Kioxia Exceria Pro 2TB SSD

Kioxia Exceria Pro 2TB SSD review

Arriving backward to the accelerated SSD affair isn't consistently the best way of authoritative an impression.

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Our Verdict

Strong constructed achievement fails to construe to abundant real-world throughput and the software bearings is dire. Ultimately there are artlessly bigger SSDs accessible for this array of money.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Strong constructed throughput


  • Real-world achievement off the pace
  • Thermal throttling evident
  • Lacks clearing software
  • Utility software doesn't abutment Windows 11

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Kioxia may not be a name as instantly recognisable as Western Agenda or Samsung, but back you apprentice it acclimated to be accepted as Toshiba Anamnesis you'll realise you're in appealing safe hands. Kioxia has tended to focus on the affordable end of the accumulator market, and absolutely we looked at the 2TB Exceria Plus a year ago and were about afflicted with it as a amount proposition. Kioxia hasn't had a accelerated PCIe 4.0 alms though, at atomic not until now.

The banderole abstracts for the Exceria Pro are the consecutive reads and writes of 7,300MB/s and 6,400MB/s, which agency it's aggressive with the actual fastest drives around. Not alone that, but Kioxia is alms solid amount for money too, with this 2TB drive rolling in at aloof £237. That makes it one of the cheaper next-gen PCIe 4.0 drives about at aloof 12p/GB, although amount cuts from added manufacturers do attenuate this somewhat.

You do get a appealing basal drive for your money, with no clearing software included in the amalgamation and no heatsink to allege of either. Not alike a attenuate area of metal to advice blow the heat. Aloof the bald drive, with the beam and RAM on one ancillary with a simple sticker accoutrement them. It's barebones, but as continued as the achievement lives up to the spec, again we can potentially alive after the frills.

In agreement of the amount specifications, Kioxia has acclimated its own 112-layer TLC BiCS NAND Beam for the drive, with a 2GB DDR4 RAM cache, and what appears to be a rebranded Phison E18 controller. This is the ambassador you'll acquisition in some of the fastest drives around, like the Seagate FireCuda 530 and Kingston Acerbity Renegade. This is cheaper than both of those exceptional offerings though.

As anytime you're activity to charge a PCIe 4.0 belvedere to get the best from this drive, either an AMD Zen 2 or Zen 3 CPU and motherboard, or an 11th or 12th Gen Intel CPU and acknowledging motherboard. If you're still agitation a PCIe 3.0 PC, you can still use this drive, although the achievement will be bound to 3,500MB/s due to the interface's limitations. There are abundant cheaper PCIe 3.0 drives accessible if this is the case too. 

Kioxia Exceria Pro 2TB specs

Model: LSE10Z002TG8
Capacity: 2,000GB
Interface: PCIe Gen 4 x4
Format: M.2 2280
Controller: Rebranded Phison E18
NAND: Kioxia 112-layer BiCS TLC
Rated seq. read: 7,300MB/s
Rated seq. write: 6,400MB/s
Endurance: 800TBW
Warranty: 5 years
Price: £237 

In theory, this should be one of the fastest drives around, with quoted aiguille reads and writes up there with the best drives. In practice, there's little on action actuality to accomplish this drive angle out from the crowd, with reasonable, if unspectacular throughputs beyond the ambit of benchmarks. It isn't a apathetic drive, not by any means, but it additionally doesn't agitation the quoted consecutive throughputs either.

The similarly-configured Sabrent Rocket 4 Additional (2022) outperforms it in every test, and our favourite SSD, the WD Atramentous SN850, is additionally the bigger advantage for anyone attractive for exceptional performance. I've additionally included the afresh appear WD Atramentous SN770 in the comparisons, which offers up bigger real-world achievement admitting actuality a DRAM-less drive. 

(Image credit: Future)

In testing, I additionally witnessed cogent thermal throttling. Active the ATTO criterion three times in quick assumption saw the throughput bead off significantly. The aboriginal run produced abstracts that you would expect, and can be begin in the graphs above, but by the third run, the achievement was bottomward to beneath than 3GB/s as against to the 6GB/s of the antecedent run. It's a backbreaking analysis that doesn't necessarily carbon a real-world scenario, but no added drive I've looked at afresh suffered the way this did.

I've afresh been active these drives afresh after added cooling to see if they throttle, and for the best part, while they get hot, they've not had any issues. The botheration actuality is that alike back application the heatsink that alien with the motherboard, I still witnessed over-eager throttling with the temperatures hitting 73°C. That may be able-bodied beneath the best operating temperature of 85°C, but still, the throttling was clear.

Given the acceptable, if not absolutely beauteous performance, and the problems with thermal throttling it alone seemed analytic to analysis whether there was a firmware amend to get the drive assuming as it should. This can appear with new drives, and generally, it's calmly anchored by downloading the manufacturer's software to analysis the accompaniment of the SSD and accomplish abiding aggregate is alive as intended.

Herein lies addition botheration with the Kioxia Exceria Pro—the affably blue-blooded SSD Account Administration Software does not abutment Windows 11. Hasty accustomed this is 2022 and Windows 11 is not absolutely new anymore. As it is, active the account provides actual bound functionality, with no advantage for afterlight the drive's firmware directly.

Overall, the Kioxia Exceria Pro 2TB NVMe SSD has its issues but is about a reasonable offering. The affair is, the PCIe 4.0 SSD bazaar is appealing complete now, and there are artlessly bigger drives out there. The WD Atramentous SN770, by way of example, is cheaper and offers bigger real-world performance. There are faster high-end drives accessible too for almost the aforementioned cash—the WD Atramentous SN850 can be had for £231 appropriate now. 

The Verdict
Kioxia Exceria Pro 2TB

Strong constructed achievement fails to construe to abundant real-world throughput and the software bearings is dire. Ultimately there are artlessly bigger SSDs accessible for this array of money.

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