PAX Australia: the panels and presentations you can't miss

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PAX Australia allotment to the Melbourne Assemblage and Exhibition Centre in a little over a week. Active October 11 - 13, there is acutely far too abundant stuff happening than a distinct being can possibly get to. That's why I've called a few highlights below. 

Of course, allotment 'highlights' for an accident with what charge be hundreds of panels, presentations and events, isn't a accurate task. So these tend to boat afterpiece to 'high profile' and 'blockbuster'. The abounding agenda is here, and it looks like there's article for everyone. Personally, I tend to absorb the aggregate of my time sampling amateur in the PAX Ascent area of the exhibit floor, which is consistently arranged with endless dozens of in-development Australian and all-embracing indies. 

Tickets are still accessible for alone days, admitting it looks like they're active out.

Friday 12:30pm: Creating Alarm of Duty’s Signature “Big Moments”

Sledgehammer art aptitude Joseph Salud, Albino Lin-Chiang, Gareth Richards and Chaff Caratelli will booty to the stage, alms “a abysmal dive into the planning and beheading of some of their better bold moments from abstraction art and storyboarding, to lighting VFX and polish.”

Friday 1pm: CD Projekt Red Presents Cyberpunk 2077

It’s one of the best advancing amateur of the decade, so if you’ve got a admission for PAX it seems like a no brainer to attend. The accident repeats at 3pm on the Saturday and 12:30pm on Sunday, which agency anybody should be able to go.

Friday 1:30pm: Amateur and moral panic: Why are we actuality again?

For anyone bedeviled with the inner-workings of the Australian Allocation Lath (and who isn’t?) this will be a charge attend. It’ll seek to acknowledgment the question: “why does so abundant moral agitation still abide about video amateur and the millions of bodies that accept to comedy them?” It appearance Allocation Lath administrator Margaret Anderson, amid added industry professionals. 

Friday 3:30pm: Abaft the scenes of Alarm of Assignment with Sledgehammer audio

Yep, addition Alarm of Assignment panel, this time focused on complete design. It’ll affection chief audio administrator at Sledgehammer, David Swenson, alongside able complete artist Michael Caisley.

Friday 5pm: PAX’s Haunted! Destiny, Bungie and You

Best apparent as an befalling to watch a console featuring Bungie architecture administrator Victoria Dollbaum and Afterlife articulation amateur Morla Gorrondona. It’s a advertise console hosted by The Alternate Table of Awesome, and there will be giveaways, too.

Friday: 6pm: PAX Aus Indie Advertise Panel

This will be a nice befalling to see six indie devs bite the fat about bold development. Whether you accomplish it to the console or not, the PAX Aus Indie Advertise is consistently a highlight of the appearance and it takes up a cogent allocation of the exhibit floor: it’s a abundant befalling to see what the Australian dev association is affable up.

Sunday 12:30pm: Growing up with the Ancient Scrolls: 25 years of TES

If the abstraction of alert to four arresting streamers from Australian accouterments Tamriel Downunder allocution The Ancient Scrolls boutique for an hour appeals, this looks great. “We’ll allocution about the distinct amateur games, and our own history with them, to the MMORPG brand with the Ancient Scrolls Online and how the added TES association has appear calm to advice accomplish both the bold and the apple better.”

Sunday, 1:30pm: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Presents: Melbourne By Night

This is an absorbing one: captivated in the EB Alive Theatre, a alive tabletop bold of Vampire: The Masquerade set in Melbourne will backpack out, “as apparent through the lens of the Apple of Darkness”. It’s advance by Brian Holland from White Wolf.

Sunday, 2pm: WrestleBrania: The Amateur Edition

This is basically Q&A or Spicks and Specks, except it focuses on angry and angry games. You can’t absolutely accomplish the altercation that PAX doesn’t baby for niches.

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