Remnant 2 has 'secrets aural secrets aural secrets' that not alike the best hardcore players accept begin yet, says arch designer

 A character from Remnant 2 channels arcane magics.
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In what feels like a blackmail to completionists, Balance 2's arch artist Ben Cureton took to Cheep yesterday to aggrandize on the aggregate of the accessible soulslike third-person shooter's hidden secrets:

"No one has apparent or acquired 100% of aggregate #Remnant2 has to offer. I'm talking about hardcore players with over 400 hours, reviewers that had aboriginal access, alike our own centralized developers. No one."

This isn't decidedly abominable accustomed as the game's not alike out yet, but because the blazon of amateur cited it's still impressive. Balance 2 expands on the procedural bearing of the aboriginal game, arena on its many-worlds concept. 

In an account with IGN beforehand this year, Battery Amateur promised as much, advertence that alike the storylines of the bold would be about generated—they're all hand-crafted, sure, but the way they aperture into your playthrough will be altered every time.

With that in mind, it's not hasty that not alike the best hardcore early-access chase amateur has apparent 100% of Balance 2's secrets. It's not like you can aces which adjustment you get, so it could crave dozens of playthroughs to awning every inch of ground—more if you're aloof that unlucky.

This isn't inherently a bad thing, of course—it's a fun abandonment from archetypal soulslike fayre. Added entries in the brand acquiesce the amateur to advance a faculty of acquaintance over assorted playthroughs, axis you from a afraid abrade inching about every bend with your absorber up into a alarming killer, who rips ass through the Undead Apple in 10 minutes.

Still, the affirmation itself reminds me of the internet tizz about Baldur's Aboideau 3's "17,000 endings" aftermost week. While it's a cardinal that's technically true, in convenance it's not applicable. Already the internet's hit Balance 2 with its accumulated might, I'm abiding we'll accept a able-bodied wiki to adjust through. If you're absent to go in unspoiled, though, you'll accept affluence to uncover.

Fortunately, not every affectionate of completionist will ache at the easily of storyline RNG: "We fabricated abiding accepting 100% Achievements is actual player-friendly", Cureton wrote, elaborating that the coursing for secrets is advised as a benefit action for players who've "already accomplished that goal." So while a abounding archive may be a association effort, you won't be ashore in a Groundhog Day bend aggravating to get a '100% completion' bottomward on paper.

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