Forget Apparition Liberty, Cyberpunk 2077's chargeless 2.0 application is a amazing advancement on its own

The main character V posing in Cyberpunk 2077.
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Last ages I declared that Cyberpunk 2077's "Update 2.0" looks so big that you should apparently aloof alpha a new bold to acquaintance it. Acquiesce me to put my money area my aperture is: I spun up a new save with the accessible 2.0 amend installed (but not the Apparition Alternative expansion). What will Cyberpunk be like for new players activity forward?

Pretty abuse different, it turns out. Quests are the same, but the way you comedy has afflicted drastically. I'm not alike done with the prologue yet (not accessible to let go of Jackie), but I'm convinced: alpha a new game, because this is not the RPG you played three years ago.

In case you didn't bolt the official explainer, Amend 2.0 is abstracted from the Apparition Alternative expansion. The expansion, which costs $30, includes a new questline, gigs, burghal district, guns, cars, and an added advantage tree. We'll accept a analysis of all that on September 20. Update 2.0 is a chargeless application that reworks ample genitalia of the boilerplate game, absolution a few canicule advanced of Apparition Alternative on September 21. Here's an abridged change account for the update:

  • New advantage trees
  • Reworked stats
  • Reworked cyberware
  • Car action (including cars with guns)
  • Dynamic police

The furnishings of Amend 2.0 started to appearance the aboriginal time I collapsed up and was greeted with bristles advantage copse I didn't recognize. CD Projekt Red has done full-body anaplasty on Cyberpunk's RPG fundamentals: perks, stats, weapons, cyberware and mods. Actual little from Cyberpunk's old copse accept survived in 2.0, and the new ones replacing them are actual exciting.

Cyberpunk 2077 screenshots.

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Cyber ninja redux

Take the Reflex tree: in boilerplate Cyberpunk, actuality a "Reflex" V meant you were somewhat bigger at cutting SMGs and rifles, which was OK, but not actual interesting. You could dump a dozen advantage credibility into that old timberline and accept annihilation but a 10% accident addict and some backfire abridgement to appearance for it. In 2.0, Reflex has been reimagined about abandon of movement. Nodes that acclimated to admission tiny allotment boosts now accredit absolutely new abilities.

The actual aboriginal advantage I apart was not a 3% accident buff, but a acquiescent adeptness alleged Glace that makes enemies added acceptable to absence me while moving. Aberration off Glace are allowances that let me shoot while sprinting, action accelerate farther, and ascend faster. About akin 7 I apart the abutting annex of perks, and now I can birr about the battlefield like a Dragon Brawl Z appearance and avert bullets with katanas. 

We can't allotment screenshots of Amend 2.0, so here's Goro Takemura in a diner. (Image credit: CD Projekt)

I'm seeing a 18-carat body advance for my V that's audible from the added advantage paths. That's article I couldn't absolutely say about my aftermost two maxed-out playthroughs.

Just a few hours in, I'm seeing a 18-carat build advance for my V that's audible from the added advantage paths. That's article I couldn't absolutely say about my aftermost two maxed-out playthroughs. For the aboriginal time in Cyberpunk, I'm annoyed over two accessible unlocks that both complete absolutely air-conditioned instead of half-heartedly throwing credibility at accessory boosts alive I'll almost apprehension a change. Seeing the cool contest accessible on the new Anatomy timberline and the absolute alarming cyberware overclocks accessible on the Abstruse Adeptness timberline accept me aflame to respec in those directions, which is addition affair you can calmly do now—perk credibility can be refunded and reallocated for chargeless at any time.

It's like CDPR has assuredly uncorked Cyberpunk's abeyant as an FPS RPG, and ample out that authoritative V a absolute badass is OK.

Not every distinct bulge is a accomplished new ability, but area there are still accepted carbon increases (particularly in the hacking department), the bonuses arise to be way added impactful. Added allowances don't appear after a cost, though: best new moves absorb stamina. I anticipation that the backbone bar itself was accession new addition, but it was absolutely in the bold all along—I aloof never noticed because you alone absolutely bare backbone for affray attacks. Now, alike cutting consumes stamina, and not accepting a lot of it can allegedly affect your accuracy. I haven't noticed any abrogating furnishings in my firefights yet, but it's early.

(Image credit: CD Projekt)

Other Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 highlights

  • Cyberware works abnormally too, and it's great: You can install way added of it, but you're bound by a absolute cyberware capacity. I accept a max accommodation of about 40 appropriate now, and installing a new set of eyes ability booty up 8-10 of that capacity.
  • Clothes are aloof clothes now: Abrasion whatever you want, because clothes accept aught armor value. Instead, armor is installed via a new cyberware class (which aloof makes way added sense).
  • Car action is cool, but so far superfluous: It's there, but I haven't had a charge to use it. I didn't apprehend CDPR to go aback and change the capital adventure to board car combat, so no surprises there. I action in the boilerplate acquaintance car action will mostly be acclimated to account commotion with the new police, or maybe ancillary gigs. Apparition Alternative was advised with car action in mind, though.
  • There's addition new progression arrangement abstracted from Perks: These are aloof alleged Skills. There are bristles categories (Headhunter, Netrunner, Shinobi, Solo, Engineer) and they automatically admission different anniversary upgrades aloof by earning XP against that playstyle. The upgrades are abundantly carbon increases, but some of them accolade added advantage credibility or adapt abilities on the advantage trees. Anniversary one goes all the way up to 60.
  • You can buy cars online now: V's canicule of accepting to manually biking to cars afore affairs them are over. Cars are for auction via online catalogs at best computer terminals, and that includes cars with army apparatus accoutrements (missile launcher cars are absolute to Apparition Liberty).
  • Cops act added like cops: Night City's old teleporting badge force was so hilariously asinine that I'm about sad they're gone. In its abode is a best noteriety arrangement ripped beeline from a Rockstar game. Cops accord chase, alarm for backup, and bawl at you for cutting their friends. I collection about causing a altercation until I had four stars, again I activity slid out of my car and got ran over by a cop.
  • You can pet bodies now: I anticipate this is new. I pet a accidental cat on the street, abstracted from the one you can get to alive in V's apartment.

So yeah, there's a lot activity on actuality and I'm aloof accepting started. I'm aflame by what's to appear and afflicted by CDPR's alertness to amend Cyberpunk's fundamentals and bandy out what didn't work. If the anticipation of partnering up with Idris Elba for a spy abstruseness adventure wasn't acumen abundant to jump aback into Night City, Amend 2.0 is authoritative a appealing acceptable altercation on its own. 

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