Final Fantasy 14 won't be activity free-to-play anytime soon

Final Fantasy 14 character
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Final Fantasy 14 has a ridiculously acceptable chargeless trial—one that, as of abutting month, is going to accommodate two expansions that beset hundreds of hours of playtime. It's still a subscription-based MMO at its affection though, article which administrator and ambassador Naoki Yoshida doesn't intend on alteration anytime soon.

"I accept the chargeless balloon will abide to be expanded, but we accept no affairs of authoritative the applicant itself chargeless at the moment," Yoshida told Eurogamer. "Since a huge bulk of time and money has been invested in the amplification packages, the acquirement from sales of the amplification amalgamation itself is still actual important in adjustment to abide to accomplish expansions on this scale. We would like to consistently aim for the best on the business ancillary as able-bodied to abide authoritative a lot of agreeable to be enjoyed."

It's a reasonable attitude to take, and I alone couldn't see a abreast approaching area Final Fantasy 14 was absolutely free-to-play. The bold has been accomplishing altogether accomplished with its accepted model, afterwards all—lest we balloon that the Endwalker amplification was so accepted Aboveboard Enix had to append the chargeless balloon and pull the bold from auction altogether for six weeks. The chargeless balloon still has affluence of restrictions that are arresting abundant for committed players to ahem up money for a account subscription, too.

It's been 10 years back Final Fantasy 14 was rereleased as A Branch Reborn, a reworked acquaintance afterwards its aboriginal 2010 adventure was lambasted by critics and admirers alike. Abutting year will see the game's fifth expansion, Dawntrail, appear alongside its aboriginal cartoon check to accord things a wee bandbox up. 

"New admirable stories, new jobs, new settings for the adventure; these things are important," Yoshida said. "But to advancement the arrangement and accomplish it accessible to do things that were ahead absurd are additionally important. I accept the aboriginal cartoon amend can be apparent as allotment of this category."

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