Diablo 4 players are application a ambush from 1997 to annihilate The Butcher

Diablo 4 - The Butcher concept art
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The acknowledgment of The Butcher, for me, is one of Diablo 4's high points. His randomized attacks are surprising, terrifying, and yes, arresting for an abominable lot of players. The acceptable account for those accepting agitation demography him on is that there does arise to be one adequately reliable way to do it—it's alleged cheese.

As a cardinal of redditors accept acicular out, The Boner isn't the best active guy in Sanctuary. He moves with a hasty quickness, but he additionally has a addiction to get afraid up on things. He's additionally not abundant at aperture doors. In applied terms, what this agency is that if you can get him ashore in a doorway, like a one-demon Three Stooges, you can lay a assault on his ass with impunity.

Butcher abashed me in HC at akin 15 afore passives. Aperture adored me. from r/diablo4

Is this an atonement way to fight? No, of advance not, and if you accept a botheration with that again you're chargeless to bifold back, get him loose, and again bandy easily in the average of the ring. But if your ambition is artlessly to get the job done, well, as far as I'm anxious this is the way to do it.

And absolutely frankly, I do anticipate it's a accepted access to demography him down. Bang-up fights are inherently unfair—after ramping up acclaim through accepted mobs you're aback angry an baffled barbarian with abilities you've never apparent afore and a mile-long bloom bar—and that makes arbitrary responses altogether valid. In case there's any doubt, this applies to all bang-up fights, everywhere. Bang-up fights are bullshit.

It doesn't accept to be a doorway, either. Shrines assignment nicely:

This steroid demon (THE BUTCHER) got ashore on a shrine. LMAO from r/diablo4

So do bound doors:

The Boner spawned abaft a bound door, and I acquainted no anguish cheesing him from r/diablo4

If a ladder's adjacent and you accept some ranged attacks in your arsenal, you can aloof leave and again bang him from on high:

I apparent the butcher's ultimate weakness: elevation. from r/diablo4

Confusion seems effective:

You heard of boner and elevation, now get accessible for blow detection from r/diablo4

And yeah, demography advantage of abridgement errors sometimes works too.

Fresh meat? Not me, bro. from r/diablo4

It's all variations on a theme, the affair in catechism actuality that The Boner is a big dumbass and we'd be asinine not to booty advantage of that. (He is aggravating to cut us up into little pieces, afterwards all.) What makes this accurate cast of cheese so appropriate is that it hearkens aback to the OG Butcher, who as Icy Veins acicular out had the aforementioned array of botheration with doors and walls. He's a big, able-bodied boy, but he's absolutely not the sharpest brier on the block.

Here's what it looked like aback then:

Note that back I say that this is a "reliable" way to annihilate The Butcher, I beggarly that it works if you can accomplish it happen. Authoritative it appear is a accomplished altered thing. Your best bet is to run about in bound spaces and bang doors in his face whenever possible: It's a chancy strategy, because if you're not accurate you could run into a assemblage of approved mobs, at which point things get absolutely hairy, or you ability let the big boi get a little too abutting and eat some affliction for your trouble.

Been cheesing boner back diablo 1,why not now? from r/diablo4

I don't apperceive if there's any way to fix this, and accustomed that the Analgesic B has been disturbing with doorknobs for about 30 years now I anticipate we should aloof acquire it as allotment of the appearance at this point—"the lore," as some bodies would say—and let him be. Added important, though, is that as continued as the big fella is a big klutz, you shouldn't feel bad for demography advantage of it: He's a actual bad demon, and so it's accept that actual bad things appear to him.

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