Crusader Kings 3 celebrates 3 years with stats assuming we're 45% added acceptable to do a annihilation than abatement in love

It has, somehow, been three accomplished years back Crusader Kings 3 came out, and it's done absolutely able-bodied for itself in that time. It's awash three actor copies—not including expansions—across its three-year reign, so Absurdity has put out a new bivouac and a alternative of added awe-inspiring stats to bless its constancy and success.

The bivouac is appealing abundant what you'd expect: A quick overview of CK3's adventure so far interspersed with clips of streamers accepting up to all sorts of philandering, papicide, and added adulatory conspiracies. But the stats Absurdity has put out are actual acceptable fun. Beyond over 300 actor aggregate hours played, CK3 players accept captivated about 34.5 actor weddings, 1.3 actor admirable tournaments, and got abroad with 50 actor murders.

(Image credit: Paradox)

If my maths is right, that agency CK3 players are about 45% added acceptable to do a annihilation than abatement in love. Maybe my maths isn't right. Honestly, that seems low.

Paradox reckons that three actor awash amount is attestation to CK3's address as "a action bold with a advanced address above the academic history fan," which somehow feels like a abuse diss adjoin me—a academic history fan—personally.

The flat is decidedly admiring with the way CK3 has acted as a aperture to its map-painting amateur for abounding fans. It's "the aboriginal Absurdity admirable action game" for abounding players, "acting as an access point to a added apple of actual gaming". Alike now, there are bags of poor, absent souls tinkering about with Hearts of Adamant 4 capacity because they fell beneath the calamitous access of addition like me who told them to analysis out CK3. A moment of blackout for them, please.

CK3 has aloof accustomed its Wards & Wardens accident pack, which focuses on your adeptness to accession tiny blueblood sociopaths, and is set to accept its Bequest of Persia flavour backpack at some point in the abreast future. Aftermost year, it took the #3 atom on PC Gamer's Top 100 List. It's added than becoming it, if you ask me. 

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