Get our admired mid-range speakers for £110

The Harman Kardon SoundSticks don't alone accept a different and admirable attractive design, they're additionally some of the best alien speakers about for the price. In fact, they're our admired mid-range speakers, and you can grab a set at Currys for £110.

Each of the satellites has four full-range drivers, but the absolute admeasurement of the speakers themselves is adequately small. Alike at low volumes they administer to ample the allowance with bright audio, and if you crank it all the way up to high, the complete is still brittle and suffers little distortion. The subwoofer achievement isn't as acceptable as some added speakers on the market, such as the Klipsch Promedia, but all round, the Harman Kardon SoundSticks appear out on top. 

As for the design, the cellophane satellites and subwoofer, and their annular designs will accomplish it attending as admitting you're alert to music from the future. A baby complaint about this affectionate of architecture admitting is the charge to accept a capacitive blow aggregate buttons, which don't accord you an adumbration of change unless you absolutely accept music playing. The amount you pay for beauty. 

This action is on the active adaptation of the SoundSticks. There's a wireless Bluetooth advantage available, but you'll be advantageous added money for it. £110 for the active set is a abundant amount for what could be a huge advancement over your accepted complete system.

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