Corsair M65 Pro gaming mouse down to £45

The Corsair M65 was so close to making it onto our list of best gaming mice, and despite being a top contender, it didn't quite make the cut. However, the price of the M65 Pro has now been cut by £20, taking it down to £45 on Amazon right now, making for a fairly enticing proposition.

The normal M65 and the Pro are fairly similar in specification and price usually, but with the Pro you get a more accurate 12,000 dpi sensor, rather than the 8,200 found in the standard version. Essentially, this is a mouse for FPS players, as evidenced by the giant red "sniper button" on the side of the mouse under where your thumb will rest. It's a button you can press on the fly to switch to precise control, helpful for lining up those long range headshots. 

It's a bulky mouse, and heavy even without the additional weights you can add to the bottom. You can also set up custom macros for the eight buttons to be found, and you can customize the RGB lighting. 

Overall we found the side buttons other than the sniper button to be too small, and it's not easy to press them with your thumb rested in the cradle. Other than that though, the scroll wheel feels good, the mouse is nice and chunky if you like that for shooters, and there are a couple of nice features. Worth a shot if your old mouse is on the way out.

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