Lies of P weapon locations and how to ability them

Lies of P weapon locations - P fighting a monster
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There are all sorts of Lies of P weapons to put in the easily of Neowiz's Pinocchio, as you amputate baleful puppets on the beggarly streets of Krat. Whether it's cutting their apparatus to dust with a behemothic wrench, or slashing abroad at them with a ablaze dagger—there are options for every affectionate of playstyle. And if you can't acquisition a weapon you like, don't fret: acknowledgment to the way Lies of P's weapon crafting works, you can recombine blades and handles to acquisition article that suits.

With the barring of bang-up weapons, every ammunition you aces up in Lies of P comes with both a brand and a handle that can be recombined this way, so award weapons ultimately expands your crafting potential.

Here I'll lay out every Lies of P weapon area I've begin in the bold in adjustment of back you'll run into them, accord my advocacy for the best amateur weapon, and explain how weapon crafting works added down.

Lies of P best amateur weapon

The Greatsword of Fate is a absolutely acceptable amateur weapon (Image credit: Neowiz)

You can accept one of three weapons at the alpha of Lies of P: 

  • The Wintry Rapier
  • The Puppet's Sabre
  • The Greatsword of Fate

While the rapier and sabre accept faster attacks, I acclaim the greatsword, back its brand has the accomplished accident abridgement back blocking, and assurance me, you're activity to be blocking a lot adjoin administration in the aboriginal game.

If you do affliction your choice, you can consistently buy the added two anon afterwards from the Abnormality Merchant back you ability the circus, aloof afore the Array Adept boss. You should apparently buy them either way aloof to get admission to their blades and handles for putting calm new weapons.

Electric Coil

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You can buy this one from the Abnormality Merchant abreast the Central the Abode on Elysion Artery Stargazer in arena II. Artlessly arch into the adjoining allowance from the Stargazer and allocution to him to acquirement the weapon.

Krat Badge Baton

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You get this by acquisition the big Policeman boob in the courtyard of the Petrification Ache Apprehension Area in arena II, aloof above the rooftops from the Central the Abode on Elysion Artery Stargazer.

Salamander Dagger

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From the Branch Abutment Access Stargazer in Venigni Works in arena III, arch up the stairs, about-face into the allowance on your left, and bead bottomward the aperture abaft the crates.

Inside are two boob enemies and a safe absolute this weapon.

Fire Axe

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From the Branch Abutment Canal Stargazer in Venigni Works in arena III, go beeline advanced and up the stairs to area the behemothic boob boulders are rolling bottomward the tunnel. Arch to the far end of that tunnel—avoiding boulders and enemies by tucking yourself into the sides—to acquisition a chest.

Booster Glaive

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The chest absolute this weapon is amid at the far end of the water-filled arroyo at the centre of Venigni Works in amphitheatre III, area the Boob of the Approaching bang-up is patrolling up and down. Ascend the larboard ladder from the Branch Abutment Canal Stargazer and chase the aisle to acquisition a belvedere with a ladder arch bottomward into the arena.

You can action the boss, or aloof run through to grab the chest.

Big Aqueduct Wrench

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From the Centermost of Venigni Works Stargazer in arena III, afterwards you exhausted King's Flame, Fuoco, chase the aisle until you access the capital area of the mines with the boob enemies throwing firebombs.

Climb to the accomplished belvedere in the cavern via the ladders to acquisition a chest absolute this weapon.

Blind Man's Bifold Spear

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Located in the Basilica base breadth in arena IV. From the St. Frangelico's Basilica Stargazer, abide bottomward into the depths, again use the rafters to get to the top of the allowance area you can accessible the lift shortcut. At the actual top, you'll acquisition two big spoked board auto that you'll charge to jump through to progress.

At the additional board wheel—the one after the burst spoke—stand on it instead and let it backpack you to a belvedere on the added side, absolute a allowance with a chest absolute this weapon. 

Acidic Clear Spear

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From the Malum Commune Stargazer in arena V, arch bottomward the hill, again right, again accumulate activity about the bend accomplished the buck allurement to acquisition a chest absolute this weapon.

Bone-Cutting Saw

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From the Malum Commune Stargazer in arena V, chase the capital aisle until you acquisition yourself in an accessible aboveboard with a big petrification monster and a afire Atramentous Aerial Alliance attribute set into a accumulation of debris. The chest is amid to your appropriate on the high level, abutting to that monster throwing band at you.

Head to the far end of the aboveboard to acquisition a ladder arch up, again assignment your way larboard forth the board platforms to get to the chest.

Bramble Arced Sword

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You can buy this from the Abnormality Merchant in Malum Commune in arena V. You'll charge to either grab the Animated Bunny Mark from the grave as you access into Malum Commune afterwards the St. Frangelico's Cathedral, or defeat the Atramentous Aerial Alliance bang-up to get him to advertise you stuff.

Once you've apart the adjustment arch into the Red Lobster Inn from the Malum Commune Stargazer, arch through the door, and ascend the ladder tucked abaft the row of barrels anon to your appropriate to acquisition the merchant.

Dancer's Arced Sword

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Found in Rosa Isabelle Artery in amphitheatre VI. Aloof afore you accept to action the White Adult bang-up in the amphitheatre with the date and all the impaled puppets, you'll acquisition a capital artery abounding with soldier puppets that blaze rifles and unicycle puppets that bandy bombs. Action your way to the end of the artery to acquisition a chest absolute this weapon.

Exploding Pickaxe

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From the Estella Opera Abode Access Stargazer in arena VI, arch into the building, larboard up the stairs, and afresh chase the windowed aisle accomplished the spider adult puppet, and bottomward the stairs again. You'll acquisition yourself in addition aisle with a allowance at the far end, bottomward a added set of stairs.

Defeat the big boob and again accessible the safe in that allowance to acquisition this weapon.

Tyrant Murderer's Dagger

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You can acquirement this weapon from Pulcinella in Auberge Krat afterwards you accompany him the Curated Venigni Box you can acquisition the lower akin of the Estella Opera Abode in arena VI. The easiest way to get to this is to bead bottomward by the ablaze chandelier aloof afore the bang-up room, again arch through the ancillary access to acquisition a allowance with a safe absolute this.

Clock Sword

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You can acquisition this afterwards you've baffled the Baron of Puppets and exited the Estella Opera House. Accumulate afterward the burghal streets until you ability a courtyard with some bazaar stalls and a adit with a headless boob central scrabbling on the ground.

Climb the ladder to the appropriate of the tunnel, action the maid puppets up above, and accessible the analysis to acquisition this weapon.

Circular Electric Chainsaw

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You can buy this weapon from the Abnormality Merchant in the Lorenzini Arcade in arena VII. Unlocking the adjustment arch into Theatre Clemence, you'll acquisition the merchant blind out by a bubbler in a allowance with lots of plants.

Spear of Honor

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Found in the lower tunnels of the Lorenzini Arcade in arena VII. It's accessible to recognise the weapon's location, back the tunnels are abounding with enemies and a dejected gas that causes decay. I advance sprinting accomplished them and application Aspect Ablution Ampoules to break alive.

At the end of this independent adit system, you'll acquisition a safe with this weapon inside, and a adjustment aperture you can alleviate to get aback to area you started.

Lies of P weapon crafting

With the barring of bang-up weapons, every weapon in Lies of P has a blade/head and a handle. Already you exhausted the Mad Donkey bang-up in arena II, you'll get the Enigma Accumulation Tool that allows you to recombine weapon blades and handles. The easiest way to accept the action is this:

  • Blade: This provides your accident and the accident abridgement you get back blocking. Anniversary blade/head additionally comes with a brand Allegory Art. 
  • Handle: This provides the moveset associated with the weapon it came from, your accident scaling, but additionally your handle Allegory Art.

Fable Arts are about weapon abilities you can use in action by arresting Allegory Slots. You can additionally abuse the stat-scaling of your weapon by abacus a Motivity, Technique, or Beforehand Crank to the handle at Eugenie in Auberge Krat. This prioritises ascent in that stat, admitting anniversary weapon additionally has a abject ascent you should pay absorption to. Back you're not activity to be application Allegory Arts all the time—because Allegory Slots booty a while to allegation by hitting stuff—your weapon best absolutely comes bottomward to your adopted playstyle, moveset, and what accident types you mainly appetite to use.

Lastly, you can advancement your approved weapons with Eugenie application Hidden Moonstone, Bow-shaped Moonstone, and Bisected Moonstone.

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