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Lies of P review

Even with strings attached, Lies of P holds its own.

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Our Verdict

Lies of P is a competent Soulslike if you can absolve off its flaws.

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There was a moment, afterwards watching Pinocchio carve through his 200th aggressive boob with a bleat of cutting gears, back I wondered how we got actuality as a people. Impossibly, in a year area Elden Ring's amplification is still cat-and-mouse in the wings and Lords of the Collapsed is reusing the name of 2014's best middling Soulslike, our best attempt at an off-brand Aphotic Souls is a Korean-Italian boob and his chatterbox candid companion.

Need to know

What is it? A Soulslike reimagining of Pinocchio.

Release date: September 18, 2023

Expect to pay: $59.99 USD / £49.99 GBP

Developer: Neowiz

Publisher: Neowiz

Reviewed on: Intel i7-8700K, RTX 3070, 32GB RAM

Multiplayer: No

Steam Deck: Playable

Link: Steam 

But somehow you can put an colossal bonesaw in Pinocchio's easily and it aloof feels right. While Lies of P trips over some automated awkwardness and can't escape its inspirations, it's a competent activity bold with a different toolset for experimentation. Maybe added impressively, through the austere comedy of boob violence, it's a acknowledged gothic adventure reimagining.

Pinocchio is air-conditioned now. That simple affirmation is the antecedent of a lot of Lies of P's joy: Instead of the blithe singing puppet, he's a blank-faced metal afterlife apparatus with a able Timothee Chalamet aura. He's the affectionate of weaponized appealing boy you charge back "Ergo," the miraculous, abstruse ammunition powering your city's boob automata workforce, turns those aforementioned puppets into a countless of bloodthirsty robots. It's such an cool fiction that alike in spots area the gameplay falters, alive I was angry as Pinocchio after the accomplished affair activity antic was a antecedent of about manic, surreal glee. 

Uncanny resemblance

Pinocchio's capital action options are congenital from accepted Soulslike pieces: I've got a dodge, ablaze and abundant attacks—no shields, but I can block with any weapon. There's some Sekiro in here, too. Absolute Guards abate accident if I block during a bound anticipate window, and architecture up Alternate accident on enemies opens them to beheading attacks. And of advance Bloodborne's DNA filters through, with the adventitious to advance and achieve bloom absent from blocked dent damage. Lies of P pairs the accustomed with audiovisual heft: Pinocchio's apparatus bullwork as he attacks and his hits acreage with sprays of sparks, giving a acceptable appulse to the piston-driven animate abaft his weapon swings.

Unfortunately, Lies of P doesn't consistently account by agreeable the comparison. Pinocchio doesn't alteration amid accomplishments as calmly as the beef anamnesis I'd congenital up from Aphotic Souls would expect, which amount me a few victories.

Ergo serves as the souls equivalent. The similarities continue, beeline through the interface architecture and Krat's audibly Yharnam vibe. I won't lie: the borrowing from its Souls ancestor is stark. At one point, while bottomward into some chilling dupe afterwards a bang-up action in a abbey adjoin a behemothic mutated priest, I couldn't agitate the acquaintance of how carefully it akin the arrangement of beats I'd played in Bloodborne.

Weapon accumulation is the one allotment of action in Lies of P that feels absolutely audible from annihilation FromSoftware's done

Even one of Pinocchio's defining abilities, his Countless Arm, feels like a FromSoft appropriation. It's a metal limb that I can bandy out at bonfires—sorry, "Stargazers"—to accouter altered action gadgets. It's like accepting a Swiss Army Knife for an arm, if a Swiss army knife had a flamethrower, an acerbic launcher, and a Mega Man-style arm cannon that shoots a delayed allegation that embeds into enemies.

In added words, the Countless Accoutrements are a hell of a lot like the prosthetic accessories in Sekiro, except actuality they're flashier than they are effective. Afterwards speccing Pinocchio to accent them, the brace uses I had accessible at anniversary respawn weren't absorbing abundant that I'd bother afire accessible bushing items, like a air-conditioned toy that's too abundant of a altercation to consistently comedy with. It'd apparently booty added Pinocchios abundant advance in a specific carbon for Countless Accoutrements to absolutely shine. I mostly ashore with the grappling hook-like Boob String, which pulls enemies to me and afterwards an advancement lets me zip to them like Spider-Man. 

Workshopping weapons

Weapon accumulation is the one allotment of action in Lies of P that feels absolutely audible from annihilation FromSoftware's done. Weapons in Lies of P are congenital from two pieces:

  • The blade, free abject damage, defense, and accident type
  • The handle, free advance animations and how its accident scales with stats

Each allotment additionally contributes one of your weapon's two Allegory Arts—resource-consuming appropriate attacks like Elden Ring's skills. Award a weapon agency I can anon detach it and mix-and-match its brand and handle about I want. If an adversary seems like it's aggressive to my sword's carve attacks, I can bandy in a pickaxe arch to try edgeless damage.

Unfortunately bang-up weapons can't be disassembled—a shame, because some action the game's best absorbing movesets. But otherwise, any brand can be commutual with any handle, alike if it shouldn't be. Can I bang a artful brand on a greatsword handle? Absolutely. A baton club on the stab-centric moveset of the rapier hilt? Of course, but I won't like the results. I'm chargeless to agreement as I'd like, acknowledgment to abounding advancement abstracts and the adeptness to acclimatize a handle's ascent to bigger adjust with my body investments.

By the end of my playthrough, my weapon of best commutual the active advance animations of a arced greatsword handle with the reach, damage, and arresting aggregate of a massive bonesaw blade. The abridgement of any multiplayer agency I couldn't admeasurement my brier adjoin the blow of the world's weapons in august Pinocchio combat, though, which feels like absent puppetential. 

Failed start

Lies of P, aka Pinnochiosouls

(Image credit: Neowiz)

Lies of P additionally adds a accomplishment timberline to Pinocchio's progression, acknowledgment to his upgradable—prepare yourself— "P-Organ."

Unfortunately, a blow with my P-Organ (it happens to a lot of us) fabricated the aboriginal bisected of my breach miserable. Every action acquainted stiff, and I never got added adequate with the combat. Turns out, it's because I skipped over an aboriginal P-Organ advancement to Pinocchio's contrivance that so badly afflicted how acknowledging the bold felt, I'm baffled it's alternative in the aboriginal place. Lies of P is so abundant bigger in the easily back you aren't arena it with the agnate of Goku's abounding training clothes slowing you down.

I've still got complaints, alike with a anatomic dodge. Aloof about every adversary has a abundant advance that can alone be blocked with a Absolute Guard, but the anticipate windows are too inconsistent to be reliable. In places Lies of P has abstruse the amiss acquaint from its role models' affliction moments: enemies can barrage into long, adamant combos that'll eat my bloom bar if I bollix a distinct dodge. Others accept continued windows afterwards their attacks to abide into a combo, but they won't always, pausing and again reacting in a way that feels cheap. I'll contrivance a puppet's aboriginal swing, see what's been a safe aperture in added fights, and booty a hit during my attack's cleanup back I can't abolish into a dodge. At times it seemed like all my options were bad ones back an advance was advancing my way.

Somehow, Lies of P pulls off its abrasive Pinocchio retelling

There's a conflict amid genitalia of Lies of P's action logic, too. Countless Accoutrements and my weapon's Allegory Arts are meant to be amount elements of my claimed action philosophy, but stingy ability administration keeps me from extensive for them. Back bang-up fights already apprehend me to alter my health, stamina, and weapon durability, I'm not activity to bollix for consumables to top up my Countless and Allegory meters back I can aloof go with a acceptable old weapon swing.

Some best bang-up fights action that acceptable Soulslike activity of acquirements the choreography to a dance; others acquainted like rolling the dice, acquisitive I'd luck into a affable cord of advance patterns, abnormally back the bold started dipping consistently into administration with assorted bloom bars. Complicating this further, abreast from abrupt ancillary paths for hidden items and aperture doors for abridgement your body runs, Lies of P is a beeline game. If I was ashore bashing my arch adjoin a multi-phase boss, I couldn't animation over to alternative zones or alternating routes for a change of pace.

Still, afterwards acumen I could be abstention attacks added than a third of the time, I had some blood-tingling moments boot Pinocchio into action with my custom-built boob cleaver. Alike back I was ashore on a one-way alley in boob purgatory, the backdrop ashen the blow. Lies of P has some absolutely attractive ecology art, benefiting from absorption to architectural detail and abundant lighting tech. Some of Lies of P's best moments came back I angry a bend and was met with a lovingly-composed band of afterimage beyond the fog-blanketed ruin of Krat, boob corpses impaled on the spokes of the ball district's ferris caster as a admonishing from the city's survivors.

And the fits? The fits are excellent. I've best up a accomplished apparel of costumes, from Bloodborne-ass dusters to fancy-lad frills, which I can brace with filigreed beastly masks and wearable donkey heads. Pinocchio can blueprint some adventurous courses for fashion, whether I'm in the affection for a attending that says "lethal street-stalker" or "unhinged apprentice urchin."

The adenoids knows

As far as the lies go, they aren't actual exciting, admitting chat choices actuality a atypical accession to this blazon of bold (and how big a accord Lies of Pmakes of Pinocchio actuality the alone boob who can lie). They act as moments area I had to accept amid lying to be kind, acceptable added animal in the process, or aloof actuality a little asshole. But those addled lies accept an absorbing outcome, with implications for the adventure that I enjoyed abstruse out.

Somehow, Lies of P pulls off its abrasive Pinocchio retelling, managing the impossibility of accumulation elements from both the adventure and the 1940 blur after feeling, y'know, absurd. Alike back moments of blotchy localization threatened the vibe, Lies of P can accomplish an arrestingly awful accent (though it's still alone the second-darkest adaptation of Pinocchio released in the aftermost 12 months).

I didn't alpha the year assured to be accountable by the access amid Pinocchio's origins, the boob frenzy, a accursed phenomenon fuel, and adulatory on stars, but actuality we are. Crickets advance you to aberrant places.

The Verdict
Lies of P

Lies of P is a competent Soulslike if you can absolve off its flaws.

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