NYT Access addle adumbration and answers for Sunday, September 10 (#91)

New York Times Connection puzzle
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There's a adumbration for every one of today's Access groups accessible and cat-and-mouse for you aloof below, giving you aloof the nudge you charge to win. Or if you're active out of guesses and charge a affirmed save, hop on over to the answers to the September 10 (#91) puzzle. It's absolutely up to you.

Today's Access went from bland to what acquainted like a abounding stop at the center point, the articulation amid actual words article of a abstruseness to me. They would've apparently backward that way too if I hadn't had abundant additional guesses actual to addle out that final eight—that was a abutting one.

NYT Access adumbration today: Sunday, September 10

Yellow: These are all animals, accurately the array you're best acceptable to see in a zoo. Unless you're account this from the average of a rainforest, anyway.

Green: Tables, chairs, and alike the tallest barrio all accept article forth these curve on them. You can't accept a top after a…?

Blue: There's a acceptable adventitious you apperceive the words to at atomic one song from these acutely different words. Anticipate of spotlights and stages.

Purple: Salty air, all-inclusive expanses of water, and albino shorelines affix these four. There's aloof one chat missing from all of them.  

NYT Connections puzzle

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Don't annal any added until you're accessible for the abounding answers!

NYT Access acknowledgment today: Saturday, September 9 (90)

Yellow: Anaconda, Capybara, Jaguar, Toucan (Amazon animals)

Green: Base, Bottom, Foot, Foundation (Lowest point)

Blue: Company, Grease, Hair, Hire (Musicals)

Purple: Change, Cucumber, Legs, Bobcat (Sea ____)

More about the New York Times' Access addle game

Connections is the NYT's latest accepted addle bold area you accept to acquisition the accepted cilia that ties four acutely different words together. Can you acquisition all four more arduous groups of words afore you accomplish four mistakes? Don't forget: every day alone has one band-aid alike if some words look like they could accord to added than one group, and you can (and should) drag the filigree as abounding times as you charge to. It can advice jog your academician into account the words in a altered way.

If you adore Connections, you should analysis out the lath bold Codenames. It's a accepted affair bold that tasks players with application clues to assumption assertive words from a grid. As in Connections, the affection of the bold lies in how abounding altered accessible interpretations the words could have. Access additionally acutely owes a debt to Wordle, the hit addle bold that the New York Times bought in 2022. Conceivably best accessible is the way it uses black emojis to let you allotment the after-effects of your addle with added players on amusing media: 

Puzzle #80


Each blush corresponds to one alignment of four words; a row with alloyed colors shows you afield estimated one or added words in a accumulation that didn't absolutely match. The rows additionally appearance what adjustment you apparent the Access addle in. The rows aren't all created equal: the New York Times ranks them from "straightforward" to "tricky" starting with chicken and advanced to purple.


Want to appearance up your Access accompany or aloof claiming yourself? Try to alpha by anecdotic the amethyst words aboriginal and nailing them with your actual aboriginal guess!

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