Just in case you annihilation everyone, Baldur's Aboideau 3 has back NPCs—and alike back-ups for its back-ups

Zevlor, leader of the tiefling refugees, looking surprised, in Baldur's Gate 3.
(Image credit: Larian Studios)

Baldur's Aboideau 3 is a bold of about unparalleled freedom, and we all apperceive what that absolutely means: the abandon to annihilation any NPC you can get your easily on. Usually, the crisis of any RPG annihilation bacchanalia is that you ability annihilate addition who's basic to a after capital adventure event, and end up bound out of progressing. But it turns out Larian's accounted for that by giving assertive NPCs back-ups to alter them if they perish—and alike back-ups for the back-ups. 

YouTuber Proxy Aboideau Tactician has taken a abysmal (and bloodthirsty) dive into the possibilities about the tieflings at the grove, and apparent some alluring interactions. Balmy Act 1 spoilers ahead.

Normally, if you accept to annihilate the goblin leaders, Zevlor, the baton of the tiefling refugees, will allure you to a celebratory party. If you annihilate him afore then, however, you still get the invite—another tiefling alleged Asharak will footfall in as the new leader, and booty on Zevlor's role. 

So what if you annihilate Asharak too? As it turns out, there's a third-in-line—Cerys, a appearance you commonly don't accommodated until after in the story, will footfall in. And because she contrarily doesn't arise at the Grove, there's no way to annihilate her afore this moment, so she's the ultimate failsafe.

But it goes alike added than that—because the affair is abounding by tieflings you can accommodated in the Grove, it's accessible to annihilate the absolute bedfellow account advanced of the accident too. But alike that won't stop the festivities, as all the guests are replaced by new characters you can't contrarily meet, one of whom alike has a different alternation (drunkenly agreeable you to dance). 

Though Proxy Aboideau Agent goes on to ascertain that messing with the bold in this way can advance to inconsistent chat bottomward the band (Cerys doesn't recognise you back you accommodated again, and she thinks Zevlor's still alive), it's appealing amazing that this abounding layers of failsafe abide in the game, abnormally all with different chat and absolutely voice-acted and animated. It's this array of being that makes me anticipate we'll still be apprehension abrupt interactions and secrets in Baldur's Aboideau 3 for years to come. 

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