MSI Mag CH120 I

MSI Mag CH120 I gaming armchair review

A solid and dependable gaming armchair from MSI, after the accepted bling.

(Image: © MSI)

Our Verdict

The MSI Mag CH120 I is a adequate and able gaming armchair that you won't feel awkward about application at your workstation.


  • All the acclimation options
  • Suitable for beyond bodies
  • Very solid components


  • Headrest may not be acceptable for beneath folk
  • Armrests feel a bit rattly

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Not anybody wants their gaming armchair to attending like it formed off the set of a straight-to-VHS ‘80s sci-fi film. Some of us accept assignment to do too, abnormally in this age of the home office. If you appetite a armchair that doesn’t blaze on all cylinders in the gamer chichi department, MSI isn’t the aboriginal cast you’d commonly analysis in with, but the CH 120 I is apparently the abutting they’re activity to get to muted, alike if “True Gaming” is abstract on it. Twice. 

MSI Mag CH120 I specs

Max rec. Height: 200cm
Max rec. Weight:
PVC Leather
Colors: black and grey
Launch price:

It’s a predominantly atramentous PVC covering affair, save for its blubbery aphotic blah accent curve that don’t angle out beneath best lighting conditions. Basically, it’s black. Like best gaming chairs it comes flat-packed and architecture is almost easy, alike if the instructions do abridgement administration on area to administer the included attenuate washers (I active it, at least). 

You get a feel for the bendability of its apparatus during the architecture process: The molded cream abject is actual cautiously ensconced in its PVC veneer—it doesn’t feel like it’ll be decumbent to tear, at atomic afterwards a acceptable ages of usage—though afterwards a while the blubbery blah accent bands do tend to aggregate dust and particles. The abject isn’t as bendable as added chairs I’ve been buried in, but it’s not punishingly firm. If you’re activity to be application this all day, you’ll accordingly feel some actual slight ache aloft the knees: that’s back you should go for a walk.

In concert with the height-adjustable lumbar cushion, this slight compactness seemed to animate bigger aspect over the advance of the ages I spent in it. The beanbag pillow doesn’t accept a huge bulk of adaptability in agreement of height, but it absolutely feels added pliant, about like anamnesis foam, alike admitting it uses the aforementioned EVA cream affection as the lumbar abutment and base.

This feels like MSI's attack to affair a armchair for those attractive for an appointment armchair that could additionally bifold as a gaming chair, rather than the added way around

Like a lot of added avant-garde gaming chairs, the CH120 I has “4D” customisable arm rests with 7 centermeters adaptability up or down, and about 4 centermeters aback and forward. They can additionally fan outwards or inwards at almost fifteen degrees either way. They absolutely aperture in actual firmly, but if there’s one affair that seems decumbent to closing abortion with this archetypal it’s the arm rests. They bang cautiously back bound into position, and while this is apparently certain for article so modular, it’s hardly annoying accustomed the bulletproof vibe the blow of the assemblage gives off. Its five-legged base, for example, is 100% animate and you could absolutely aching a ample mammal with it, admitting it’s bigger acclimated with its bristles lockable wheels. 

MSI Mag CH120 I

(Image credit: MSI)

The MSI CH120 I’s steel-framed backrest folds aback a abounding 180 degrees (a abundant blow for beginning dentists) from its absence 90 amount position, and it can be bound durably anywhere between. Accustomed the way the lumbar abutment straps through the model’s backrest holes and beneath the base, it’s cool accessible to acclimatize the cushion—or to abolish it—depending on your collapsed angle. The bench sits 47.5cm off the arena by default, but application the gas lift agent you can drag up to 55cm and anywhere in between. This is a appropriate armchair for beyond users: according to MSI’s specs it’ll board bodies up to 200cm high, and its max accommodation for accustomed weight is 150kg. I’d alone agenda that if you’re almost short, the strap-on beanbag doesn’t accept abundant convulse allowance and may prove abortive to you.

Sitting comfortably?

(Image credit: Secretlab)

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MSI has a scattering of gaming chairs and, god absolve ‘em, best address to an absurd majority of folk who adulation neon: ablaze fluorescents account by PVC atramentous and actual apparent branding. The CH120 I feels like the Taiwan company’s attack to affair a armchair for those attractive for an appointment armchair that could additionally bifold as a gaming chair, rather than the added way around. The about bourgeois artful is mirrored by the featureset: there’s not abundant that screams addition here, but at a time back some competitors are experimenting with lumbar abutment systems that assume more circuitous than useful, MSI’s focus on abiding actual and a bedrock solid body with accustomed dressings is reassuring.

Still, this is a awash market, abnormally at this amount point. There’s abundant on-the-fly customisation options actuality to amuse a lot of users, and while the armchair itself doesn’t accept an billowing footprint—68 x 66 x 130cm—it does affirmation to board beyond users. But if you’re like me, about durably in the middle, and agog for article you can absorb all day in while you’re on the job (whether that job be assignment or winning), this archetypal ticks those boxes added than comfortably. 

The Verdict
MSI Mag CH120 I

The MSI Mag CH120 I is a adequate and able gaming armchair that you won't feel awkward about application at your workstation.

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