Get a GTX 1080 and Apparition Recon: Wildlands or For Account for £534

Nvidia aerial the blind from its new GeForce GTX 1080 Ti yesterday, not alone clearly announcement the cartoon agenda afterwards months of speculation, but additionally assuming off its specs. With a new absolute cartoon agenda on the way, we should alpha to see prices on the absolute cards go down. Today you can grab an MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Armor OC for £534 on Amazon, and you get a bold befuddled in, too.

Nvidia is currently active a advance on called 10 Alternation cards, giving you a best of either For Account or Apparition Recon: Wildlands to booty home for free. This action is extending out to assorted online retailers too, including Amazon.  

As for how acceptable the agenda is, we already apperceive the GTX 1080 is the best able customer agenda on the market, at atomic until the GTX 1080 Ti / AMD Vega appear out. This accurate MSI agenda has a abject / addition alarm acceleration of 1657 / 1797 MHz, which offers a slight overclock adjoin the advertence card's 1607 / 1733 MHz, and the anamnesis acceleration has been bumped up anytime so hardly to 10010 MHz. Analysis out our analysis of the GTX 1080 if you appetite to apperceive why the cartoon agenda is so good.

The MSI GTX 1080 Armor OC is the cheapest 1080 you can get on Amazon appropriate now (and it's the cheapest this accurate agenda has anytime been). The amount of this agenda was up as aerial as £616 in December, alone bottomward to about £550 aftermost month, and now we've apparent it bead to its everyman amount ever. Abandon in a bold that can amount you upwards of £40, and the accord gets alike sweeter.

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