I've assuredly ample out the acknowledgment to Starfield's greatest mystery: why my spaceship's burden authority is consistently abounding of misc items

A blue slipper
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Of all the mysteries of Starfield's sprawling galaxy, one has nagged at my apperception added than any other: why is my burden authority consistently abounding of slippers and blender bases?

When I aboriginal noticed the odd surplus of accidental misc items, I ample I must've absent article forth the way. I awash them at a adjacent bell-ringer and agitated on with my journey. But then, not continued after, my authority was abounding already again, billowing with clutter I never remembered acrimonious up.

Was it article to do with annexation adversary ships, I wondered—was I acrimonious up all their clutter somehow? But that couldn't be it—dead ships appearance you what items you're grabbing, and it's never a coffee mug or a lath game. 

I started to anticipate it charge be a actual odd, actual specific bug. Maybe my ship's authority repopulates every time I appointment that specific vendor? Could it be my window to absolute credits? But no, that analysis accepted fruitless. 

Eventually I formed out that my authority spontaneously bushing with clutter had article to do with modifying my ship—it was back I went to New Atlantis' spaceport for some tinkering that I'd apprehension the phenomenon. Ah ha! It charge be that whenever I annul a module, it automatically sends any clutter that was in that bore to my burden hold, right?

But wait… these items weren't in that module, so it can't be that, either. 

Why your burden authority is abounding of misc items in Starfield 

(Image credit: Bethesda Bold Studios)

It turns out the acknowledgment is abundant sillier—and a bit of a daydream for anyone acquisitive to adorn their address with tasteful clutter. The acumen why your burden authority keeps bushing up with misc items is because every time you accomplish any modification to your spaceship at all in the address architect interface, Starfield sends every apart account in your absolute address to the burden hold. 

That's every mug, every lath game, every ability drill—anything not nailed down. And accustomed that hab modules appear with a amount of that actuality preset, that ends up actuality a lot of stuff. 

That agency your ship's adornment is bald bare every time, so if you like to align the books on your shelf and ample the galley with affable utensils, or aloof adore a busy feel, you basically accept to accomplish abiding you never adapt your address unless you're activity accessible to do a abounding redecoration. I alarming to anticipate what it's like for that amateur who abounding a allowance with potatoes.

Another awe-inspiring contraction to this is that alike if you advertise all the items, and your address has no clutter larboard on it at all, if you adapt your address afresh (say by aloof affective one allotment and saving) it seems that your authority will already afresh ample with misc items from... somewhere.   In approach this could be an absolute credits exploit, admitting it'll be appealing annoying to booty advantage of. 

After a while, the ataxia in your address will repopulate, breeding aback into actuality all over the place. It does assume to booty absolutely a continued time, and I haven't been able to acquisition specific triggers for it (i.e. aloof accomplishing a brace of missions or cat-and-mouse in bed for 48 hours doesn't assume to be enough), but if you aloof backpack on your adventures eventually all the ataxia will return. It aloof resets to whatever the absence ataxia of anniversary hab bore was, however, so any claimed changes you've fabricated don't assume to be restored, and it doesn't assume to be a base way to alike items or annihilation like that. But at atomic the abstruseness is (mostly) solved. Now it aloof charcoal to be apparent whether Bethesda will be patching this, or is aloof blessed to leave it as it stands. 

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