Corsair M65 Pro abrasion on auction for £44

Most gaming mice will accept added buttons on the ancillary about area your deride rests, but not abounding accept a big red assassin button. The M65 Pro is a abrasion congenital accurately for aboriginal being ballista players, and that appetizing button on the ancillary will accord your accurateness an added addition back it's needed. You can acquisition one on Amazon appropriate now for £44

It didn't absolutely accomplish our account of best gaming mice, but the Bandit M65 wasn't far off. We like the annal wheel, we like the low lift off distance, and we like that it's nice and weighty. However, the added deride buttons are a little too baby for our taste, and the disciplinarian software leaves abundant to be desired. If you're attractive for an FPS mouse, and are a fan of article beefy in your hand, again the Bandit M65 is a acceptable option. An another abundant abrasion would be the Logitech G502 Proteus, which is currently £56 on Amazon

The Bandit M65 Pro has a 12000 DPI sensor, it's fabricated of aluminum, and you can change the weights around, to accomplish it added if you wish, or change the centermost of gravity. You can use the software to configure the buttons, affairs macros, and change the three area RGB backlighting agreement around. If you're not a fan of the RGB, the accepted M65 is available for a batter cheaper, about the sensor is downgraded to 8200 DPI too.  

The amount of the Bandit M65 Pro has been clashing amid £55 and £45 for the accomplished few months, and £44 is the everyman amount it's been. It's not absolutely the "37 percent" extenuative Amazon says it is, but you do at atomic get a block of money off the accustomed price. 

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