Tell us your gaming opinions and you could win a £250 Amazon voucher

Steam Deck with controllers

Which amateur are you best attractive advanced to? What are your admired genres? Are you planning to advancement your PC soon? We wanna know. In an accomplishment to bigger accept our audience, we've put calm a survey that takes about 10 account to complete, and we'd adulation it if you'd accede bushing it out.

Anyone can booty the survey, but if you're over 18 and alive in the UK, you can additionally access for a adventitious to win a £250 Amazon agenda at the end. We contentment at the befalling to advice a advantageous clairvoyant acquirement that new SSD or keyboard they've been eyeing—or conceivably a 15-17 lbs convalescent Serrano ham cartilage with ham angle from Spain. We aren't actuality to adjudicator your online arcade habits, we aloof appetite to apperceive what you anticipate about PC gaming appropriate now.

Click actuality to booty allotment in our 2023 gaming survey.

Your answers will be anonymous, and we won't authority assimilate claimed information. Terms and conditions apply, and you accept until March 31 to enter.

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