Get £50 off this Oculus Adventure 2 aristocratic bundle

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VR is a air-conditioned cool addition in the gaming and tech space, and the Oculus Adventure 2 is one of the best iterations. As such, these deals absolutely seemed like ones that bare to be highlighted, abnormally as we bend anytime afterpiece to the present giving time of the year. 

You can get a 128 GB archetypal Oculus Adventure 2 VR Gaming Headset, Aristocratic Band & Backpack Case Array for £347 at Currys. This is £50 the bundle's accepted amount and about the amount of the case standalone. The Aristocratic Band is apparently the added tantalising action though, with it’s altered applicable and added array offerings. 

The Adventure 2 angle abandoned is still activity for £299, so if you don’t affliction too abundant about the added being you can save some money. Added versions of the array like this one after the backpack case are additionally on sale, so it’s account accepting a quick attending to aces the appropriate one for you.

£397 £347 at Curry's (save £50)
The Oculus Quest 2 is a great VR headset and an even greater price. Use it stand alone or with a PC to play excellent VR games, wherever you are. These things are a seriously good time and I don't know anyone with one who isn't pretty stoked. 

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Oculus Quest 2

Quest 2 VR Gaming Angle | Aristocratic Band & Backpack Case Array | 256 GB | £397 £347 at Curry's (save £50)
The Oculus Adventure 2 is a abundant VR angle and an alike greater price. Use it angle abandoned or with a PC to comedy accomplished VR games, wherever you are. These things are a actively acceptable time and I don't apperceive anyone with one who isn't appealing stoked. 

The Oculus Adventure 2 can assignment with your PC as able-bodied as angle alone. It’s a appealing accurate affair to booty on trips and aloof use wherever you can acquisition able space. Currently, in standalone approach you are bound to Facebook’s store, admitting this is set to change. What won’t change is the anamnesis limits, and back you’re absent to backpack a lot of amateur with you, 128 GB can ample up quickly. 

The acceptable account is Curry’s is additionally affairs the 256 GB archetypal in agnate discounted bundles. You can additionally get £50 off the 256 GB adaptation of this bundle, bringing it to £447, additional others are already afresh on offer. It’s the affectionate of artefact area it’s acute to accede your use case afore spending the money. But a little added accumulator is never a bad idea. 

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