Men of War 2 will now bear men and war too in 2024

Men of War 2 screen
(Image credit: Best Way)

An RTS with an all-timer of a name, the aboriginal Men of War launched in 2009 and was actual appropriate absolutely (with a standalone expansion, Advance Squad, we rated highly). But those men aloof didn't get abundant war the aboriginal time around: The aftereffect Men of War 2 has been in development for several years at Best Way, and was declared to absolution this month.

But today Best Way and Fulqrum Publishing appear a adjournment until 2024 "to ensure admirers accept the bug-free acquaintance they deserve". Which may aloof be a adorned way of adage everyone's arena Starfield, but it comes afterwards accessible playtests that accept been active for best of the year and what the developer calls "issues begin in the final circuit of centralized testing."

Another botheration is that Best Way is a Ukrainian studio, and the advancing Russian aggression of Ukraine has already delayed the bold afore this. At one point aboriginal in the battle development was chock-full absolutely as the Severodonetsk-based flat helped agents and their families backpack (Severodonetsk is in the Luhansk Oblast, the easternmost arena of Ukraine, and was captured by Russian armament in June 2022). The columnist absolution announcement the adjournment refers to "the continuously difficult altitude in their home country of Ukraine" as they accomplishment assignment on the game.

"We accustomed so abounding abundant suggestions we absitively to apparatus [during playtesting], that the aboriginal agenda did not acquiesce us to adamant out all the bugs and issues in time for the September release," said Adage Kamensky, ambassador of Men of War II. "We feel that our admirers deserve to accept a bold in a absolutely able and bug-free accompaniment and ask them for aloof a little added backbone to acquiesce us to bear such a aerial affection product."

"Players appropriately accept acutely aerial expectations of Men of War II," said Nikolay Baryshnikov, CEO of Fulqrum Games, "Delaying the barrage is never pleasant, but it is consistently the adopted advantage to absolution a artefact that ability not accommodated the players’ expectations."

Men of War 2 is now appointed for absolution in 2024 on Steam, Ballsy Bold Store, and added storefronts.

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