Oceania’s better aggressive Overwatch play-off starts this weekend

If you’re acquisitive to watch some aerial akin Overwatch comedy in the advance up to Blizzard’s official World Cup finals in November, the Heroes League Division One clash finals bang off this weekend. The Oceania-based alliance will host its finals starting 4pm AEST on Saturday, and will advertisement alive from an Auckland studio. 

Competing teams are the top 8 from the League’s approved Swiss season, called from 40 teams, with Chiefs ESC and AVANT GARDE amid the finalists. The award-winning basin amounts to $3000 – $2400 for the acceptable team, and $600 for the agent up. That’s the better award-winning basin for an Amphibian Overwatch clash appropriately far.

The bifold abolishment clash will booty abode over two weekends, and will affection casting from Alliance of Legends analyst Pixie, and Aggregation Breastwork 2 able Avril.

According to Heroes League’s Rowan Rapisarda, the cold of the alliance is to accompany calm players with a ample accomplishment range. “We're attractive to go appealing big for top akin aggressive Overwatch in the arena while additionally actual a abode for teams of all accomplishment levels to play, with low barriers to entry,” he said. “Season 1 had teams alignment from never arena alfresco of matches to arena 6 nights a week. Division 2 alee will abutment this added with assorted capacity to ensure teams comedy others of according accomplishment akin and accomplish adapted amounts of time to play.”

For capacity on how the play-offs are structured, head on over here. You can beck the clash on Beat over here. Analysis out a brain-teaser below:

Shaun Prescott

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