The cheapest way to pre-order Battlefield 2042 in Australia

Battlefield 2042
(Image credit: EA)

After a appearing lifetime of leaks and rumours, Battlefield 2042 has been clearly unveiled. It's an absorbing affair: the near-future multiplayer FPS will avowal 128 amateur battles beyond maps that will far beat annihilation in the series' past. 

The Battlefield 2042 absolution date is October 22 for PC, and advanced of that there will be a gameplay acknowledge on June 22, and a abstruse analysis in July. If you're acquisitive to pre-order the bold so that you can be accessible appear October, there aren't a abundant accord of options at present—but there is one way to buy it that will save you a tad over AU$10.

While pre-ordering isn't consistently the wisest advantage in this post-Cyberpunk 2077 world, EA is alms a agglomeration of incentives to accomplish you appetite to. A pre-order gets you admission to the open-beta as able-bodied as three rewards: a Mr. Chompy weapon charm, a Baku ACB-90 affray appraisal knife, and the Landfall amateur agenda accomplishments and Old Bouncer tag.

Battlefield 2042

(Image credit: EA)

Without added ado, actuality are the cheapest places to pre-order Battlefield 2042 in Australia.

Amazon Australia | AU$79
As reliable as sunrise, Amazon has the cheapest archetype of Battlefield 2042 in Australia at the time of writing. That does appear with a admonition though: This is a concrete amalgamation that will charge to be alien to you, absolute a redeemable download code. No big accord really, admitting it does beggarly you may not be able to jump into the activity the moment the bold launches. Additionally account considering, is that the Gold and Ultimate editions aren't accessible physically, admitting no agnosticism an online advancement aisle will be provided.

Origin | AU$89.95
You can buy Battlefield 2042 beeline from EA's Agent service, acid out the average man, but you won't save any money. Still, it's account because if you're activity digital, as both Beef and the Epic Amateur Store still charge EA's applicant to run.

Steam | AU$89.95

Epic Amateur Abundance | AU$89.95

...and for the moment at least, that's it: the bold is yet to appear, or won't appear, on third-party banker sites like Blooming Man Gaming or Fanatical, but we'll accumulate a abutting eye on it.

In accession to the accepted editions above, Gold and Ultimate editions are accessible digitally, and both are AU$119.95 and AU$139.95 respectively—no amount area you buy them. The Gold Copy gets you aboriginal admission to the game, the year 1 action canyon and three Ballsy skins, amid added cosmetics. Meanwhile, the Ultimate Copy has all that, as able-bodied as the Midnight Ultimate Array and the agenda soundtrack.