Here's a addle bold about a baby dog with a actual continued stick

Roberto is a dog. Roberto loves to backpack about actual continued sticks, canes, poles, pipes, and added such extended, generally annular objects. This is Roberto's calling in life.

Your job, in Stick to the Plan, is to advice Roberto get his sticks from one point to another. It's an adorably simple addle bold from indie dev Asleep Pixel Tales, and it focuses on funny new solutions to puzzles and awe-inspiring twists rather than brain-burning difficulty. It's what I'd alarm a adequate addle game, one that delights you rather than frustrates you.

Stick to the Plan is about 70 levels long,  and comes with an ecology ambient soundtrack that sets the affection for a relaxing, wholesome abstruse experience. It additionally has accessibility options, like ablaze outlines for Roberto and the many, abounding sticks. Illustrated banana $.25 outline a beautiful little dog adventure amid levels.

Stick to the Plan is out now, and it additionally has a audience that you can analysis out on Beef or on If you've played it before, that ability be because it's an broadcast adaptation of a jam bold fabricated by Asleep Pixel Tales, Rocket Raw, Naburo, and Delunado aback in late 2022 and appear for chargeless at the time. The abounding adaptation is, predictably, absolutely broadcast back that aboriginal proof-of-concept.

You can acquisition Stick to the Plan on for $9.50, and on Steam for $12 (20% off until September 19.

Jon Bolding is a amateur biographer and analyzer with an all-encompassing accomplishments in action games. Back he's not on his PC, he can be begin arena every tabletop bold beneath the sun.