PC Gamer Babble Log Adventure 29: All things Starfield

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Hey there gamers, acceptable aback to the PC Gamer Babble Log podcast! Did you anticipate we were gonna leave you aerial and dry after a Starfield adventure to dig into? Of advance not! 

We’ve brought Chris Livingston aback this anniversary to allocution all about Bethesda’s latest RPG. He wrote an accomplished Starfield analysis for our website (which you should absolutely go and read!) and has accumulated about 90 hours in the aftermost brace of weeks, so he has bags to say. 

Lauren and I accept been arena a bit too of course, admitting we’ve not appear abutting to clocking the bulk of time Chris has. We’re all activity to allotment our thoughts and impressions with anniversary other, though. What accept we absolutely admired so far, and what haven’t we been so agog on? Feel chargeless to allotment your own thoughts on Starfield with us, too!

What's up gamers? Blessed Thursday, and blessed PC Gamer Babble Log adventure day! I achievement you're not too active drowning in Starfield, Baldur's Aboideau 3—whatever bold is acquisitive all your absorption appropriate now—and accept a little bit of time to sit bottomward and adhere out with us while we chat.

We haven’t been alone committed to the Starfield bullwork this anniversary though, so accomplish abiding to bolt up with us at the alpha of the adventure to see what added escapade we've been up to. It's been a appealing acceptable anniversary for both of us, and we're aflame to allotment our belief with you!

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