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PC Gamer annual appear its aboriginal affair in 1993, and back again its writers accept been accoutrement all things PC gaming. Today we're an all-embracing team, advance beyond the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Actuality are the association who accomplish PC Gamer appear today. 

Tim Clark — Cast Director 

US —  With over two decades accoutrement videogames, Tim has been there from the beginning. In his case, that meant arena Aristocratic in 'co-op' on a BBC Micro (one amateur uses the movement keys, the added shoots) until his parents assuredly caved and bought an Amstrad CPC 6128. These days, back not council the acceptable address PC Gamer, Tim spends his time accusatory that all Priest mains in Hearthstone are degenerates and raiding in Afterlife 2. He's about absolutely accomplishing one of these appropriate now. "On lunch."  

Follow Tim on Twitter: @timothydclark

Evan Lahti — All-around Editor-in-Chief 

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US —  Evan's a hardcore FPS enthusiast who abutting PC Gamer in 2008. Afterwards an era spent publishing reviews, news, and awning features, he now oversees beat operations for PC Gamer worldwide, including ambience policy, training, and alteration belief accounting by the added team. His most-played FPSes are CS:GO, Aggregation Breastwork 2, Aggregation Breastwork Classic, Bubble Six Siege, and Arma 2. His aboriginal multiplayer FPS was Convulse 2, played on consecutive LAN in his uncle's basement, the ideal altitude for instilling a constant affection for fragging. Evan additionally leads assembly of the PC Gaming Show, the anniversary E3 advertise accident committed to PC gaming. 

Follow Evan on Twitter: @elahti

Phil Aboriginal — UK Editor-in-Chief

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UK —  Phil has been autograph for PC Gamer for about a decade, starting out as a freelance biographer accoutrement aggregate from chargeless amateur to MMOs. He eventually abutting the aggregation abounding time as a account writer, afore affective to the annual to analysis immersive sims, RPGs and Hitman games. Now he leads PC Gamer's UK team, but still sometimes finds the time to address about his advancing obsessions with Afterlife 2, GTA Online and Acme Legends. Aback he's not levelling up action passes, he's blockage out the latest approach bold or dipping aback into Brotherhood Wars 2. He's abundantly amenable for the Tub Geralt thing, but still isn't sorry.

Follow Phil on Twitter: @Octaeder

Tyler Wilde — Controlling Editor

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US — Tyler has spent over 1,200 hours arena Rocket League, and hardly beneath animadversion the PC Gamer appearance guide. His primary account exhausted is bold stores: Steam, Epic, GOG,, and whatever launcher squeezes into our taskbars next. 

Follow Tyler on Twitter: @tyler_wilde

Fraser Amber — Online Editor

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UK Fraser is the UK online editor and has absolutely met The Internet in person. With over a decade of experience, he's been about the block a few times, confined as a freelancer, account editor and abounding reviewer. Action amateur accept been a 30-year-long obsession, from tiny RTSs to sprawling political sims, and he never turns bottomward the adventitious to babble about Absolute War or Crusader Kings. He's additionally been accepted to set up boutique in the latest MMO and brand to wind bottomward with an endlessly deep, systemic RPG. These days, back he's not editing, he can usually be begin autograph appearance that are 1,000 words too continued or talking about his dog. 

Follow Fraser on Twitter: @FraserBrown

Robin Valentine — Chief Editor

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UK  Formerly the editor of PC Gamer annual (and the dearly ancient GamesMaster), Robin combines years of acquaintance in amateur journalism with a constant adulation of PC gaming. Aboriginal hypnotised by the ablaze of the adviser as he abashed through Simon the Archimage on his uncle’s machine, he’s been a addict anytime since, blaze any RPG or action bold to blunder into his path. Now he's channelling that adherence into bushing this admirable website with features, news, reviews, and all of his hottest takes.

Follow Robin on Twitter: @robinvalentine

Wes Fenlon — Chief Editor

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US — Wes has been accoutrement amateur and accouterments for added than 10 years, aboriginal at tech sites like The Wirecutter and Activated afore abutting the PC Gamer aggregation in 2014. Wes plays a little bit of everything, but he'll consistently jump at the adventitious to awning appetite and Japanese games. Back he's not obsessively optimizing and re-optimizing a coil of agent belts in Satisfactory (it's absolutely acceptable a problem), he's apparently arena a 20-year-old RPG or some blurred ASCII roguelike. With a focus on autograph and alteration features, he seeks out claimed belief and all-embracing histories from the corners of PC gaming and its alcove communities. 50% pizza by aggregate (deep dish, to be specific).  

Follow Wes on Twitter: @wesleyfenlon

Rich Stanton — Chief Editor

Staff headshots

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UK —  Rich is a amateur announcer with 15 years' experience, alpha his career on Bend annual afore alive for a advanced ambit of outlets, including Ars Technica, Eurogamer, GamesRadar , Gamespot, the Guardian, IGN, the New Statesman, Polygon, and Vice. He was the editor of Kotaku UK, the UK arm of Kotaku, for three years afore abutting PC Gamer. He is the columnist of a Abrupt History of Video Games, a abounding history of the medium, which the Midwest Book Analysis declared as "[a] must-read for austere absent bold historians and analytical video bold connoisseurs alike."

Follow Affluent on Twitter: @RichJStanton

Chris Livingston — Appearance Producer

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US — Chris started arena PC amateur in the 1980s, started autograph about them in the aboriginal 2000s, and (finally) started accepting paid to address about them in the backward 2000s. Afterward a few years as a approved freelancer, PC Gamer assassin him in 2014, apparently so he'd stop emailing them allurement for added work. Chris has a love-hate accord with adaptation amateur and an ailing allure with the close lives of NPCs. He's additionally a fan of offbeat simulation games, mods, and blank storylines in RPGs so he can accomplish up his own.

Follow Chris on Twitter: @_clivingston_

Lauren Morton — Accessory Editor

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US — Lauren started autograph for PC Gamer as a contributor in 2017 while block the Aphotic Souls appearance badge and accustomed her role as Accessory Editor and Arch Minecraft Liker in 2021. She originally started her career in bold development and is still absorbed by how amateur beat in the modding and speedrunning scenes. She brand continued books, best RPGs, multiplayer cryptids, and can't stop arena address crafting games.

Follow Lauren on Twitter: @ComradeCupcake

Tyler Colp — Accessory Editor

Tyler Colp

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Tyler has covered games, amateur culture, and accouterments for over a decade afore abutting PC Gamer as Accessory Editor. He's done all-embracing advertisement on communities and amateur as able-bodied as criticism for sites like Polygon, Wired, and Waypoint. He's absorbed in the awe-inspiring and the alluring back it comes to games, spending time acid for belief and talking to the bodies involved. Tyler loves biconcave into amateur like Final Fantasy 14, Overwatch, and Aphotic Souls to see what makes them beat and backbone out the genitalia account talking about. His ambition is to allocution about amateur the way they are: broken, beautiful, and bizarre.

Ted Litchfield — Accessory Editor

Ted Litchfield

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Ted has been cerebration about PC amateur and aggravation anyone who would accept with his thoughts on them anytime aback he booted up his sister's archetype of Neverwinter Nights on the ancestors computer. He is bedeviled with all things CRPG and CRPG-adjacent, but has additionally covered esports, modding, and attenuate bold collecting. Aback he's not arena or autograph about games, you can acquisition Ted appropriation weights on his aback porch.

Morgan Esplanade — Agents Writer

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US — Morgan has been autograph for PC Gamer back 2018, aboriginal as a contributor and currently as a agents writer. He has additionally appeared on Polygon, Kotaku, Fanbyte, and PCGamesN. Afore freelancing, he spent best of aerial academy and all of academy autograph at baby gaming sites that didn't pay him. He's actual blessed to accept a absolute job now. Morgan is a exhausted biographer afterward the latest and greatest shooters and the communities that comedy them. He additionally writes accepted news, reviews, features, the casual guide, and bad jokes in Slack. Aberration his arm, and he'll alike address about a arid action game. Amuse don't, though.

Follow Morgan on Twitter: @MorganRPark

Andy Book — US Account Lead

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CAN Andy has been gaming on PCs from the actual beginning, starting as a youngster with argument adventures and archaic activity amateur on a cassette-based TRS80. From there he accelerating to the celebrity canicule of Abundance Online adventures and Microprose sims, ran a bounded BBS, abstruse how to body PCs, and developed a longstanding adulation of RPGs, immersive sims, and shooters. He began autograph videogame account in 2007 for The Escapist and somehow managed to abstain accepting accursed until 2014, back he abutting the acclaimed ranks of PC Gamer. He covers all aspects of the industry, from new bold announcements and application addendum to acknowledged disputes, Beat beefs, esports, and Henry Cavill. Lots of Henry Cavill.

Follow Andy on Twitter: @AndyChalk

Mollie Taylor — Appearance Producer

Staff headshots

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UK —  Mollie spent her aboriginal adolescence acutely invested in amateur like Analgesic Instinct, Toontown and Audience Online, which abide to anatomy the pillars of her personality today. She abutting PC Gamer in 2020 as a account biographer and now lends her ability to address a abundance of features, guides and reviews with a birr of chaos. She can generally be begin causing atrocity in Final Fantasy 14, application those adventures to address accurate things about her favourite MMO. Back she's not staring at her bunny babe she can be begin afraid out accent games, assuming to be acceptable at angry amateur or spending far too abundant money at her bounded arcade.  

Follow Mollie on Twitter: @mollietayy

Joshua Wolens — Account Writer

staff headshots

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UK — One of Josh's aboriginal memories is of arena Convulse 2 on the ancestors computer back he was far too adolescent to be accomplishing that, and he's been irreparably game-brained anytime since. Back then, his autograph has been featured in Vice, Fanbyte, and the Banking Times. He'll comedy appealing abundant anything, and has accounting far too abundant on aggregate from beheld novels to Assassin's Creed. His best abstruse loves are for CRPGs, immersive sims, and any bold whose appetite outstrips its budget. He thinks you're all far too beggarly about Deus Ex: Airy War.

Lauren Aitken — Guides Editor

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UK The aboriginal three amateur Lauren played on PC were Brilliant Wars: X-Wing, Zoo Administrator and Barbie Appearance Designer, which explains her adulation of all things space, action and aesthetically adorable designs. Lauren is now the queen bee of guides at PC Gamer and is still accidentally aggravating to admit in The Witcher 3 accessories wherever possible. Back she's not aggravating to force anybody to comedy as a Archimage in Afterlife 2, Lauren is either arrive her SEO abilities to advice accident the antagonism or patting one of her red sons.

Follow Lauren on Twitter: @L_Aitken

Sarah James — Guides Writer

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UK —  Sarah started as a freelance biographer in 2018, autograph for PCGamesN, TechRadar, GamingBible, Red Balderdash Gaming and more. In 2021, she was offered a full-time position on the PC Gamer aggregation area she takes every accessible befalling to allocution about World of Warcraft and Elden Ring. Back not autograph guides, best of her additional time is spent in Azeroth—though she's absolutely fractional to JRPGs too. One of her fondest hopes is to one day comedy through the catastrophe of Final Fantasy X after breaking bottomward into a bawl heap. She apparently has added wolves in Valheim than you.

Follow Sarah on Twitter: @vision_burn

Sean Martin — Guides Writer

profile photo

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UK — Sean's aboriginal PC amateur were Abounding Burke and Absolute Abolishment and his aftertaste has backward abundant the aforementioned since. Back not scouring amateur for secrets or bashing his arch adjoin puzzles, you'll acquisition him revisiting old Absolute War campaigns, disturbing over his Afterlife 2 fit, or still aggravating to accomplishment the Horus Heresy. Sean has additionally accounting for EDGE, Eurogamer, PCGamesN, Wireframe, EGMNOW, and Inverse.

Dave James — Managing Editor, Hardware

Staff headshots

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UK — Dave has been bedeviled with gaming back the canicule of Zaxxon on the Colecovision, and cipher books for the Commodore Vic 20 (Death Chase 2000!). He congenital his aboriginal gaming PC at the breakable age of 16, and assuredly accomplished bug-fixing the Cyrix-based arrangement about a year later. Back he alone it out of the window. Thankfully it's a lot easier to body a gaming rig now there are no motherboard jumper switches, admitting he has been breaking technology anytime since… at atomic he gets paid for it now. 

Jacob Ridley — Chief Accouterments Editor

Staff headshots

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UK — Jacob becoming his aboriginal byline autograph for his own tech blog from his hometown in Wales in 2017. From there, he accelerating to professionally breaking things at PCGamesN, area he would after win command of the kit buffet as accouterments editor. Nowadays, as chief accouterments editor at PC Gamer, he spends his canicule advertisement on the latest developments in the technology and gaming industry. Back he's not autograph about GPUs and CPUs, you'll acquisition him aggravating to get as far abroad from the avant-garde apple as accessible by agrarian camping.

Follow Jacob on Twitter: @RidleyJG

Jorge Jimenez — Accouterments Writer

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US —  Jorge is a accouterments biographer from the bugged acreage of New Jersey. Back he's not bushing the appointment with the aroma of Pop-Tarts, he's reviewing all sorts of gaming accouterments from headsets to bold pads. He's been accoutrement amateur and tech for about ten years and has accounting for Dualshockers, WCCFtech, and Tom's Guide.  

Follow Jorge on Twitter: @jorgex

Shaun Prescott — Australian Editor

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AU — Shaun is the Australian editor of PC Gamer. With over ten years acquaintance accoutrement the amateur industry, his assignment has appeared on GamesRadar , TechRadar, The Guardian, COMEDY Magazine, the Sydney Morning Herald, and more. Specific interests accommodate indie games, abstruse Metroidvanias, speedrunning, beginning amateur and FPSs. He thinks Attractive by Metallica and Lou Reed is an best archetypal that will accept its due analytical reappraisal one day. 

Jody Macgregor — Weekend Editor

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AU — Jody's aboriginal computer was a Commodore 64, so he remembers accepting to use a cipher caster to comedy Basin of Radiance. A above music announcer who interviewed anybody from Giorgio Moroder to Trent Reznor, Jody additionally co-hosted Australia's aboriginal radio appearance about videogames, Zed Games. He's accounting for Bedrock Cardboard Shotgun, The Big Issue, GamesRadar, Zam, Glixel, and, whose cheques with the bunny logo fabricated for fun conversations at the bank. Jody's aboriginal commodity for PC Gamer was appear in 2015, he edited PC Gamer Indie from 2017 to 2018, and absolutely did comedy every Warhammer videogame.

Follow Jody on Twitter: @Jodymacgregor

Josh Lloyd — Video Producer

Staff headshots

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If you were to ask Chaff to acquaint you whether he prefers movies or video amateur it’s acceptable he would collapse on the spot. Afterwards a ambagious bookish career catastrophe with belief blur for bristles years and again alive as a inferior editor he somehow concluded up actuality copywriting and agreeable controlling at a amateur banker afore authoritative the alongside move to actuality editor and video ambassador at a baby gaming publication. 

Now, at PC Gamer, amid appliance his affection for abhorrence media he spends his canicule authoritative gaming-centric video content, and he generally needs to be captivated aback from active some of the crazy absurd account he comes up with for content.

Follow Chaff on Twitter: @GRYITH

Stevie Area — Association Manager

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UK — Association developer Stevie manages PC Gamer's internship program, association and alms initiatives, and hangs out in Animosity and Baggy with us. Alongside actuality a adept Association Developer, Stevie is additionally the articulation of the NMS Centermost in Jurassic World: Aftermath, Gaming adviser on E4’s GamesMaster and antecedent BAFTA Games, Indie Publishing and Gayming Awards juror. You can acquisition her over on our forums.

Follow Stevie on Twitter: @Stevie_SG

John Bang — Art Editor

UK — Our UK and US art editor John exclaims 'You can't clean your ass with a website' in his adamant activity surrounding our magazines. PC Gamer clairvoyant and subscriber back the age of 14, he's landed his dream job designing our issues from awning to awning anniversary month.

John's added loves accommodate his two accomplished miniature sausage dogs Fred and Barney, cutting bottomward helicopters with a catchbasin in Battlefield, and farting the aboriginal bristles addendum of Her Majesty's Civic Anthem. And of advance his ability girlfriend.


Hey folks, admired amulet Attic Monkey actuality apery the aggregate PC Gamer beat team, who formed calm to address this article! PC Gamer is the all-around ascendancy on PC games—starting in 1993 with the magazine, and again in 2010 with this website you're currently reading. We accept writers beyond the US, UK and Australia, who you can read about here.