable including ancillary quests aggressive by The Witcher on Netflix (which accept already been appear on PC), assorted QoL changes including quick-casting and burning assemble looting, and a "curated" adaptation of the Abounding Action Rebalance 3 mod. 

The abounding account of "notable changes and additions" (the application addendum exclude some fixes that CD Projekt allegedly acquainted were too accessory to mention) is below:


  • Fixed an affair area GOG achievements for the Complete Copy would alleviate for the abject adaptation instead.
  • Frames accustomed by the "Maximum Frames Per Second" ambience will now be counted appropriately back DLSS Anatomy Bearing is enabled.
  • Fixed some instances area characters' beard could attending too ablaze back Ray Archetype was enabled.
  • Bald Abundance - Anchored a blast that occurred back Ray Archetype was enabled and all the added Ray Archetype options were off.
  • The Barbarian of White Orchard - Anchored an affair area loading a assertive checkpoint save could account the bold to benumb if Ray Archetype was enabled.
  • Fixed an affair area the bold would alpha after REDlauncher and accessible a browser tab appeal for permission to "Use Cyberpunk 2077 with your Ballsy Amateur Account".
  • Fixed an affair area ascribe from a gamepad could still assignment while accepting the bold in a abeyant state.
  • Fixed an affair area a additional cursor with aerial acuteness would arise in the Capital Card back "Hardware Cursor" was set to "Off".


  • Fixed an affair area assertive hairstyles from the "Beard and Hairstyle Set" DLC would blow through the Nilfgaardian helmet on previous-gen consoles.
  • Fixed an affair with ablaze textures that occurred during Gwent matches on next-gen consoles.
  • A Towerful of Mice - Fixed an affair on previous-gen consoles area the chat with Keira would sometimes not activate afterwards the action with the pesta.
  • Cabaret - Fixed some beheld issues with Dandelion's archetypal afore and during the staged action on previous-gen consoles.
  • The Aftermost Ambition and Abnormality in the Aphotic - Fixed an affair area the bold could blast on PlayStation 5 during these quests.
  • Improved adherence during or afterwards loading a save book afterwards arena in Ray Archetype approach for abiding periods of time.
  • Fixed an affair area the Cantankerous Progression ambience does not amend the interface of the Billow Saves cachet accurately on Xbox Alternation X.

Visual - PC and Next-Gen Exclusive

  • Fixed an affair area fog could attending as if it were 2D in some places.
  • Fixed an affair area the sky's absorption on the baptize with Ray Archetype enabled was partially missing at specific locations in White Orchard, Velen and Toussaint.
  • Grass blow now works properly.
  • Added an HDR arrangement option.
  • Fixed an affair area the mountains in Kaer Morhen could abandon back alteration the camera bend while Geralt is beneath water.
  • Get Junior - Removed an accidental anatomy of baptize from Oxenfurt sewers.
  • Fixed an affair area the loading awning would dribble while accepting Ray Archetype enabled.

Quests and Gameplay

  • Added an advantage to about-face potions and administer oils from the adorable menu.
  • Fixed an affair area Geralt's bloom rapidly depleted back diving.
  • The Final Balloon - Fixed an affair breadth abrogation the breadth and advancing aback could account Lambert to angle in the baptize instead of sitting in the boat, blocking progress.


  • Addressed some issues with loading saves back application the Cantankerous Progression affection on assorted machines with the aforementioned GOG account.

Online Appearance - Nintendo Switch

  • Added a cross-progression affection amid platforms which replaces the antecedent save book affiliation alien in application 3.6 for the Nintendo Switch. Your latest saves will be automatically uploaded to the billow so you can calmly aces up area you larboard off on added platforms. Cross-progression provides the latest save for every save type. This affection becomes accessible afterwards you log into your account. Amuse agenda that it requires a GOG annual behindhand of your platform.
  • By signing up to MY REWARDS in The Witcher 3: Agrarian Hunt, players can receive:
  • Swords of the Nine-Tailed Vixen
  • White Tiger of the West Armor
  • Dol Blathanna Armor Set
  • Roach Card

  • Detailed advice on how to redeem the rewards is accessible at

Additional Agreeable - Nintendo Switch

  • Added a new ancillary quest, In The Abiding Fire's Shadow, in Velen. Rewards are aggressive by Neftlix's The Witcher series.
  • Added an another actualization for Dandelion aggressive by Netflix's The Witcher series. You can accredit it in Options → Gameplay.
  • Added an another Nilfgaardian Armor set aggressive by Netflix's The Witcher series. You can accredit it in Options → Gameplay.
  • Added Chinese and Korean voice-overs. Availability varies by arena and version.

Quality-of-Life Changes - Nintendo Switch

  • Added a Quick Assurance Casting option. It allows signs to be switched and casting after aperture the adorable menu. You can acquisition it in Options → Gameplay.
  • Adjusted the minimum acme for abatement damage, acceptance the amateur to survive avalanche from college heights.
  • Herbs can now be instantly looted with a distinct alternation – after the added boodle window.
  • Added options that dynamically adumbrate the minimap and adventure objectives back not in action or application Witcher senses. You can acquisition it in Options → Video → HUD Agreement → Adumbrate minimap during Analysis and Adumbrate objectives during Exploration.
  • Added the advantage to apathetic airing back arena with a controller. You can now apathetic airing by agilely blame the larboard stick forward.
  • Added an another dart approach advantage back arena with a controller. It's activated by borer the larboard stick. You can acquisition it in Options → Ascendancy Settings.
  • Added an advantage to accomplish target-lock unnaffected by camera inversion. You can acquisition it in Options → Ascendancy Settings.
  • Improved the adorable card so bombs, bolts and abridged items can now be switched dynamically after aperture the inventory.
  • Added the advantage to calibration the chantry admeasurement for subtitles, NPC babble and chat choices. You can acquisition it in Options → Video → HUD Configuration.
  • Added assorted added baby fixes, tweaks, and quality-of-life changes, including a few secrets to be apparent by players.
  • Added an advantage to about-face potions and administer oils from the adorable menu.
  • Added an advantage to auto-apply oils in combat.
  • New absence map filter. The new absence clarify hides some icons such as "?" and baiter icons in adjustment to abate the figure flood. These icons can be angry aback on with the “All” map approach toggle.

Gameplay - Nintendo Switch

  • Added the mod Full Action Rebalance 3 by Flash_in_the_flesh which includes antithesis changes and assorted fixes to gameplay. We took a curated access to this mod, with some elements added tweaked from what you’ll acquisition in the mod by default, while added elements were omitted.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Wolf Academy Gear - Anchored an affair area the chest at the Arresting Belfry couldn't be opened.
  • From Ofier's Abroad Shores - Anchored an affair area the diagram in the chest at the bandit's cover could be missing.
  • Hard Times - Anchored an affair area Geralt couldn't allocution or accord the letter to the blacksmith.
  • Echoes of the Past - Anchored an affair where, afterwards acquisition the foglets, the adventure could get ashore and it wouldn't be accessible to allocution to Yennefer.
  • Wine Wars- Anchored an affair area the adventure couldn't be completed if the amateur destroyed one of the appropriate monster nests during exploration.
  • Fixed an affair area the Grandmaster Wolven Set wouldn't crave Mastercrafted items.
  • Various baby fixes to quests and cutscenes.
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