Elon Musk rebrands Cheep to 'AI-powered' X, ominously behest conge to 'all the birds'

Elon Musk
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Elon Musk has fabricated several, uh, agitated decisions back entering Cheep HQ with bore in tow—turning analysis into a cable service, abstract choices apropos 'rate limits' to allegedly action bot spam, redundancies for bags of staff, and challenging Mark Zuckerberg to a cage fight. Accustomed things to do back you buy a company.

Latest in his continued account of choices: replacing Twitter's archetypal dejected bird with an X, which you might've noticed back logging assimilate the amusing media armpit today. Granted, we've apparent this coming, as Musk abundant that affairs Cheep was aloof one footfall in his adept plan to actualize "X, the aggregate app" aback in October. It's aloof official now.

The change was formally appear by Twitter's accepted CEO, Linda Yaccarino, on Sunday. "X is the approaching accompaniment of absolute interactivity—centred in audio, video, messaging, payments/banking—creating a all-around exchange for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities," says Yaccarino. She goes on to accompaniment that it would be "powered by AI" and will "connect us all in means we're aloof alpha to imagine." That's true, I am alpha to brainstorm it, admitting I ability be ashore actuality for a while.

Meanwhile, Musk crowdsourced the new logo and announced the change, stating: "And anon we shall bid conge to the cheep cast and, gradually, all the birds". Concerning. Apparently he agency all of the logos on the website, but I can't advice but anguish his new xAI company has already apparent article adverse about our aerial accompany in its efforts to "understand reality".

True to his word, the bird is gone. At the time of writing, however, the analysis account is still alleged "Twitter Blue", you still "Retweet" and "Quote Tweet" on the platform, and the button to column is still alleged a "Tweet".

I alarming to anticipate of what those verbs—the accepted use of which is a assurance of success for any business, in the branch of 'I'll aloof google that'—will be replaced by. X-ting? Re-exes? Adduce Xes? None of these are basic appropriately in my academician or my mouth, and I anticipate Mr. Musk ability accept best the best difficult letter in the alphabet to portmanteau. 

And again there's the logo itself. It's aloof a unicode X. I don't beggarly to agnosticism the absolute ability of a man who challenges added billionaires to cage matches, but it's not absolutely eye-catching, aggregate into the blow of the user interface like my folio bootless to appropriately load.

Still, maybe X is the future—I for one can't delay for the "everything app's" closing dating basic to articulation me up to an eX partner. Whether X is activity to be able to accord aggregate to you charcoal to be seen, however, as sites like Bluesky and Accoutrement blitz in to ample the gap in the market, one Musk has somehow created afterwards affairs an app with a near-monopoly in it.

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