Doom Abiding – the cheapest way to get it on PC in Australia

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The long-awaited Doom Abiding releases this tomorrow, assuredly bringing the much-maligned Arch-vile into the 21st century. Doom Eternal releases in Australia on Advance 20, at 12:01 AEST, and there are a few things to accede afore buying. 

For example: if you pre-order you'll get the Doom 64 accommodate arranged in, which is allotment of the Rip and Breach Backpack additionally including 'Doot Revenant' and 'Throwback Shotgun' skins, and a benefit attack adept level. These all absolutely administer to the agenda pre-orders below, as able-bodied as EB Amateur – it may do for JB Hi-Fi also, but there's no advertence to it on the retailer's website.

These prices are all pre-order prices at this stage, but if you're afraid to pre-ordering (and we don't accusation you) again blow assured that Doom 64 will be accessible as a standalone acquirement on day one.

Prices beneath are for the accepted editions – there are (extremely) big-ticket Collector's Editions accessible at EB Games: for AU$369.95 you'll get the game, as able-bodied as a actual adorned Doomguy helmet.

Finally: concrete PC editions from EB Games, JB Hi-Fi and Amazon are all aloof the box with a cipher in it. Usually you'll get the bold alien to you by Day One, but you're consistently at the benevolence of the mail. If you absolutely appetite to comedy as anon as possible, it's apparently wiser to go digital.

Without added ado, actuality are the prices. We'll accumulate this amend as prices about-face both afore and afterwards launch.

Amazon AU AU$68 (Free aircraft with Prime) (Note: at the time of writing, the PC copy of the bold is out of banal at Amazon).
JB Hi-Fi AU$69 (AU$3.50 shipping) (Note: at the time of writing, the PC copy of the bold is out of banal at JB Hi-Fi)
Green Man GamingAU$87.96
Steam AU$99.95
EB GamesAU$99.95
Bethesda. netAU$99.95

...a adequately affecting advance of prices there, so your best will acceptable depend on convenience. While we delay for the bold to release, here's everything you charge to apperceive about Doom Eternal.

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