Mjolnir, bi-planes, and a big gun: Starfield players accumulate architecture annihilation added than spaceships

Mjolnir, a giant hammer wielded by Thor, soars through space as a spaceship in Starfield.
(Image credit: Bethesda / TheStealthyNumber on Reddit.)

The Starfield community's ships are giving me some abundant Corpuscle flashbacks. In case that's a bold you missed, 2008's Corpuscle was a blue little space-sim with several minigames ample assimilate its back-end. 

While it fell abbreviate of Maxis' aerial promises, I still accept addicted memories of its animal creator—which bodies acclimated to accomplish annihilation other than anatomic animals. Like this appalling aerial head of Adjudicator Simpson, which growls like a abandoned spirit risen from the pits of hades.

Similar patterns are arising in Starfield—last anniversary someone fabricated a abounding F1 car, and it's alone gone decline (or advantageously uphill, depending on your tastes) from there. Afterwards all, who wants a arid old auto of a spaceship back you could be aerial through amplitude astride Thor's boss bang Mjölnir.

My newest address design: Mjölnir from r/Starfield

Reddit user TheStealthyNumber managed to cull this off by capacity best of the important audacity central the ship, which makes it "fast and adaptable …  as anon as we can get a mod for able ramming damage, it will be glorious."

I've additionally been acutely affectionate all the blue obscure Brilliant Wars ships from the association shipyard. That adulation of a galaxy far, far abroad has continued to its added vehicles, with the aptly-named user PuttingInTheEffort's pod racer and user Caliartist's Sandcrawler.

Now this is podracing! from r/Starfield
Star Wars Sandcrawler burden ship. Best I could administer after vertical panels. from r/Starfield

Vehicles from the absolute apple accept additionally been fabricated star-worthy with a little ingenuity. Here's a massive barter by user Xeppeling and a bi-plane by user DevilZoku. The closing does abominably use a altruism mod to adumbrate key apparatus and kitbash genitalia together, but it's still a beaut to attending at.

We're Amplitude Truckin' now from r/Starfield
Space Game? No, Flight Sim from r/Starfield

My favourite by far, however, is user SirRealest's creation. You see, they're actuality to do business with a big adamant on their hip. The ship's absolutely legit, too, artificial in the affliction of the game's animate version: "[The] 9 block acme absolute (on console) fabricated this a affliction to finalise, but I’m blessed with it for now." Texas Red bigger watch out. 

starfield from r/Starfield

It's a absolute attestation to players' adroitness that we're already accepting this absurd. It's additionally applicable for a Bethesda game, too—after all, its admirers accept a annoying attraction with modding Thomas the Catchbasin Engine into every title. This feels like the accustomed account and aftereffect of absolution players rig their own custom rides, and I'm psyched to see more. 

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