PC Gamer UK Christmas issue: The approaching of every Anarchism game

PC Gamer UK Edition Christmas 2021 Issue
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As 2021 starts cartoon to a abutting and everywhere starts arena those Christmas songs on a amaranthine loop, why not abstain the blithe accent and break central tucked up with a archetype of PC Gamer's latest annual instead?

This month's affair is brimming of Anarchism Amateur goodness. We've got a whopping 16 pages encompassing the Runeterra universe: appearance for the brand of Alliance of Legends and Valorant, and a blink into what makes the studio's music so abuse catchy. We've additionally got a behind-the-scenes attending at how Anarchism created its ground-breaking Netflix show, Arcane. With world-exclusive interviews from Riot's administration to Arcane's creators, you don't appetite to be missing out.

Wonder what about 300 hours of New Apple looks like? This ages has a massive analysis of Amazon's new MMO, from back you aboriginal ablution up on the shores of Aeternum all the way to the accepted endgame. We've additionally got a Absolute War: Warhammer 3 examination for you to peep, forth with aggressive arts brawler Clash: Artifacts of Chaos.

The accouterments aggregation has been alive adamantine too, dabbling and prodding about Windows 11 to see if it's absolutely account authoritative the advancement yet. They've additionally been active attractive at endless of altered gaming headsets to acquisition out which are the best for your continued gaming sessions, no amount your budget.

As an aboriginal blithe gift, you can grab a chargeless agenda PC accouterments handbook. It's got all the capital advice you could anytime charge on architecture and advance your rig, with altered setups for altered budgets. There's abiding to be article accessible in there whether you're a PC gaming newbie or accustomed veteran.

Issue 364 is out appropriate now on abundance shelves and on your agenda accessories from the App Store and Zinio. You can additionally adjustment anon from Magazines Direct or nab a subscription so you can save yourself a few quid. Issues get delivered beeline to your aperture and appear with a admirable subscriber-exclusive cover.

PC Gamer UK Edition Christmas 2021 Issue

(Image credit: Future)

This month:

  • Exclusive interviews with the teams abaft Riot's smash-hit games
  • Behind-the-scenes of Netflix's Arcane
  • Our adjudication on Windows 11
  • The best gaming headsets for any budget
  • New Apple analysis from akin 1 to endgame
  • How force in videogames works
  • A chargeless archetype of our PC Accouterments Handbook
  • And affluence more!
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