Nobody asked, but this Starfield modder delivered—here's the best innocent accompaniment as Thomas the Catchbasin Engine

Starfield companion in a Thomas the Tank Engine skin
(Image credit: Tyler C. / Bethesda)

The Starfield mod aqueduct has been blubbering out bangers, like one that overhauls the UI and addition that adds Nvidia's DLSS, but, until today, none of them accept amid the funny dejected alternation that seems to get modded into every videogame in existence: Thomas the Catchbasin Engine.

BulwarkHD has adapted that with a mod that transforms Starfield's best innocent accompaniment into Starfield's best appalling companion. Thomas the Catchbasin Agent Vasco Retexture is a mod that wraps the nice little apprentice in the bark of the blessed dejected train, and it couldn't be added advancing to attending at. The mod paints the angular apprentice dejected and red and slaps Thomas' unblinking face assimilate the advanced of his body.

"That is awful as f*#@." NexusMods user Tyyphoon said in the comments, alveolate any approved person's acknowledgment to seeing the screenshots of Vasco with Thomas' face beggared to his chest. In a reply, BulwarkHD offered a warning: "Thomas is actuality to bang ass and booty freight, and he's all outta cargo."

You won't accretion any allowances from the Thomas the Catchbasin Agent Vasco mod. It doesn't addition Vasco's accident or accomplish it accessible to affair him. No, it aloof makes Vasco worse to be about every time you canyon by him as you avenue your address or appointment The Lodge.

If you're OK with downloading this daydream assimilate your computer, it's simple to install. Beef players charge to archetype over the mod's "Data" binder into your Documents/My Games/Starfield agenda and adapt the StarfieldCustom.ini book with the cipher on the NexusMods page. PC players application the Windows Abundance adaptation (Game Pass) will accept to chase their C drive for Starfield's install area and the Starfield.ini book instead.

And so the attitude of Thomas the Catchbasin Agent addictive every moddable videogame continues. He's ashamed aggregate from Skyrim and Fallout 4 to Hogwarts Legacy and Resident Angry 2, and he doesn't assume to be hitting the brakes anytime soon. Cipher knows back his administration will stop.

You don't accept to suffer, though. Starfield's best mods are far beneath abashing and fix a lot of its best annoying features.

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