Fallout: New Vegas mod replaces techbro adversary with an AI-created Elon Musk

Elon Musk in Fallout: New Vegas.
(Image credit: Atramentous / NoUsernameSelected)

You don't absolutely get abundant added on-the-nose than this, but a new mod for Fallout: New Vegas replaces the in-game appearance Mr. Abode with the real-world appearance Elon Musk. First spotted by Kotaku, the Elon Abode mod, created by NoUsernameSelected, takes some cues from a above-mentioned New Vegas mod which pulled the aforementioned ambush with Mark Zuckerberg aback in 2020. There's one aberration actuality though: the New Vegas Musk is an AI creation.

In the bold Mr. Abode runs the Strip, one of the big New Vegas locations, and depending on your accomplishments can be acquaintance or foe: about do what he says and you're golden, debris to be a acceptable dog and he'll appear for you. Abode is presented as a tech abstracted and in a way one of humanity's hopes, but abominably believes his own advertising to the admeasurement of chief the rebuilt civilisation charge abide beneath his sole command. You additionally acquaint with him absolutely through attractive at a screen.

Clearly the mod's architect saw some array of parallels to Musk, because Elon Abode swaps in an AI-created affinity of Musk and replaces all of House's articulation acting with an edited AI Musk voice. The mod uses the ElevenLabs text-to-speech software, accent acceptance software Whisper, and the angel architect Abiding Diffusion.

The affinity of Musk is recognisable and in-keeping with the New Vegas aesthetic, while the articulation curve can be heard in the video and are advisedly a little robotic. NoUsernameSelected added this aftereffect on top of the AI articulation because, abnormally enough, they reckoned the aboriginal after-effects were too "real" as able-bodied as "crystal clear" and sat abnormally with the blow of the game's audio.

"I already had the Elon account aloof from messing about in Abiding Circulation a few weeks ago," NoUsernameSelected said to Kotaku. "The blow was basically aloof addition out how to rip the game’s articulation curve open, transcribe them with OpenAI Whisper, articulation them with Elon’s AI articulation on Elevenlabs, and put them aback in the game. The all-embracing API and cable costs were alone a few dollars for [about] 600 curve transcribed and voiced. With the appropriate know-how, this affectionate of agreeable is absolutely decidedly accessible to create."

How easy? The modder had acclimated best of the accoutrement afore and acutely had the angel accessible to go, but the action of recreating the audio and putting it all calm took "less than 24 hours from alpha to finish".

If you're accepting a bit afraid about this, it's apparently not aloof Musk that's accomplishing it. This is article of a change mod, sure, but it does aggregate it sets out to do with acceptable assembly values, and fundamentally a self-taught modder has put calm a thematically adapted and well-realised representation of a accessible amount in a game. You don't accept to accept an assessment on whether this is acceptable or bad to acquisition it appealing remarkable.

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