Heck yeah, this Starfield mod lets you ability your own ammo

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I haven't done a accomplished lot of crafting in Starfield artlessly because I haven't bare to. Bethesda's amplitude RPG throws a abiding accumulation of enemies at you and those enemies bead bags of weapons and gear, best of it already adapted with advantageous attachments. I've begin actual few excuses to absorb time at my crafting bank advance my weapons at all.

The one affair I did appetite to ability was ammo, and I was a little afraid to apprentice there isn't an ammo crafting board in Starfield—especially back there was one in Fallout 4 (added in the Accessories Branch DLC) and Fallout 76.

It wasn't a huge problem: I aloof had to admonish myself to beat by the traders whenever I visited a above location. But there are a few guns, like the alarming abundant ballistics weapon the Bridger, that it's catchy to acquisition a advantageous accumulation of ammo for.

Now you can accomplish your own. The Craftable Ammo and Utilities mod created by modder pitufocabeza lets you use the Automated Board to cobble calm ammo from the abstracts you aggregate in Starfield. No charge to abrade the weapon dealers for 40mm XPL ammo for your Bridger anymore: ability it yourself application advance and copper. Ammo for activity weapons can be fabricated application cobalt, nickel, and lithium.

And it's not aloof ammo. The mod additionally supports the crafting of some account items, like digipicks and medpacks, and throwables like frag grenades and mines. Why pay top dollar in shops back you can DIY?

Here's the abounding account of what you can ability with the mod.

Industrial Workbench

  • Digipick
  • 6.5mm CT
  • 7.77mm Caseless
  • 11mm Caseless
  • .27 cal
  • .45 cal
  • 12G Shotgun Shell
  • .43 cal Ultramag
  • 9x39mm
  • .43 MI Array
  • .50 MI Array
  • 6.5mm MI Array
  • 7.5mm Whitehot
  • 7.62mm
  • 1.5kV LZR
  • 3kV LZR
  • Light Atom Fuse
  • Heavy Atom Fuse
  • Frag Grenade
  • Frag Mine

Pharmaceutical Lab

  • Med Pack

Like best Starfield mods you'll charge to do a bit of some .ini book editing, but there are abounding instructions on the mod's folio at Antecedent Mods.


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