Get an RX 480 additional a archetype of Doom for £150

We've been documenting the abatement in price of AMD's latest cartoon cards recently, but we haven't yet biconcave into the mid-range 4GB of anamnesis territory. If you're attractive to body a future-proof PC, 8GB cartoon cards are the way to go. However, if you're on a budget, a 4GB agenda will still accord you appropriate performance, and you won't be advantageous through the nose. Overclockers has an Asus RX 480 Bifold OC for £150 today, and as an added benefit you get a chargeless archetype of Doom befuddled in. 

With this agenda you'll get a amount alarm acceleration of 1300 MHz, and a addition alarm acceleration of 1320 MHz, while the 4GB of GDDR5 anamnesis is clocked at 7000 MHz. That's a appropriate alarm acceleration addition over the advertence specs, but the anamnesis acceleration is adverse compared to the 8000 MHz able alarm acceleration of the 8GB version. None of these are apperception alarming stats compared to the college powered and added big-ticket cards about today, but you'll be able to comedy avant-garde amateur on average settings absolutely easily. 

The 4GB RX 480 is additionally able to run VR, although, again, you won't get the best achievement out of it.  As for ports, you've got 1x DVI, 2x HDMI, and 2x DisplayPort, and of advance as an AMD agenda it's FreeSync accordant if your adviser supports the anti-screen disturbing technology.

With AMD Vega on the way aural the abutting few months, prices on absolute accouterments abide to go down, and this is the everyman amount for an RX 480 4GB archetypal accessible appropriate now. Prices for this accurate archetypal fell acutely aftermost ages from about £215 to aloof beneath £170, and they accumulate dropping. Agency in the amount of Doom, which is still about £30—£40, and for £150 you're about accepting RX 480 achievement at what were RX 470 prices aloof a few months ago.

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