I've got alike added account for the modders abating Bloodlines' cut agreeable afterwards watching these videos about the Actionable Patch

When I aboriginal apprehend about the Actionable Application for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, there was analysis amid those who accepted it aboveboard for acclimation so abounding of the problems captivation aback this RPG masterpiece, and those who choleric their acclaim with complaints about its over-reach. The Actionable Application restores cut agreeable as able-bodied as acclimation bugs, you see, and some of what it resurrects from the grave isn't up to the accepted of the rest.

Modder Wesp5 has afresh put calm some videos on the making-of the Actionable Patch, and they're abounding of admirable little capacity that leave me alike added afflicted with what this aggregation of modders accept achieved. So abundant of what they've done has complex abating bare assets begin in the bold files, including a archetypal of The Accepted Lee from Dukes of Hazzard that now sits in the museum's car park, but additionally assorted advance by artisan Rick Schaffer that would contrarily go unheard.

When the aggregation has had to get creative, it's usually based on accurate research. Alike the added adjustment that lets you blessedly bypass the Warrens, the abominable avenue bewilderment that's amid the weaker genitalia of Bloodlines, uses maps based on screenshots from the beta.

The latest video is the absolute example, as it abstracts the conception of the Night at the Library quest. The longest cut adventure adequate by the Actionable Patch, it's based on comments Troika's Brian Mitsoda fabricated in an account as able-bodied as emails allurement what he remembered about it. Set mainly in the LA Accessible Library, the adventure relies on bare models and textures begin in the bold files and wholly new assets based on photos taken by modder Burgermeister, who catholic to Los Angeles to accumulate advertence material. That's dedication.

The quest's afterpiece takes abode in an underground burrow that's based on an bare alternating blueprint for one of the game's crypts, and addition screenshot from the beta. It contains a cutscene put calm by modder EntenSchreck that restores some bare animations, and alike the villain's address uses a adequate articulation book that was begin amphibian loose. 

That articulation book was apparently a placeholder never advised to be heard, and its low affection is one of the things that fabricated the Actionable Patch's additions arguable aback in the day. These canicule it's accustomed that the application is essential, and an absurd achievement, although you can accept amid a "plus" adaptation that adds added and a basal copy that contains alone bug fixes. (The GOG copy comes with the basal adaptation pre-installed, admitting an age-old one so you should still download the latest version.) 

In animosity of abacus a brace of wonky voices, the additional application is the one I use and acclaim if you appetite to have the best time arena Bloodlines today. You can download the latest adaptation from Patches Scrolls

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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