Man has already afresh beyond a band in creating these pizza-scented Ninja Turtle controllers

Turtle Power!
(Image credit: Xbox)

Do assertive smells calm you down? Conceivably you adore the abatement balm of lavender in the air to advice you relax. What if I told you there's a way to ample your bedchamber with the adorable balm of New York-style pizza after absolutely accepting one or affairs a $30 candle?

Xbox appear a alternation of Ninja Turtle-themed wireless controllers to bless the accessible absolution of the Boyish Aberrant Ninja: Aberrant Commotion activated movie. Anniversary ambassador will appear with a appropriate aroma to get you psyched up for the movie, admitting I anticipate you ability get some odd looks if you pulled out your Xbox ambassador in the theater. 

These controllers are advised with aroma diffusers shaped like pizzas that attach to the top of the gamepad, giving the ambassador the adorable aroma of a "slice of adorable New York ‘za," as declared in the columnist release.

The controllers appear in four altered colors, anniversary apery one of the brothers. Personally, I've consistently been addicted of annihilation in the Michelangelo orange. Admitting the exact continuance of the scents' constancy isn't mentioned, anyone who's had a pizza in their allowance knows that the aroma tends to amble about for a while.

Turtle Power!

(Image credit: Xbox)

However, if this ambassador ends up smelling of pepperoni, ice cream, mushrooms, anchovies, peanut butter, and clabber beans (Mikey's canonically admired pizza), again I'd be tempted to bung it out of the window. I don't alive in a avenue area I charge to affectation one gross aroma with another.

The alone way to get one of these ambrosial nightmares is via sweepstakes that you can access on Xbox's Twitter, err, X account. If you're in the NYC breadth like I am, you can analysis out and detect these controllers at the Xbox Gaming Lounge in the Microsoft Acquaintance Centermost on Baronial 2. 

This isn't the aboriginal aggregation to add aroma diffusers to PC gaming hardware. Balm Ballista fabricated a accessory that lets you aroma anime, so man is acutely continuing abundantly bottomward this dark, evil-smelling aisle appear adenoids ruin.


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