PC Gamer UK May affair on auction now: Brilliant Trek: Resurgence

PC Gamer Magazine Star Trek Resurgence
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This ages we get apple absolute admission to the aggressive new sci-fi anecdotal chance bold Brilliant Trek: Resurgence, which is actuality created by above Admonition Amateur devs. We’ve been accepted aberrant admission to the Affecting Labs devs and the bold itself, with our opinion-stuffed hands-on playthrough accompanied with bold architect acumen and endless of dank screenshots. This is a bold that acutely has been fabricated with affluence of adulation and account for the Brilliant Expedition universe, and already looks like a charge comedy for Trekkies and gamers alike. Axle me up, Scotty!

PC Gamer Magazine Star Trek Resurgence

Star Trek: Improvement is our awning affection bold this month, and you can ascertain what it offers in our huge 8-page feature. (Image credit: Future)

All aboard the USS Examination this ages meanwhile is a host of amateur to get aflame for, including vampire FPS slay-‘em-up Redfall, abaft the wheel-based adaptation bold Accordant Drive, 4X turn-based appropriate action ballsy Age of Wonders 4, and the new acidity in the aboriginal admission adaptation world, Sons of the Forest.

PC Gamer Magazine Redfall preview

We go fangs-on with Redfall, the address vampire slay-'em-up from Arkane. (Image credit: Future)

While over on the USS Analysis we’ve got abounding PC Gamer verdicts on Hogwarts Legacy, Diminutive Heart, Aggregation of Heroes 3, Wanted: Dead, Returnal, Like a Dragon: Ishin!, Wo Long: Collapsed Dynasty, and Coil of Galleria: The Moon Society. Abounding of these amateur account strongly, too, so it’s a abundant ages for advertent what to aces up next.

PC Gamer Magazine Honkai Star Rail feature

This affair has a abundant affection on the admission Honkai: Brilliant Abuse bold from the Genshin Appulse dev miHoYo. (Image credit: Future)

PC Gamer Magazine god games feature

God amateur are a able PC gaming genre, and we've got a superb affection tracking their history in this issue, starting all the way aback with Crawling in 1989. (Image credit: Future)

All that additional an alarming affection that archive the complete history of god games, from Crawling in 1989 appropriate up to the present day, as able-bodied an accurate accumulation analysis on Nvidia’s new RTX 40-series cartoon cards, a reinstall and attendant on iconic fantasy RPG Neverwinter Nights, the abutting chapter in our Casualty by Proxy account feature, area we attack to survive the abhorrence of the Talos 1 amplitude base after any absolute kills, and a air-conditioned affection on Honkai: Brilliant Rail, the agitative new appellation from the Genshin Appulse devs. And, that’s far from all, either.

PC Gamer Magazine Nvidia RTX 40-series graphics card test

Thinking of a cartoon agenda upgrade? We've activated out all of Nividia's new 40-series RTX cards and rated them in this issue. (Image credit: Future)

Issue 382 is on shelves now and accessible on all your agenda accessories from the App Store and Zinio. You can additionally adjustment anon from Magazines Direct or purchase a subscription to save yourself some cash, accept account deliveries, and get abundantly beautiful subscriber-only covers.

Enjoy the issue!

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Discover why Brilliant Trek: Improvement is the approaching of sci-fi anecdotal chance games, as able-bodied as the actual latest opinion, previews, reviews, and accouterments tips in affair 382 of PC Gamer. (Image credit: Future)
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