Nintendo About-face 2 reportedly uses Nvidia's DLSS to addition anatomy rates

There are letters today that Nintendo captivated abaft bankrupt doors About-face 2 demos for -to-be bold developers at the Gamescom 2023 appearance in Germany aftermost month. Both VGC and Eurogamer accept allegedly heard this from their own sources—presumably the developers themselves—with the above claiming the next-gen handheld animate will afresh be active Nvidia hardware.

The audience included an adapted adaptation of The Fable of Zelda: Animation of the Wild, advised to accomplish the best of the bigger hardware, active at both a college anatomy amount as able-bodied as a college resolution. Admitting anybody seems to be agog to point out this was alone a tech audience and not some adumbration that a remaster was on the cards. Though, y'know, it's accessible money, right?

But the added absorbing affair for us PC gamers, is apparently the advancement that Nintendo was demoing the accouterments active Epic's The Cast Awakens Aerial Agent 5 tech demo.

The aboriginal audience was congenital to highlight the ability of the Microsoft Alternation X and PlayStation 5, and the capabilities of Epic's UE5 tech in creating about photorealistic images on those consoles.

Interestingly, the audience was allegedly active ray traced visuals, and was utilising Nvidia's Abysmal Acquirements Cool Sampling (DLSS) in adjustment to action playable anatomy ante that will accomplish enabling such adorned furnishings absolutely worthwhile.

The aboriginal Switch, and consecutive updates, acclimated Nvidia's Tegra X1 and X1 SoCs. These are the chips you'll acquisition in the Absorber Android TV boxes, and they backpack ARM Case A57 CPU cores as able-bodied as a scattering of Maxwell-based CUDA cores. That's the GPU architectonics abaft the archetypal GeForce GTX 980 et al.

Nvidia Orin SoC

(Image credit: Nvidia)

The Tegra band has been discontinued, however, so what custom Nvidia dent Nintendo would be application is still unknown. There accept been some rumours that it would be application the Ampere architecture, and the alone Nvidia SoC that uses the accouterments abaft the RTX 30-series cards is the Orin band launched at the end of 2022. 

The top dent of that ambit houses 12 Arm Case A78 cores forth with 2,048 CUDA cores. That would put it able-bodied beneath an RTX 3050, but again the AMD 780M GPU powering the best handheld gaming PCs is, too.

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Nvidia annulled the Atlan SoC aftermost year, which was the next-gen SoC to use the accepted Ada architecture, but has appear a successor, codenamed Thor, admitting the apprehension is that won't be accessible until 2025. Admitting the rumours are Nintendo is pegging a backward 2024 barrage for the About-face 2 console, so maybe Nvidia ability assignment a bit quicker to get some appetizing new accouterments into its alone amateur console.

If the About-face 2 is absolutely able of 18-carat ray archetype performance, and the array of visuals and anatomy ante commensurable to the current-gen Microsoft and Sony consoles, again we could able-bodied be attractive at a new SoC. I'd additionally adulation to anticipate if Nvidia's creating such able gaming accouterments that maybe it ability not absolute it to aloof a Nintendo console...

A new Absorber handheld could be a tantalising anticipation with that array of performance.

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