PC Gamer UK June issue: Brilliant Wars Battlefront

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It's acclamation day today in the UK. Actuality we get to aces our leaders, but what of the political activity a continued time ago in a galaxy far, far away? The bearings was appealing bleak, I'm afraid. Aloof ask the association of Alderaan, all of whom were explosively let bottomward by their political system. Brilliant Wars Battlefront will accord you a adventitious to activity aback adjoin the absolutism of the Empire, or, if you prefer, to drove those bleeding-heart Rebels. We beatific Wes to ascertain if DICE's ballista is a new achievement for team-based multiplayer action.

Also this month, we asked Chris to archive Brilliant Wars' complete PC history beyond an eight-page attendant feature. Rather than bang him down, he came aback added able than we could possibly imagine—delivering the absolute PC Gamer analysis of Admirable Annexation Auto 5. Los Santos: You will never acquisition a added abject accumulate of algae and villainy. And that's aloof Trevor's trailer.

Elsewhere in this issue, Andi Hamilton explores the Doom mod scene, Phil letters on CCP's attraction with VR, and Tom Chief talks to Artistic Accumulation about the fantasy approaching of Absolute War. If that wasn't enough, we're additionally giving abroad a free Beef key for Dino D-Day. The issue, which is in shops now, can be ordered through My Favourite Magazines. Digitally, you'll acquisition it on the App Store, Google Play, and Zinio, and you can subscribe to get issues delivered anon to your door. Here's our subs awning this month, and a aggregation of the book adventure that is affair 279.

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This ages we...

  • Steal the affairs for Brilliant Wars Battlefront (RIP abounding Bothans)
  • Catalogue the complete history of Brilliant War on PC, from avant-garde RPGs to prequel tie-ins
  • Delve into the base of Doom's constant mod scene
  • Take a attending central CCP's VR prototypes
  • Talk to Artistic Accumulation about Absolute War: Warhammer
  • Kick the tyres of EVE: Valkyrie, Asylum Attorney, Bequest of the Void, Ronin, Magnetic: Cage Closed, Access The Gungeon and Absolute War: Kingdoms
  • Review GTA 5, Burst Age, Bitter Kombat X, OOTP Baseball 16, Titan Souls, White Night, Citizen Evil: Revelations 2, Pillars of Eternity, Sims 4: Get to Assignment and Dragon Age: Assay – Aperture of Hakkon.
  • Prod Bedraggled Bomb, Subnautica and Captain Always Remix with the Aboriginal Admission judgement stick.
  • Supertest the best alive accessories for home media
  • Make Half-Life barbarous in the Top 10 Downloads
  • Take a cruise aback to TESO's Tamriel in Update
  • Give Crysis 2 a additional adventitious in Reinstall
  • ...And more.

Until abutting month, aback PC Gamer strikes back.

Phil Savage

Phil has been autograph for PC Gamer for about a decade, starting out as a freelance biographer accoutrement aggregate from chargeless amateur to MMOs. He eventually abutting full-time as a account writer, afore affective to the annual to analysis immersive sims, RPGs and Hitman games. Now he leads PC Gamer's UK team, but still sometimes finds the time to address about his advancing obsessions with Afterlife 2, GTA Online and Acme Legends. Aback he's not levelling up action passes, he's blockage out the latest approach bold or dipping aback into Brotherhood Wars 2. He's abundantly amenable for the accomplished Tub Geralt thing, but still isn't sorry.